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  1. The RaspberryJAMMA v3 works fine on Pi4 with a CRT. Actually any non-mini version of RaspberryJAMMA will work, all you need is a HDMI to HDMI micro adaptor to convert an older board OR you can use a DAC with a micro HDMI lead. The only trick is to use the Pi4 version of ARpiCADE. Long story short, I have boards in stock that will do what you want...
  2. I have 1 red Aimtrak for sale, the non recoil model. Has the original box and LED bar. Line of sight accurate as long as you use them from the position you calibrate them in. $100 + $15 postage UPDATE: SOLD, no longer available
  3. @Doosh no the RaspberryJAMMA mini probably isn't what you want then as it has nothing onboard for low res video. The regular RaspberryJAMMA (v3) would work perfectly for your Hankin, it has no problems with CRTs.
  4. Figured I'd announce the RaspberryJAMMA mini here in the arcade section as I don't think there's much traffic in the RaspberryJAMMA section. I hope no-one minds. 6 buttons on JAMMA, amplified mono sound. DAC for VGA output optional. Hard gold plated for edge connector longevity. All through hole parts for long term serviceability. High quality PCB, made in Australia. Now available directly from me, price $80 without DAC (suits HDMI or DVI use, audio must be re-routed in the ARpiCADE software to output from RPi analog output for JAMMA audio), $100 including DAC (VGA video and possibly better quality audio, audio output of DAC may just be louder than RPi analog output rather than higher quality but seems to sound better to me). Post is $14 anywhere in Australia via Express post. Please note: the RaspberryJAMMA mini does not support the RaspberryJAMMA Four Player Adaptor. raspberryjamma.com / arpicade.com
  5. RaspberryJAMMA mini is now available. $80 without DAC (will only be able to output HDMI or DVI video, audio needs to be redirected in the software to the RPi analog output to use amplified JAMMA mono), $100 with a DAC. (Aussie dollars) Unlike the proto the final production version has hard gold plating. The RJ mini hardware supports any Pi version with 40pin GPIO, although the current versions of the ARpiCADE software only support Pi2 or 3 variations (ARpiCADE 3.X.1) and Pi4s (ARpiCADE 4.3.1). It's high res only but high res CRT should work fine using VGA.
  6. Just finished prototyping a smaller, sleeker, more streamlined RaspberryJAMMA, the RaspberryJAMMA mini... perfect for todays modern high res JAMMA cab about town. Gone are the days of low res video sections left unused. No more unsightly ribbon cable and kick harness. No weird add-on (32x-like, ewww) four player board support. Six buttons available on the JAMMA edge, amplified mono audio, DAC for VGA optional. Lower price (TBD). Still made in Australia. Coming soon.
  7. It should be, for 2 stick games you shoudl be able to set the sticks to be left and right joysticks using MAMEs menus. Whats happening, what game etc? I can look into it if you need me to.
  8. Yeah I've changed the way it works on Pi4 due to some differences. It now makes an empty textfile instead of an extra setting in config.txt The rotation options have been separated from the resolution options. It also has dedicated each way options as the config.txt flip screen trick used on earlier Pis doesn't work right on Pi4. It's now best to set rotation from the service menu (F4 or 'service' button, not the menu that loads if you press tab or 'test' - that's Attract-Modes options menu - if you rotated from there your description of whats happening makes more sense). I can't replicate the rotation issue you're having here. From the service menu vertical -ror flips one way ('top' of CRT on the left side) and vertical -rol flips the other ('top' of CRT on right side). What MAME version is playing horizontal?
  9. Looks like Attract-Mode is segfaulting for some reason... No idea why offhand. May just be bad luck flashing it (although normally there'd be some sort of error notification when flashing if that were the case), could be indicative of a dud SD card, if you have more trouble with it I'd try another one. Even if it worked though, grab 4.3 - it's a huge improvement. Once you're up and running vertical can be set from the service menu, there's rol and ror options so if it's upside down first attempt try the other one. EDIT: what Pi version are you using? Not sure if it will have anything to do with it but I'm curious...
  10. ARpiCADE 4.3.1 update now available in the 4.3 thread linked in my previous post. Big improvement to Naomi, Atomiswave and CPS3 at 240p. Plus config tweaks.
  11. ARpiCADE 4.3 (for Pi4) now available. Current MAME, Daphne, more available refresh rates, 4 player support and more! More details and links here: https://arpicade.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=2591 Enjoy!
  12. I don't have an fully automated way to figure out the RPi pixel clock freq for a particular refresh rate. I think I could probably do it but haven't tried scripting it yet. Something I'll probably try in the future. One plus to using the set list is you can manually adjust the porch&pulse sizes to line up various resolutions, not sure how I could automate that side of things yet.
  13. I have encountered that. There also seems to be some cases where MAME reports 1 refresh rate in the info box at startup and a different refresh rate in the MAME menu once the game is up and running. I have also noticed a couple of games in MAME 0.78 that are being ran at different to original hardware refresh rates by MAME. On the scripting side of things I'm reading the game info from a reference file (same file shared by all MAME versions). Essentially the same logic you are using. Originally I was using the same reference file to check screen height, rotation etc. so it was easiest to simply continue doing it that way. Can't remember which MAME version I made the reference list from, I may have to update it. On ZSystem are you using a list of resolutions/refreshes or do you generate them dynamicly? (I still haven't found a way to automate making resolutions with accurate refresh rates for RPi, my method involves putting numbers into a spreadsheet and manually looking for good results... which is still better than how I was doing it before that....) If you are using a list of refresh rates how many refresh rates do you have to cover the full spectrum of MAME? (I think I'm up around 40 at this point).
