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  1. I told my suitcases that there will be no vacation this year. Now I’m dealing with emotional baggage.
  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a good one.
  3. Unfortunately this story isn't a good thing for the hobby. The more people who get into the hobby with "money". The worse the hobby will get.
  4. I have always wanted to own an Ice Cold Beer. One day! Congrats on the sale.
  5. Wow. That's a big jump up in deposit needed. Did you ask what happened to make it that high?
  6. That's pretty cool. Looks like a hell of a lot of work though.
  7. I thought the dryer was shrinking my clothes. Turns out it was the refrigerator all along.
  8. We were all reset to newbie when the forum software was updated.
  9. If it isn't optional, then don't set it up to connect to your wifi and it won't have internet access.
  10. This part is interesting... 9. Mueller also used more than $1.5 million of the Funds’ assets to pay hundreds of personal expenses, including his daughter’s private school tuition, vacations with his family, his second wedding, his second divorce, his third wedding, jewelry for both his second and third wives (including engagement rings and wedding bands for both wives), other lifestyle spending for and by his family, and to buy a condominium in Kauai, Hawaii. When asked by SEC counsel during investigative testimony about his use of the Funds’ assets to pay for these personal and family expenses, Mueller asserted his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.
  11. According to the AMD website, the next available pros are in January 2022.
  12. The new site looks good! The dark skin is so much easier to use. Thanks for all the hard work you guys put in.
  13. No. You're just here trying to be a troll, like you always are.
  14. Thanks for all you do and all of the hard work you put into the site and this great hobby of ours. Just donated
  15. The Graveyard https://shop.mrpinball.com.au/product/graveyard-bsd/
  16. You only really appreciate something once it’s completely gone. Toilet paper is a great example.
  17. He meant the words "baby Yoda" because his name is Grogu, not baby Yoda like everyone calls him.
  18. micky


    1 Bye bye jarrod :lol:lol:lol
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