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  1. Collect patch set of 4: Vater, Marshal, fender, Gibson will light eb.. Sometimes mystery gives you one, plus finishing 2 songs? Not sure on the songs one though.
  2. Wow that LE looks awesome, nicely compliments that mando too. Congrats on your new game!!
  3. Nice pick up and it looks sweet to play. The LE is very distinct too with the nice guitars etched into the trim. Congrats on your LE. We've all seen many times over how games end up sort after following a mediocre reception. Its also a title where not every swinging dick in the hobby will have which often makes for a better choice imo.
  4. I always appreciate when designers keep the major toy in the pro. Maybe why a lot of borgs pro versions are quite popular. A real scoop too nice to see back.
  5. Easy pass here but only due to theme. Borg still my overall fav designer to this point. Some fantastic borgesque shots in here. Love his take on music themes. All designers have their trademark shots... yes including Elwin. Turtles let me down a little with that lair shot... a broken shot imo... bit of a brain fart there from borg, but this all looks sweet. Happy for the rush fans out there.
  6. I know Rush from the drummer Neil Peart who is an amazing drummer. The music i dont care for but the drumming is insane. Unfortunately when the drummer is the most revered musician of a band by a long way it doesn't usually speak well for the bands songs.
  7. There is a small black screw near the flasher Dan, I put a spacer under the plastic to raise it a little and the ball doesn't hang up as much now.
  8. Bksor is a must imo as the upper playfield makes that game. I wouldn't even consider the pro. That said some of my fav games have been pros.... mustang and xmen come to mind. For some reason I wouldn't go pro on aiq either as I really enjoy watching the portal open etc... I guess its what appeals to each individual. The Godzilla pro is also missing super trains which is a fun loop mode.
  9. Yeah those cool features would be sorely missed for sure.
  10. Just caught some really interesting pro streams with my Xmas downtime... I was completely in the premium camp for this game but I'm starting to see some significant preferences for the pro. Worth considering anyway.
  11. Yes from cliff.. he said he's flat chat. It took a good 6 weeks to get them.
  12. There's been some evidence of ramps cracking just past the factory protectors. Highly recommend getting the cliffys which will prevent this ever happening. See pics of my install for factory protectors then cliffy replacements which completely protect that prone area where the ball hits the plastic ramp (1st pic shows factory protectors on each side which are a lot shorter). Its just a matter of time if its not sorted. Theres nothing fun about cracked ramps. Hope this helps... and This is the way.
  13. I drop the flipper strength down on any new stern I get. I did it with my le and have no balls flying off ramps etc. 235 I think I set them to. Flippers are strong enough still for all the shots. Upper pf flippers I kept factory as they shoot perfect. That upper pf is underrated... so fun to blast away at.
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