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  1. The holy grail!! GLWS mate 👌👍
  2. Does anyone know about playfield multiplier on this game??
  3. The sound is okay. I think I have got used to it now and don’t mind it. I did adjust voice, music, effects sounds so balanced well now. I do want to add external bass tho! 😝 Is the sound bar sound directly connected? I think via Bluetooth there is a slight delay in sound
  4. If anyone interested, I have adjusted the game settings so not so multiball crazy! PM me and I will provide photos of my settings. Dan
  5. Got my GnRLE and the machine is amazing!! No issues right out of the box - a first for a NIB!! JJP did great! Speakers could be better - JBLs like stern maybe??
  6. Hi gang, Anyone have affordable ideas about upgrading JJP speakers/sound?? GnRLE needs more boom! Amp? No such thing as ‘affordable’ in pinball?? 😝 Maybe just easier going Bluetooth with new speaker and sub?? Dan
  7. Not sure if it’s been mentioned yet but second container arriving in July 🤞
  8. I cannot wait to see this machine - finger crossed I can get an LE 😬
  9. But as usual, don’t judge too soon on appearance but let’s see more gameplay and have to play one myself to see what I really think. No comparison to GnR LE on appearance but I reckon GnR gameplay might be average... LZ could play good??
  10. Doesn’t look like it 😬
  11. I had a feeling Steve Richie was gonna stuff it! LE artwork is..... not sure what that is! No comparison to GnR LE and I think for roughly the same dollars yeah? Giving it a miss. Unfortunately, it’s my favourite band!!!! 😭😭😭😭 They definitely have Lucifer flying all over the playfield!!! �
  12. I had the same problem with my LE. The metal plate under the 3 drop targets is to far away from the coil. When coil activates it doesn’t pull the metal plate in. You may have to loosen and bend the plate a little, tighten the springs and I also place a business card thickness behind the coil to bring it forward a little. Still had to wobble the metal plate occasionally to loosen it up. Let me know how you go! Dan
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