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  1. NSW Hunter Region Mayfield Mayfield Bowling Club has Elviras House of Horrors and Metallica Pro (Batman 66 gone) Hamilton Hamilton Station Hotel has Godzilla Premium
  2. What did you update on the ad mate? Only 81 games in one year 🙂 I would probably almost do that in a week. Love this game.
  3. Also here: Abra Ca Dabra AC/DC Luci (Premium) Attack from Mars (Remake) Batman (Data East) Bram Stoker's Dracula Class of 1812 Creature from the Black Lagoon Deadpool Diner Disney TRON Legacy (Limited Edition) Doctor Who Dr. Dude And His Excellent Ray Eye of the Tiger Fish Tales Ghostbusters Guardians of the Galaxy High Hand Hot Wheels Indiana Jones Indianapolis 500 Iron Maiden Legacy Of The Beast (Premium) Judge Dredd Led Zepplin Metallica No Good Gofers Nugent Red & Ted's Road Show Rick and Morty Space Invaders Star Trek (Stern) Starship Troopers The Addams Family The Getaway: High Speed II The Lord of the Rings The Party Zone The Shadow Theatre of Magic White Water Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (Limited Edition)
  4. First time in a long time I have seen LE still available on AMD website.
  5. Thanks for organising @cardini I am keen to play again. I will only be able to make two of those dates at this stage. Will miss Nate and Simons 😞
  6. So I took 4 days off work to do some more work on the house while my kids were at school and day care. Its almost impossible to do any work while the 3 year old is at home. Also called in a few friends to help with taking the blackbutt timber from the old deck. We have a small laundry area at the back of the deck that I decided to just leave with the current floor. The laundry has doors ove rthe washer and dryer anyway, so nobody will see the 2 different floors. And it would have been a huge pain to remove the cabinet around the washer and dryer and disconnect everything and put it back together. Moved the fridge onto some yellow tongue and got the joists ready for the kleva clips to go on. I like this system as there are no visible screws once you put the modwood decking down. And the boards can be easily popped out if you need to get under there without having to unscrew anything. I was able to learn from my mistakes with building the previous stair stringers and so my calculations were a lot better this time around. Got rid of all of the junk that we had sitting under the deck for the last 6 years. We had some old weatherboards that we thought we were going to use "one day" but really we were never going to. We put them out on the street and our neighbour came and picked them all up for a project that she has going on. So a bit of a win. We also sold the blackbutt decking to a friend so they will come around and pick that up soon. Cleaned up the area under the stairs and put down some of the old pavers that we were also saving to use at "some stage". Well they actually got used. 🙂 Really like the look of the modwood in this colour. I wasnt sure about all the grey but I have come to appreciate it. Just need to do the sides of the stairs and that will be ticked off too. We had to pool fence installer come around to check the progress and he will start installing the glass pool fence in September. I thought because we had some more modwood left over I would redo the front landing as well. My father-in-law built it 6 years ago and when I pulled up the blackbutt I noticed there was a heap of rotted wood under there. I was surprised it was still holding up to be honest. I replaced almost all of the timber used under there and then went to put the kleva clips on but realised it was out by 8cm... 🙂 I was just going off the dimensions that my father-in-law had used, so needed to do a bit of reworking to get it all straight. My wife was able to finish off all of the modwood on the stairs and landing and I think it turned out well. But back to the games room / studio... Got the gyprock delivered on Friday last week and made a start on that. My nephew will be doing the jointing and finishing, we just have to get the sheets up there. We got about 3/4 of it done and are hoping to finish it off next weekend. Then we will be able to call our sparky back in to finish wiring it all up. Pretty rough job but hoping my nephew can make it look a bit more respectable 🙂 The view from the studio looking back towards our house. The temporary fence will be replaced with a nice glass fence all the way around. Weather is starting to heat up a bit too so cant wait until the pool is ready to jump into. (well its always ready to jump into, just not by me when its only 10 degrees in there) Got the modwood around the base of the deck on both sides so will be ready for the certifiers tick of approval next month (hopefully)
