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  1. Can you detail a bit how you do it? Do you approach them, or they come to you? And where? I think this idea could be usefully applied to a good many other things I'm currently thinking about.
  2. I've been totally out of the loop for years, but I hear things have got a mite expensive locally (COVID and everyone at home?). I think we were enjoying something like 95+ cents to the US dollar back then too? That sure as hell ain't coming back! 😑 New site looks great mate - go well.
  3. Jeez - think we might have secured a few bargains back then fellas? 😉 Hope you're all doing well.
  4. Anyone else cleaned out their garage in the last month? :)
  5. Jon, Hey, I hope all is well with you and the Aussie arcade guys. I have applied for a grant from Chase Bank to expand my arcade museum. Part of the qualification process is getting 250 votes for my application. Can you help me get some votes!?! I was hoping you could post this on the arcade forum down there. Or if not, just email the list of guys who were involved in the last container. I'm really hoping to overwhelm Chase with far more than 250 votes, in the hopes that this will push them to select me - I think they want to select interesting businesses that they can follow and use in their future marketing programs. I think an arcade museum would be a unique, interesting business for them to use in their own marketing....so I think I have a chance at this. Here is the posting I put on the forum in the US, to give you more details and the link to vote: I really need your help to expand my museum. Simply click on this link and VOTE for my museum to receive a grant from Chase Bank: https://www.missionmainstreetgrants.com/business/detail/121717#sthash.PkDCLdJ5 (or if that link doesn't work, go to http://www.missionmainstreetgrants.com, click vote, and search by "videogames") *That's all you have to do!* This is a contest put on by Chase to grant money to 12 different small businesses. I need 250 votes in order to qualify for the next round. But I would really, really like to overwhelm them with far more votes than that. This grant would allow me to: 1) double the size of my museum, adding new games and genres to the offering. 2) add a party room so I can host more large group functions 3) hire 2 more people to work at the museum 4) increase the open hours / times from 2 days a week to 7. 5) do far more marketing / advertising / signage to promote the museum. I already own the building next door, and I already have 1000+ more games to choose from as far as game expansion goes. I just need the money for some remodeling and operating costs to justify expanding the hours and hiring some people. Chase will *GIVE* me the money to do this if I can win this contest. My museum is now in its 5th year, and has been doing better and better each year, although it is still far from what I would classify as a "success". This grant would hopefully push it past the tipping point and turn it into a real (dare I hope to say profitable?) business. *Please, since this is SO easy - all you have to do is click on a link and click "VOTE" - would you please not only vote for this, but ask those you feel comfortable with to do the same?* Anyone who knows me well knows that I hate to beg for help (apart from begging God, who is probably sick of hearing my voice, but gets full credit for getting me this far). But I'm begging for your help with this one. Thank you so much for helping out with this. And thanks again to all of you who have traveled to visit the museum, made donations, sold me games, organized tournaments, spread the word, and helped in other ways. My vision is a nearly infinite one - I want to expand this museum to the utmost extreme and will continue to do so as long as I'm able. Thanks again! :) John Yates Vintagevideogames.com McLean, Illinois
  6. God help us if this ever happens with the old tube TV's, analogue and 13 inch digital LCD monitors that are now littering our nature strips! :D We'll all be saying that we remember them being left as refuse on our roads - and absolutely no-one wanted them.
  7. Drop the 'forum' part from the URL. You'll find all kinds of enthusiasts - $3000 t/tables, and $30.
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