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  1. Actually aren't there Australian made ones. https://www.tanglestech.com/TPP-1023 I have had some success replacing the adjustment pot with a multiturn bournes style potentiometer. Also spent some time a few years ago developing my own auto eddy boards. Found programming the PIC for reliable operation a little tricky.
  2. Hi, Just looked at the operators manual and the coil listed there is AL-26-1500 and the red one in my picture is an AE-24-900. The switches were like this on disassembly , it would appear from the mechanical drawing in the operators manual that they are indeed on opposite sides of the bracket, indicated by one being in dotted lines.
  3. Hi Pinthing, My AS just started doing this. Last two times I played it , the machine locked up, the lcd screen just froze in one state, all lamps went out and flippers pops and slings dead. The machine did not restart. Turning it off and on again to quickly also did not work. Turned off and waited for all LEDs to go out on CPU board then power back on and game would work and worked for that play session. Next time , first ball first game around a minute of play same thing, everything dead. This time I took note of the LEDs on the CPU board, the status led next to the large IC on the left side of the board was not blinking, it normally blinks all the time. Again power cycle after all leds out and ran diagnostics for node boards etc but no errors. Ran burn in for 20 minutes, no failures. Decided to do latest firmware update to version 1.10. The initial attempt failed and the machine just kept initializing over and over again. Powered off. Moved thumb drive to alternate USB port and started again, this time it did update and verify, of course all my settings where reset. I then played for about an hour with no problem. Next day another hour or more of play and no problem. I do recall shortly after receiving the game I received the capacitor kits from the distributor which I installed so no idea what could be wrong or if it will fail again.
  4. Are you talking about the wiring for the backbox lights? I believe they might be different for each machine since lamps will be in different places but they would be the easiest harness to make as I did in the image below. In this case the entire panel was missing and I had to make a new one. Wire colours wont match original but its not that hard to make one.
  5. As far as consumer affairs goes , as long as AMD refund the deposit, they would consider the matter resolved.
  6. Well, the same thing happened to me many years ago when waiting for a new vehicle to arrive, I believe I waited around 6 months for the vehicle to arrive and when it did the price had increased AND the valuation of the trade in had decreased, so I was given the option of paying the extra and taking the vehicle or getting my deposit back in full. At that point in time I was emotional about the vehicle, basically I wanted it, so I coughed up the extra, If this happened to me today (because its just a car) I would take my money back. So precedent , I don't think so . I'm Sure its been happening for years in all manner of goods and services. As for what I will do, I'll wait till it arrives and then decide, I may have lost interest by then. I'm too old to get emotional about a bit of metal and plastic. Either I get it or someone else waiting will be a lucky bugger and take it earlier than they expected instead. There would be no shortage of takers. AMD will refund deposits even if you change your mind and they don't have to do that, others wont.
  7. I don't know so I can only assume that AMD would pay a percentage of the purchase price to Stern when they order the machines. I would also then assume that Stern must turn around after the percentage is paid to them and tell AMD the purchase price has now increased and production has now been delayed. AMD passes the price increase on to the consumer. Is it fair I guess not, is it legal I believe it is, and since AMD offer a full refund they are compliant with the law. Still sucks though. I am in same boat.
  8. I purchased paint products from this company in Victoria and receive regular emails regarding their products. Today they announced a competition to win a Virtual Pinball. Couldn't think what forum to put it under so here it is.
  9. Hi, It was my Chrome browser in the office. Edge worked so no problem. Chrome working at home. Must have been cookies or cache. Thanks.
  10. Is it just me or are the links broken. When I click on most links from the main page eg Pinball For sale etc I get this
  11. Hey Alex, I turned 60 last week, am I from an older generation, you young whipper snapper you. My mother is 88 and yes she thinks i'm stupid for spending money on pinballs. Some of my friends think its cool, most don't get it. Anyway as you say you do you regardless of the ney sayers.
  12. I replaced my cheap tumbler with this tumbler https://www.horsleyparkgunshop.com.au/product/4123-lyman-1200-pro-turbo-tumbler, thought it would be better. It wasn't. It takes days to have an effect. I tried various media types, walnut, corncob, added autosol to media etc. I found it faster just to polish on a grinder with a polishing buff and some green compound. The drawbacks, polishing wheel makes quite a mess, but is fast. Tumbler is easier but takes a long time and if you are doing screws you waste time picking media out of the philips heads. If I left the tumbler long enough, and had the right amount of parts in there of the correct shape , i.e not getting tangled with each other then after a long time you get a result. Personally I am not convinced they are worth the money for what I was doing (pinball parts screws posts etc) but for what they are designed for mainly bullet shells then they work well for that.
  13. https://au.rs-online.com/web/p/ultrasonic-cleaning-fluids/7643017 or this one that I have https://au.rs-online.com/web/p/ultrasonic-cleaning-fluids/4348952 Pricey.
  14. Hmm, The photos of the boards don't show surface mounts.Claims they are creating boards from Original Williams Gerber files. Only thing I see different on the WPC89 board is the Replacement of the LM323k regulator with the Switching regulator from EzSBC
  15. https://pinballhaus.com/product/wdb089/ has 3 Rottendog in stock $545. Found this place https://pinballbasement.com/ doing original board remakes. Personally I would like an original better than a rottendog.
  16. If you get real desperate you can always build one with this bare board https://shop.mrpinball.com.au/product/williams-wpc-driver-board-bare-board/
  17. Isnt the 03-8130-13 just used as a door stopper on the backboard when it is swung open? This is typical Williams Back Box, just also happens to be my Roadshow
  18. This was how mine was when stripping it down for a restore. 03-8319-13 at bottom of each slingshot in mine.
  19. Finally did it cracked a billion. 3 Ball Game. Software Version 1.08
  20. Hmm, A challenge. I have a mill. Generally to drill a hole in round stock you use an edge finder to locate the dead centre of the stock. Skim the top ever so slightly with an end mill to get a flat spot. Centre drill with you guessed it a centering drill, they have a fat shaft so they don't wander. When you have started the hole switch to the intended size, use cutting fluid and drill slowly.
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