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  1. Rusty had shift change and working that weekend. Bummer I love going to Ray's.
  2. Pinball Coin door for sale $100. Was on my Indiana Jones but it is a Sega or Data East door I have now replaced with a Williams one. In great condition. I have looked on a lot of spare parts sites and cannot work out the part number. I has been working with no issues on the Indy for 5 years. Pick up North Side of Brisbane or postage $20.
  3. I have had a late change of shift and can finally make a houseball. Could you put me on the reserves list please. George. I have had a chan
  4. 2 x DMD Displays from 90s Williams machines $125 each. I have upgraded to PIN2DMD on both. The screens from NF and STTNG are bright and have all dots. Nice clean boards with no hacks. BABCOCK one looks like its dated 02/94 and the other VISHAY must be a replacement board dated 10/12. Retail price for a new screen is $599 at PSPA. Postage per screen is $20 anywhere in Australia. Postage cheaper if you buy 2. Or pick up for free at the Northside of Brisbane near North Lakes.
  5. Can you bring it to houseball? Cheers
  6. If you get a chance could you take some measurements of the metal wire guard for me please. Need to make a new one.
  7. @KJS Thats were i got mine. Plug and play.
  8. The pin2dmd option is very good at half the price.
  9. I just want to keep an eye on this one.
  10. I just want to take a photo of it.
  11. Certainly gives me a rocket in my pants just looking at it.
  12. You should win some sort of spiral award for this one.
  13. Holy crap. Zooming in i have never seen so many mods on a PF on TZ. Is that a skull back left with a gramaphone? Thats just nuts.
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