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  1. Welcome. You should be able to find any info you need. :welcome:
  2. I have a mate who has 65+ working pins at his place. Definitely heaps of fun when there are a few of us around on games night.
  3. I grew up just north of Bundy so I definitely know where not to buy. Definitely not keen to lug machines up stairs every time it rains ;-)
  4. Hey guys. Names Mick. Live up in Bundaberg qld. I have been on here for a while now reading and learning as much as I can and have finally got around to introducing myself. Love gaming and games in general, especially pinballs. Have a couple of mates up here in Bundy that have really gotten me into pinballs over the last year. I have currently got a silent scope arcade machine and will be looking to get a couple of pinballs over the next couple of months. And then a couple more. And a couple more etc I know it's definitely a slippery slope once you have one pin ;-) Look forward to getting to know a few of you guys. Cheers, Mick
  5. Very nicely restored machine. A little out of my price range but definitely what I will be looking for in a scared stiff in a few months!!
  6. Good choice. No doubt you will love it from the moment you start unboxing!!
  7. Quick sale! Hope the new owner enjoys it!!
  8. I have a silent scope sitting in my games room. Awesome game and definitely a blast to play! Hope someone snaps this up soon!
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