  14. Also replied to your PM. Was a bit slow to this thread. The RaspberryJAMMA + four player adaptor should be plug and play in your TMNT cab. The software side of things will take a little bit of fiddling though to suit the lack of start buttons on that cab. I'll be happy to help if you need any if/when you go this route. For more info check out the RaspberryJAMMA bit in the sponsors section here on AA or have a look at the arpicade.com forums (the main page of the arpicade.com site is out of date...). I'm as local as you'l find it (Melbourne), the boards are both Australian made. Thanks to everyone for recommending me.
  15. No. Only the CD add on. If you're having trouble with the Genesis rom folder it may be worth trying the MegaDrive one as I use it. I don't think there's any difference but maybe I broke something... Otherwise if you're having rom torubles it's often spaces in the file names. Replacing spaces with underscores will fix it if that's the issue.
  16. no, just zip at the moment. Until recently you didn't really see roms in any format other than .zip so it hasn't come up before... I guess I will add support for 7z sooner or later though.
  17. Is the Snow Bros 2 still available? I realise this is an old ad and a couple of people put themselves in line... sorry if this is an annoying question.
  18. Start buttons can be added to the Konami header if you want, no need to repurpose the coin inputs. The full pinout of the Konami style header on the four player adaptor is on the last page of this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Bd1LavJqL_aJ2oO-mU_MnQvXoGnRb9RR/view?usp=sharing
  19. I was using the start buttons... are you on a cab with no dedicated start buttons? If so you will need to set start to a button you have available using the MAME menus, OR if you are keeping the keyboard attached and using it for start buttons anyway, you may as well disable the hotkeys system and change the Retroarch input driver to UDEV, which should make the keyboard work properly. Assuming I'm on the right track load a game in 078, enter the RA menu with 'f1', press b2 to back out of the quick menu, then: settings -> drivers -> change input to 'udev' (it will be set to 'linux raw') then back out of the menus (quick menu -> resume). Now exit the game a reload it and (hopefully) the keyboard works properly. You will need to repeat this for any other RetroArch based MAME you happen to use but all 078 games should be now fixed, assuming that worked. If you want to disable the hotkeys entirely (they won't work in 078 after doing the above but will still be active elsewhere) you will need to edit /boot/run.sh and comment out the line starting them with a # in front of it. I hope that helps. EDIT: you can check the folder /boot/USER_GUIDE to tell if the patch worked. If it installed right there will be an empty file called ARpiCADE_3.X.1 , if there's one with 3.9 as the version number (I forgot to update it for 3.X release...) the update didn't install. Also there will be some new four player adaptor setup notes that weren't there before (I don't think they'l help in this case). ANOTHER EDIT: it occurs to me if you have no start buttons there's not any reason to disable the hotkeys as they won't do anything without a start button unless you edit them anyway... also sorry I didn't realise sooner your cab had no start buttons...
  20. OK, so I am now a bit confused why it's not working for you. I just tried it with a fresh copy of 3.X then did the update to 3.X.1 then set four player mode and NBAJam in 078 worked without further fiddling. It is possible if you updated your previous build that changes you had made trying to make it work before are breaking the fix I supplied. It may be worth trying a fresh image to be sure that's not it. Wish I had a better answer for you.
  21. In (any Retroarch emulator) at the default ARpiCADE sttings the keyboard will behave like that, it's to do with the hotkeys system... To access test mode without a working test button you can often use the MAME menu to adjust the emulated dipswitches to enter test mode for that game. (for the 4 player add-on test and service will need to be re-setup in MAME too as the physical wiring has changed for those buttons to make the 4 player board work) I have to go out for a whille but I will check out what I missed later this arvo, I had NBAJam working fine in 078 yesterday so I may have missed documenting a step or missed a file etc.
  22. You're maybe in luck, I was going to do some more but here's an update that shoudl help you (and some other things). This will fix the hotkeys using the four player board and also MAME 078 will have working players 3 and 4. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CBiiNF6gE_PZacQR0dZFnWspytzbcVOM/view?usp=sharing unzip it and put both the update.sh and update folder (and contents) into /boot/config-updater/ then boot up your cab and from the service menu run the update ARpiCADE option. Once it reboots run the four player config from the serivce menu again. Please report back how it goes.
  23. Assuming you have the neogeo.zip bios rom in there with them it maybe a rom version issue. It may be worth trying AdvMAME, it should also be able to run the Metal Slug games fullspeed and uses an older romset that your roms may work with.
  24. If you have up to 3 buttons for player 3 and 4 keep all the dipswithces on the four player adpator off, if you have 4 to 6 buttons you will want them all on. The switches are really only there to stop [*insert whatever accessory that was used on the pin originally in a Konami game*] from getting button signals. There wasn't any four player game using Konami wiring that had more than 3 action buttons, I reused some other pins to add 6 button support (can't remember what they were for originally, coin counters etc. I think). If your player 3/4 wiring is only wired to buttons it's safe to have all the dipswitches on, except buttons 4 through 6 they don't do anything.
  25. Please ask as many questions as you like. I try to reply faster than this generally... There's not a global brightness setting. It's possible to use GLSL shaders to adjust but you're much better off just adjusting your monitor brightness. I think you may be the first person to report a too bright image....
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