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  1. Try hang on to it, rebuild it looks like a Fun project. 😎
  2. had no choice printed some up on paper, looks ok under the clear plastic.
  3. Wow, fingers X’d Lyman on code
  4. Great stuff & its nearly finished, smells real nice also :o next i'm trying the new 3D Poxy
  5. I've tried plenty of brands with stick on felt & had no real success, thickness is a issue & after awhile the felt starts losing the fibers making a bit of a mess. Best stuff i've used is the supplied stuff from pingraffixs when fitting the stick on blades, i emailed them for the brand with no real response. I was picking up some bits @ rare spares & found this new product that caught my eye & thought it might work but haven't tried it yet, wiring harness material tape in different sizes, maybe worth checking out. https://www.rarespares.net.au/rarespares/search?q=wiring+tape
  6. Great game & wish I still had mine, I put up a few youtube vids on game play, that keep me amused.
  7. Wow terrible news & a shock, hadn't seen him in a while & presumed he was doing ok, had some fun memories @ PSPA. Glad to hear the business is still going on.
  8. Any updates if CC remake is next, we must be getting very close to a announcement.
  9. Great vid, especially the 1st half. code names have been mentioned before, see it also on the wiring harness build boards.
  10. $700 USD difference between GnR Std & Stern Pro in the US 🤔
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