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    The Shadow, EBD (project), Pinball Magic, Cosmic Princess (project), Nine Ball, Tron Pro (fully modded), Iron Man Pro, Xmen LE, Stern Stars x 2 (projects), Viking, Godzilla, Barracora, Star God, Magic Castle

    25 years ago I owned Black Knight, Trident, Argosy (EM) pins, cocktail cabinet with about 40 different boards. Gave them away or sold them because moved and ran out of space.

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  1. The Pinburg venue was expensive and the event lost $300K a year for several years sending the whole organisation broke, they had to sell off the $1M PAPA collection to pay for it.
  2. Thanks for the feedback, Trav. I used to subscribe to maybe 8 subforums on AA and get it all in one nice feed, I cld read them all and respond to half a dozen posts. All of that in 5 mins a day. Now using the browser it would take me 30-60 mins to achieve the same thing. I run a company, I’m the SA director for IFPA and secretary of a landcare group so I am very time poor. Hopefully one day the platform you use can do push notifications and subscription feeds and I can jump back in. Totally understand how you are limited in time with what you can do and if there’s little demand for TT and it’s still a security risk fair enough. Forgive me everyone, you won’t see much from me going forward, it’s not because I don’t love u :)
  3. Is Tapatalk support coming back to AA? After being a daily contributor at this forum for 8 years I have stopped participating as using this site on my iPhone is next to useless. The reason for dumping Tapatalk was that it had not been updated for 6 months and was a security risk. Now it is being updated regularly. Does anyone else want Tapatalk back?
  4. I had a deeper look at zerojay site today and the dischord channel is chock full of useful Q&A. It is a full fledged forum for PB including hacking if you are into coding.
  5. For those wanting to play 3D games the 3D is also an option. DX and 3D seem to be top of the pile at this point in time. DX being being the offical 3A product and 3D an unofficial clone. And the King of Air 2 from 3A for vertical screen orientation.
  6. This seems like a good resource for information on Pandora's box. https://zerojay.com Does anyone have experience adding a trackball or spinner to Panadora's Box? Something like this https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001209002511.html
  7. @channelmaniac Brilliant. What is the name of your youtube channel?
  8. So you sold it for $1250 back in 2013, did u do a kerry packer/alan bond on this one?
  9. I ended up buying some Multicore RA (Rosin Activated) 63/37 0.56mm from Mektronics.com.au because they are also having a sale on "Hakko FX-888D Digital Soldering Station (Genuine) INCL ROLL OF SOLDER MC334" for $AU169, I also bought 3 Hakko chisel tips approx 1.2, 3.2 and 5mm, and some rosin desoldering braid. I had tried cheap braid before and it was useless (no flux in it). I decided to replace my soldering station from Jaycar as it does not take chisel tips, just pointed tips only, and after looking at the soldering tutorials recommended elsewhere on Aussie Arcade I realised pointed tips are useless and I need to lift my soldering game.
  10. I love Whitewater, but Alien was a huge disappointment when I played it.
  11. I have some cards and would love to run one of these in Adelaide. I might have to call you for some tips, John. Your games list demonstrates I’m falling out of touch. What is ACNC POTS HGT?
  12. After being disappointed by the performance of my last board solder effort I thought I might buy some better quality solder. A little research has revealed a lot of different options: Size eg 0.5mm, 1mm or larger Flux: multicore or single core; resin, water soluble or no clean 60/40 or 63/37 or lead free I am keen to hear your thoughts. I am thinking of getting - multicore (5 core) 0.5mm for board work. - Not sure about what flux to get in the solder, given we are working on old boards that might have oxidised joints. Is no clean or water soluble an option for us? - 63/37 as that has a single melting point and should cool/fix quicker than 60/40 (lead free seems to give crappier results and given I am doing this infrequently not 24/7 washing my hands is safe enough) FYI Data sheet specs for the solder flux: Rosin Activated (RA) Flux: It is a high activity core flux designed for excellent instant wetting action, even on Nickel surfaces. Although it is a RA-based material, the residues are non-corrosive if not cleaned. Water Soluble Flux: It is a high-activity water-soluble core flux for soldering difficult metals. It is designed for optimal cleanability, along with minimal smoke and odor. Its residues must be removed. Rosin Mildly Activated (RMA) Flux: It is an RMA based core flux that provides wetting action comparable to typical RA flux. Although it is an RMA-based material, the residues are non-corrosive if not cleaned. No-Clean Flux: It is a halide-free, rosin based no-clean core flux that provides excellent wetting combined with optimal reliability and cosmetics.
  13. OK, that did the trick, removing R49 and putting a jumper on R50 fixed the problem, I'm getting a solid 5.1V that doesn't drop even though I'm driving 5 LED displays on Viking. Much gratitude for this thread and your help :)
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