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  1. Happy Birthday Jeff, I hope you are having a great day
  2. Looks like it has a jump shot similar to no good gofers.
  3. When you say "display" do you mean a dot matrix display. If yes I have a few available. Will send you a pm.
  4. I need to get my weekend diary management in order, unfortunately I need to drop out. Have a good time everyone.
  5. Hi Dave, I'd be keen on 2 of those 1 play 20c plastic inserts for Paragon. Will send a PM
  6. jono

    Bally BMX

    You may be interested in the 2022 re-issue of the 1983 Mongoose https://cycleworld.com.au/a/freestyle-bmxs/mongoose/nsw/concord-west/mongoose-california-special-classic-bmx-pre-order-for-april-2022/111610445
  7. Thanks or what you do and the quality service you provide. I am really impressed by the colourisation on the Jurrasic Park that I got last week.
  8. Hi all, wanted to buy, original manual for Data East Jurassic Park. If you have one available please let me know. Cheers Jono
  9. Happy birthday Travis, I hope you are having a good day. Thank you for all you do here.
  10. For the price and effort required its a no brainer. Wish I'd done it ages ago.
  11. I did this recently. I used the Foilboard garage door insulation kit, link below. My garage door faces east so it gets sun from about 7-11 and radiates heat into the garage despite roof insulation and 2 whirly birds. I reckon it has made a 5 degree difference in summer. It was a really easy job and only took about 2 hours. The kit is about $300 delivered to your door. https://www.foilboard.com.au/foilboard-application/garage-insulation/ You can do it cheaper by buying the larger panels but you would have to do a lot more cuts and therefore the job would take a lot longer and there would probably be a lot more wastage.
  12. Welcome mate. The stickers on the coin door is a good idea. I have a few of those lying around. Might have to give it a go.
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