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  1. Fix It Felix Jr for RPi4/RaspberryJAMMA: https://arpicade.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=3332 It's currently high res vertical monitor only but maybe useful for someone. Just add game, everything else shoudl be done.
  2. What do you already have in the cab sound wise? If it has 2 speakers a little cheap stereo amp is probably ideal. If you have one speaker you may as well try the RaspberryJAMMA onboard amp off 5v as it's already there. If you have no speakers in already powered 2.1 speaker setups are easy as they're self powered.
  3. you can wire your buttons as seen in this randomly found on DuckDuckGo 6 button on JAMMA edge pic (and set the RaspbarryJAMMA dipswitches to: 1&2 off, 3&4 on, for 6 buttons on JAMMA)
  4. yeah kick harness will work fine, although you may as well use the JAMMA edge for the extra buttons - doesn't sound like this is a cab you're trying to keep original. The only thing that won't work is the JAMMA edge amplified mono as it uses 12v. All 5v powered parts will be powered via the Pi. The amp circut itself could run from 5v instead of 12v if you need it, although powering it from the Pi may not sound great due to noise from the processors.
  5. sorry, I missed this post somehow... if you can only get one Pi4 MAME set, make it MAME 0.172
  6. The RaspberryJAMMA v3 works fine on Pi4 with a CRT. Actually any non-mini version of RaspberryJAMMA will work, all you need is a HDMI to HDMI micro adaptor to convert an older board OR you can use a DAC with a micro HDMI lead. The only trick is to use the Pi4 version of ARpiCADE. Long story short, I have boards in stock that will do what you want...
  7. I have 1 red Aimtrak for sale, the non recoil model. Has the original box and LED bar. Line of sight accurate as long as you use them from the position you calibrate them in. $100 + $15 postage UPDATE: SOLD, no longer available
  8. @Doosh no the RaspberryJAMMA mini probably isn't what you want then as it has nothing onboard for low res video. The regular RaspberryJAMMA (v3) would work perfectly for your Hankin, it has no problems with CRTs.
  9. Figured I'd announce the RaspberryJAMMA mini here in the arcade section as I don't think there's much traffic in the RaspberryJAMMA section. I hope no-one minds. 6 buttons on JAMMA, amplified mono sound. DAC for VGA output optional. Hard gold plated for edge connector longevity. All through hole parts for long term serviceability. High quality PCB, made in Australia. Now available directly from me, price $80 without DAC (suits HDMI or DVI use, audio must be re-routed in the ARpiCADE software to output from RPi analog output for JAMMA audio), $100 including DAC (VGA video and possibly better quality audio, audio output of DAC may just be louder than RPi analog output rather than higher quality but seems to sound better to me). Post is $14 anywhere in Australia via Express post. Please note: the RaspberryJAMMA mini does not support the RaspberryJAMMA Four Player Adaptor. raspberryjamma.com / arpicade.com
  10. RaspberryJAMMA mini is now available. $80 without DAC (will only be able to output HDMI or DVI video, audio needs to be redirected in the software to the RPi analog output to use amplified JAMMA mono), $100 with a DAC. (Aussie dollars) Unlike the proto the final production version has hard gold plating. The RJ mini hardware supports any Pi version with 40pin GPIO, although the current versions of the ARpiCADE software only support Pi2 or 3 variations (ARpiCADE 3.X.1) and Pi4s (ARpiCADE 4.3.1). It's high res only but high res CRT should work fine using VGA.
  11. Just finished prototyping a smaller, sleeker, more streamlined RaspberryJAMMA, the RaspberryJAMMA mini... perfect for todays modern high res JAMMA cab about town. Gone are the days of low res video sections left unused. No more unsightly ribbon cable and kick harness. No weird add-on (32x-like, ewww) four player board support. Six buttons available on the JAMMA edge, amplified mono audio, DAC for VGA optional. Lower price (TBD). Still made in Australia. Coming soon.
  12. It should be, for 2 stick games you shoudl be able to set the sticks to be left and right joysticks using MAMEs menus. Whats happening, what game etc? I can look into it if you need me to.
  13. Yeah I've changed the way it works on Pi4 due to some differences. It now makes an empty textfile instead of an extra setting in config.txt The rotation options have been separated from the resolution options. It also has dedicated each way options as the config.txt flip screen trick used on earlier Pis doesn't work right on Pi4. It's now best to set rotation from the service menu (F4 or 'service' button, not the menu that loads if you press tab or 'test' - that's Attract-Modes options menu - if you rotated from there your description of whats happening makes more sense). I can't replicate the rotation issue you're having here. From the service menu vertical -ror flips one way ('top' of CRT on the left side) and vertical -rol flips the other ('top' of CRT on right side). What MAME version is playing horizontal?
  14. Looks like Attract-Mode is segfaulting for some reason... No idea why offhand. May just be bad luck flashing it (although normally there'd be some sort of error notification when flashing if that were the case), could be indicative of a dud SD card, if you have more trouble with it I'd try another one. Even if it worked though, grab 4.3 - it's a huge improvement. Once you're up and running vertical can be set from the service menu, there's rol and ror options so if it's upside down first attempt try the other one. EDIT: what Pi version are you using? Not sure if it will have anything to do with it but I'm curious...
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