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  1. Gotto say I stand corrected going by those images. Thought the colour scheme was off but that looks stunning. I'll wager it will be even nicer in person. I'd get a premium or a pro but its almost a whats the point atm with the wait. Im pissing in the wind here but if anyone ordered a pro and has decided to switch up ill take it.
  2. The right ramp does take a bit to get the hang of backhanding it. I think its purposefully difficult as it can be the most lucrative shot on the game... If you have full pf 6x running plus flame thrower at 2x then your 4x on the ramp going you can potentially have a huge pay day for that shot. The game really makes you use the whole pf and work for that pf x. Its no gimme plus the foundry strategy plays a big part.
  3. Couple of initial impressions: Pros Immersive game, well integrated theme and display. Stackable multiballs and modes plus multipliers. Good strategy can lead to a hefty pay day if done correctly. The foundry adds to strategy and is well executed. Layout is excellent with some old school elements. Backhandable shots, good combos, lots of staging and diverters for the ball... some good mechanical action with the upper pf. I did have initial impression that it was centre shot all day but code makes you play the entire pf for decent scoring and progression. Cons Not good enough to stop me playing gnr Code is buggy as shit at .98 Grogu is fine and doesn't take up wasted real estate as some think, and the child lanes are a nice throwback... BUT the child awards need to be more lucrative over just normal mystery awards. I could care less if he moves or not... its a very nice mould. Needs more side missions. Art - all subjective but a real rustic western presentation with all the rich colours, dark metal and warm lighting. Whoever did the art nailed it and should be doing more games. A nice break from the rainbow vomit palate that has come out of late. Probably the nicest looking backglass since bksor.
  4. Just looking back at my collection back in 2013ish. I had a xmen pro, iron Man, tron pro, metallica pro, and a luci If my memory is there. My little modest collection there just tipped over 30k to obtain at the time. Anyone, if they have the energy, can make up their own personal comparison with this overpriced shitbox but that's mine. Fantastic game but asking 30k for that hippie coloured thing is effing shameful.... wearing me thin this hobby 🙂 Just my own thoughts on it.
  5. From what I've heard mando was much more hotly sort after than Godzilla, talking comparative le demand on release. The mando list was a mile long and a less than expected amount was allocated. Not many are landing and its an extremely popular theme so have to respecrfully disagree there. I cant see many cropping up at all and if they do they will be pricey. Not to mention the le is an absolute looker of a package. No way I would swap an le Godzilla for a mando le. Just for a bit of sale precedent also... Stern SW LEs are going for quite a bit more than aiq LEs currently. Theme matters and the code on elwin games doesn't always end up being everyone's cup of tea. Btw I love aiq 🙂
  6. I dont think there is one? You can multiply the powerchord jp by hitting duff ramp before collecting (max 4x I think) and then there is particular score doublers on some patches (bra, panties gives double bonus). Id be keen to know also if there is a pf x.
  7. More in this game than led zeppelin.
  8. If you're interested in just chilling and watching the song light shows without playing , the jukebox node has a lights setting so you can watch the insane light sequences with the songs.
  9. A subjective opinion but that thing looks bloody ugly.
  10. Initial runs had art under the posts as did black knight at the time. Later runs changed to what you have now. Congrats... great looking premium there.
  11. A strategy i use during song mb to negate the chaos is I use the Gibson ball lock to park balls while the ball save is on, it also keeps setting up power chord jackpots which can be quite healthy. Making shots to the fender bass also multiplies your powerchord jp. Up to 4x I think. In any case this method pisses off a lot of the balls in play without losing them. The key to big scores though is the set up... max out the ball locks and minor mbs. I dont mind going into a song on my 3rd ball if its all set up the song scoring goes silly.
  12. Mate I've got one back... nearly cried after I sold it.
  13. Yeah this title is truly greater than the sum of its parts. A masterpiece!
  14. The building keeps reminding me of this scene from an old tom hanks movie. Im just not that pumped about this game tbh... and aiq is one of my favs. Maybe its the theme and a building being the main toy. I will still get one to see how it goes.
  15. Looks like there are small smd rgb boards under the plastics on the in lanes? Instead of usual 44s. Or am I seeing things.
  16. I dont think it works even though the drawings are fantastic. Just too much colour and tbh I think the LE package is a bit of a let down following the mando Le which is stunning. The silver trim with all those colours just doesn't sit right All subjective but.
  17. looks a fun game, cool ramps and magnets etc like his avengers. not a theme Im that into so like my JP Ill wait a year or 2 then grab one.
  18. I would seriously consider being in on one of these if there was a local distributor.
  19. Adding described washers makes no difference to gameplay even though they do absorb some ball impact. I'd also suggest mylar around the high traffic posts also. axl, both inlanes, upper pf mini post... before a ball is plunged! I used 1 inch square mylars with hole set for post then washers.
  20. Most games have been pushed back at least a shipment from quoted times so June pins for example are now august etc. Just what I've heard.
  21. If i was looking for this game I'd wait it out for one to pop up around the traps. They are out there so text around and see what comes back. Its just not that great a game and they do come up with people wanting to move them on. I've always looked at avatar as a B grade title and really always has been any way you cut it, anything over the 6 for a pro or 9 for an le and you may struggle to get that return when your done with it. Jmo
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