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  1. If they will are a fit for a Top Card I will take them Tony. I have pmd you regarding the bell also.
  2. Wondering if someone could take a pic of a chime plunger beside a ruler. Been working on this Stern "Pinball" for ages and only have chimes to sort . The plungers dont have nylon tips which I will have to make I assume. Thanks in advance.
  3. Had a look at it this arvo. Had some interesting aspects to it . Front of cabinet was metal rest of the cabinet had a beautiful smooth finish to it. Playfield had the same finish and was in good nic. Displays wouldn't stay on fixed that by reseating connectors. Accepted credits and would load the game but no coils working. Blown fuse , burn mark on power board and had a fire on driver board so 1 component ( metal circular thing on elongated mount) moved of the board but just blew driver board fuse when turned on. All targets roll overs score displays etc all worked correctly. But passed on it at $2500
  4. Thanks its the generic parts I was concerned about. Subject to inspection but game looks in good nic a problem with the displays going on and off think I may grab it fo $2500 . Thoughts?
  5. So parts shouldn't be a problem ?
  6. Can anyone tell me if this game is made from gottlieb parts ? Checking it out today.
  7. I have a full second hand set. Pm me
  8. Hi if someone could post a pic of the switch matrix for the above game would be thankful.
  9. A ouple of k if not to far to connect to the sewer. Toilet and cistern $400 small hand basin $250 a couple of walls plaster paint electrical $1000 plumber ???
  10. If you get onto some translites I would definitely take one. cheers Paul
  11. Thanks Steve I think you have answered my question. I will stick to my stepdown transformers and put up with the slower motor speed. Thanks everyone
  12. Sorry for late reply. Someone resigned at work so I've been very busy with extra work. The only schematic I could find was for Top card and it was for sale. A partial photo of it was listed and I could see the transformer (how lucky) It uses 6V and 25V. I really don't see why this transformer wouldn't work in your machines. They were fairly standard back then. I just need to confirm with someone that the motors in the 115v only transformer pins will be ok on 220v.
  13. Where would I find one of these or is there somewhere or someone who could make one. Cheers
  14. i have a Bowling queen , Bank a ball , Top card and Ship ahoy all gottlieb games 2 of them are mid 60s the other 2 mid 70s
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