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  1. Mate I've got one back... nearly cried after I sold it.
  2. Yeah this title is truly greater than the sum of its parts. A masterpiece!
  3. The building keeps reminding me of this scene from an old tom hanks movie. Im just not that pumped about this game tbh... and aiq is one of my favs. Maybe its the theme and a building being the main toy. I will still get one to see how it goes.
  4. Looks like there are small smd rgb boards under the plastics on the in lanes? Instead of usual 44s. Or am I seeing things.
  5. I dont think it works even though the drawings are fantastic. Just too much colour and tbh I think the LE package is a bit of a let down following the mando Le which is stunning. The silver trim with all those colours just doesn't sit right All subjective but.
  6. looks a fun game, cool ramps and magnets etc like his avengers. not a theme Im that into so like my JP Ill wait a year or 2 then grab one.
  7. I would seriously consider being in on one of these if there was a local distributor.
  8. Adding described washers makes no difference to gameplay even though they do absorb some ball impact. I'd also suggest mylar around the high traffic posts also. axl, both inlanes, upper pf mini post... before a ball is plunged! I used 1 inch square mylars with hole set for post then washers.
  9. Most games have been pushed back at least a shipment from quoted times so June pins for example are now august etc. Just what I've heard.
  10. If i was looking for this game I'd wait it out for one to pop up around the traps. They are out there so text around and see what comes back. Its just not that great a game and they do come up with people wanting to move them on. I've always looked at avatar as a B grade title and really always has been any way you cut it, anything over the 6 for a pro or 9 for an le and you may struggle to get that return when your done with it. Jmo
  11. Im still looking to play one of these. Not so easy to find one in the wild or find somebody close with one at home. The theme didnt grab me so I avoided it after some average reviews. But I think it would now be a very entertaining game.
  12. I was initially on the fence with the layout etc but after watching more play it looks fun and has a few things that change it up a bit for a stern. I also like the grogu area tbh with the shit load of lanes, not sure why... maybe its a little more old school looking.
  13. I haven't heard anything for some time. Keen to get this bad boy. Im thinking the Le trim will look the goods. End august best guess.
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