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  1. Any LEs for sale yet?!?! 😝😫😫
  2. Have you GnR Owners connected to Scorbit yet? I think it’s great!! It’s like Sterns Insider. Look me up! btw score is based on my game settings - reduced the multiball craziness!! 😝
  3. I did see one recently here in SA Premium that sold. Did you check it out?!?
  4. I heard of RUSH but never got into their music… however…. I think the pin looks good and may even play really well 🤞
  5. I did that and add a spacer under the flasher plastic to raise it a little more. Believe it or not, it still just clips it when it flys around
  6. Anyone noticing when ball comes out of centre razor crest ramp hits the plastic and light most time?? I am thinking of adding some spacers to lift this plastic higher
  7. This is such a fast and hard game…. I love it!!!
  8. LEs here!! Mine arriving early next week from VIC. Looking forward to playing it. Love the sounds and call outs on this game - so true to the series 😝🤪
  9. The holy grail!! GLWS mate 👌👍
  10. Does anyone know about playfield multiplier on this game??
  11. The sound is okay. I think I have got used to it now and don’t mind it. I did adjust voice, music, effects sounds so balanced well now. I do want to add external bass tho! 😝 Is the sound bar sound directly connected? I think via Bluetooth there is a slight delay in sound
  12. If anyone interested, I have adjusted the game settings so not so multiball crazy! PM me and I will provide photos of my settings. Dan
  13. Got my GnRLE and the machine is amazing!! No issues right out of the box - a first for a NIB!! JJP did great! Speakers could be better - JBLs like stern maybe??
  14. Hi gang, Anyone have affordable ideas about upgrading JJP speakers/sound?? GnRLE needs more boom! Amp? No such thing as ‘affordable’ in pinball?? 😝 Maybe just easier going Bluetooth with new speaker and sub?? Dan
  15. Not sure if it’s been mentioned yet but second container arriving in July 🤞
  16. I cannot wait to see this machine - finger crossed I can get an LE 😬
  17. But as usual, don’t judge too soon on appearance but let’s see more gameplay and have to play one myself to see what I really think. No comparison to GnR LE on appearance but I reckon GnR gameplay might be average... LZ could play good??
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