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  1. That was horrible to watch snippets of.
  2. The one Rick is talking about at Bundy Bowl is a Simpsons Pinball Party. Other than that there are no others on site at the moment. There are a couple of us that have machines at home though.
  3. @SPURR how did you end up finishing this one off?
  4. Looks good! There isn't any way to get the battery leak off?
  5. It's a pretty common disease amongst us
  6. The one I'm talking about is a real pinball. https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/tron-legacy-play-field-lcd-mod/page/4#post-5106371
  7. I have been following this. It is awesome work!
  8. The Big Ass Van just left Bundy heading to townsville!
  9. Hopefully Bill is heading north this weekend.
  10. I would be talking to Bill directly about this one to find out what exactly is going on. I have never had a problem with him and he always gets back to me very quickly with any communication.
  11. Bill is bringing me one from Melbourne.
  12. That is what has happened in a few of the comps I have played in.
  13. I feel the same way. I know a Back to the Future would be an instant buy theme for us, but I dont think it would live up to what we expect.
  14. Is anyone thinking of selling their NBA fastbreak. I am looking for a project one to restore if possible but I'm open to any condition. Would prefer if it was in Qld but i have no problem if it is further away as long as Bill can get it.
  15. It is a good looking machine! I'm hoping it plays as good as Iron Maiden.
  16. Didn't you just buy a NBA Fastbreak?
  17. That really is sad news. I talked to him a couple of times and he was always great to talk to. It is a loss for all of us. Condolences to the family.
  18. He's definitely a great asset to everyone who is into pinball. Thanks for sharing.
  19. As we have seen so many times before, there are always some for sale within weeks of people receiving them as people dont enjoy playing the game.
  20. Yes. And I would hope you know that they are mostly brought over in bulk lots, not ones and twos.
  21. Elvira 3 has been confirmed by Elvira herself for October some time.
  22. The only thing you can hope for is that people have learnt from the multiple past startups that failed, and screwed people over, and stop putting money down on games that dont exist yet.
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