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  1. Hi, I’d prefer dmd or ss, but am open to anything that tickles my interest
  2. Hi, looking to buy a pinball up to 5k, will consider almost complete projects
  3. Selling my Golden Arrow, nice original condition and fully working, set to play on 20c. $1800 obo. located western sydney Sold pending payment. ...j
  4. Hi, been a while since I've been on AA, and I used to be able to post in any forum. I'd like to price check my gottlieb golden arrow em please.
  5. This game is rare in a few ways, It is one of the only games to have advertising- pepsi etc. its main music is the theme song from the tv show. google rollergames in youtube lol
  6. Im selling my stern Magic project, I don't really want too but I have no time for projects. It,s in good original condition and comes complete with all parts. the playfield has been stripped with all the mylar removed, ready to be re assembled. I may consider a swap +/- cash for a em or ss. $750 firm.
  7. beautiful, I would love this in my collection. having an Italian pin is a must for any serious pin head. Too me its like having a garage full of muscle cars with a Ferrari in the corner for a talking point
  8. price drop for the weekend!
  9. I'm selling my Williams Rollergames, a fun Steve Ritchie designed game. The playfield is in good condition with the original Mylar in place.I have added led's to the play field.[ATTACH=CONFIG]89877[/ATTACH] The cabinet has chips and scratches that come with a game this age. It currently has an issue with the display not working correctly. I will post some pictures today. I would consider a swap +- cash for a nice em or ss. I can also help with delivery in Sydney.pin is located in winmalee. sold pending payment
  10. Thanks Skybeaux, I will try the ribbon cable, The machine already has a remote battery setup, I might try a quick battery change. Thanks for your help
  11. Hi guy's, I have a problem with my Williams rollergames. The bottom line of the display board lights up but no words or scores are readable, the top line is fine. I switched out the original display for a brand new display thinking that was the problem, but the issue still remains. Does anyone have any ideas on what the problem could be?
  12. Bargain buy right there! hope the new owner enjoys a great game, Nice work Ilawarra Steelers
  13. Thanks guy's, much appreciated. I will take a look and let you know what the issue is
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