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  1. Definitely looks like a descent game and layout to play well done Stern 👍
  2. Black trim definitely blends well with artwork… a big plus on the chrome imagine the topper possibilities… This is definitely a good move for Pinball Brothers
  3. Any rough idea on pricing ? is there just the one version ?
  4. Unfortunaltlly being my dream theme it is very hard to find a positive on this but I will keep looking 😃
  5. You might have to order your second John ?? 😂
  6. Would think a few more have hit homes by now any feedback like Macca said would be great and appreciated
  7. How is this still here ??? GLWD Con
  8. Have heard Mid to Late September Con.. 🤘
  9. looks like it just hit New Caledonia…. So on target for mid July
  10. Thanks Scott… Isn’t it funny how a pinball collectors brain works… don’t want what I see but what’s around it 😂😂 Classic great old game for sure with great memories as well…
  11. Both great condition Metallica $300 IM SOLD
  12. Good luck John great game surprised it took you this long ... Elwin at his best on this one
  13. Bump still looking for premium or LE if anyone interested in passing one on ? Cheers
  14. As hotty suggest Pretty sure it’s the scan/service switch that allows the drum rotation
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