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  1. Just finished the final cut and polish of the clear coat.
  2. Thanks guys, what prompted the question was that there was one of those 1 play x 2 20c plastics in the spare slot but paper 20c inserts in the open slots. I ended up setting it up in the left and right slots with the spare in the middle. I found out through a few sources that this machine was definitely an aussie machine so it sounds like it may have started at 40c and then dropped down to 20c when on site bak in the day. Does anyone sell these plastic Australian coin door inserts or does someone have any lying around that they'd be prepared to sell.?
  3. Update: It looks like the rom or a combination of another issue and the rom as suggested by @Autosteve was the problem. I updated from U6 to U8 game room and didn't touch anything else and the problem has been resolved. @Manny65
  4. Hap birthday Brett, I hope you have a great day.
  5. Contact Tony at the pinball shed he might be able to assist.
  6. wow, that is stuffed
  7. Hey Jono, I would be interested in getting my hands on a STTNG. Let me know if you are  selling and we can probably work something out. 



    1. jono


      I'm looking to buy, not sell. Good luck. It's a great game. 

  8. @raysco I have a bunch of those older style brackets you can have for free if you want them. You have my number.
  9. jono

    New pin day

    Looks great. I like the black trim.
  10. Rom is L6 so not an early one. Rom is probably unlikely as there would probably be threads somewhere on the issues if it was. Thanks, I'll check that stuff and report back.
  11. Not yet mate. Been super busy with life and pins not getting much love recently. Thanks for the bump. It's a weird issue. I need to pull the gun apart but it's a simple switch and can't understand why it works perfectly in normal play but doesn't work right at only one point in the game. I also need to check what rom I have. Maybe its a software issue??? But if that was the case I should be able to find a thread on the issue somewhere. Any ideas from the AA brains trust?
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