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  1. Definitely keeping the Sony ๐Ÿ‘ The Sharp has component, the Philips only has S-video.
  2. Hey you two, stop showing off! ๐Ÿคช I need to know - Philips or Sharp? ๐Ÿค”
  3. The Philips has composite & S-video but no component input. The Sharp has composite & component but no S-video input (and no remote control). Are you suggesting the Sharp over the Philips?
  4. I would keep them all (and many more) if I had the space. I do prefer the curved CRTs but the flatscreen Sony is in such nice condition that I have decided to keep it. Iโ€™m learning towards the Philips because it looks great (IMO) and it has the remote control, itโ€™s just a shame it doesnโ€™t have component input. The Sharp is not as aesthetically pleasing but it has component input.
  5. Happy Birthday Jeff! ๐Ÿ˜
  6. Philips has composite & S-video Sony has composite, component & S-video Sharp has composite & component (missing remote control)
  7. Hi all, I have 3 CRT TVs here but I only have space for 2. They will be used mainly with older consoles like NES, SNES, Megadrive etc. Looking for opinions on which 2 TVs to keep: - Philips 29PT468A/75R (curved screen) - Sony KV-AR29M31 (flat screen) - Sharp CX68NS (curved screen) Cheers, Matthew
  8. Updated. Cheers, Matthew
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