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  1. Geez, love the look of that Gauntlet Legends.
  2. Thanks for the input......Candy;s are a bit short supply around my neck of the woods lately, and I thought importing may be a better option. But I will bide my time, and wait for one or 2 😉 to pop up..... Cheerz
  3. Looking to add another Astro City or an Aero to the collection and wondering if anyone has imported cabs from Japan (Yahoo). Is it any easier/Cheaper than Yaton? Cheerz
  4. Thanks Guys. I will check with Highway, as it is just home use, I am not too concerned about security..... Cheerz
  5. Looking to replace all locks on my Astro, as they are a mishmash of keys and locks, and just wondering of anyone has used the following from Highway, as a replacement. https://www.highway.net.au/arcade-parts/locks/arcade-machine-lock-20mm-sega-replacement-key-s002/11654-3.html Cheerz
  6. Guys, Just looking for a 1P6B sega astro city control panel. Cheerz
  7. Just been watchiing some arcade repair videos, and noticed some repairers using an FPGA Cat Box. I assume that this is a replacement for the Fluke 9010a, authough i am unsure as i haven't been able to find much information on it. Has anyone got one, or used ine , And might be abke to shed some light on it. Cheerz
  8. Nice work. Its this kind of thing, that shows what a community of like minded people can do.
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