  7. So we got the landing and stairs built and the place is almost at lock up stage. Building the stairs was quite a tricky process. A lot of drawing of stairs and in the end I still got the dimensions wrong. The steps are fine for the first step, but then each successive step was out by the thickness of a modwood board. I had worked out the steps to each be 2 boards wide, but then added the thickness of a board to each step which meant I had to attach a 2cm packer behind each step after the first. They still turned out ok so i'm not too worried about it. It gave me some practice for the next set of stairs I need to build from our old deck. I really like the look of the modwood boards and so am in the process of ripping up our blackbutt timber decking to put the new boards in. This is quite a slow process because probably every 10th screw is threaded and needs to be cut out. Gone through a few blades on the recipro saw but i'm slowly getting there. Hoping to get the new deck completed this weekend. I have some yellow tongue flooring that I will put down so I can move the fridge onto while i remove the boards from under there. Also got out my home-brew gear that has been in storage for a few years. Might have to get back into it. And we finally had our bi-fold door fixed just this morning. We have been waiting on trend to come out and fix the door which opened to the wrong side and didnt have a lock on the outside. We informed them of this problem on May 28th and they have only just fixed it. Pretty much every week for the last 10 weeks we have had promises from the company saying they will definitely be out the following day, or that we were "booked in" for the following week. It was just getting ridiculous. They were telling so many lies that they couldnt keep track of the lies. We only had the contact details of the salesperson so we were constantly contacting her about what was going on and we would get messages saying: "I'm just with a customer, ill check and be back to you in 15 minutes" 45 minutes later " Sorry, got held up with a customer. The office is following this up for you and we will ensure you receive a phone call shortly" 4 hours later "We are running at a shortage due to staff having COVID (including the general manager) We are doing the best we can - allow us to get back to you and we will give notice prior to arrival" "Sorry ive been on site and jut read these messages now. Let me follow up now that im back in the office. Give me 5 minutes please. An hour later " I'm just waiting on a call back from the service technician. the second he calls back I will come back to you. Please allow me to come back to you shortly." This was happening on a weekly occurrence and ended up being a daily email or text (never a phone call as they never answered the phone) We finally got a call from the technician yesterday saying he would be out in the morning. My wife said "Now do you have the new door and do you know what you are supposed to be doing?" "New door? Dont you have one on site?" We were told by the salesperson that they had built a new door for us to replace the old one. Guy showed up this morning and just replaced some parts in the door we had and was gone within an hour. Took him an hour to do a job thats taken 3 months to actually arrive at. We had a totally different experience with Modern shutters who did the roller shutter on our storeroom for our pool equipment. Very nice on the phone, salesperson came out on time to quote (although he was a bit pushy when he gave the quote saying "so what would you like to do then? Pay now?" I dont like to be rushed into making a decision like that) Someone came to check measure on time, they said they would be out to install between 8-9am - they were. All wrapped up within a week of ordering. Text messages saying what was happening. Honest. 🙂 So next is finishing up the modwood around the bottom part of the studio and then getting gyprock done.
  8. We are pretty much at lock-up stage apart from the fact that Trend windows and doors has still not provided a door that we can actually lock up! Its been months since we have told them of the issue and they are so useless at responding. They were meant to send the replacement door out on Friday last week but it never arrived. We aren't really surprised given our dealings with them up to this point. They did finally send the L-shaped window out that they had originally built the wrong way around (flashing on inside, reveal on outside) Got that installed and then after the rains recently we found there was a leak in the window. There was also a leak in the bathroom window... We ended up just using silicon on the windows rather than having to go back to them and wait many more months for them to do something about it. We also had our electrician come out and rough in and the plumber has done all he can for the moment as well. We have also completed installing all of the insulation in the walls and ceiling. There seems to be a bit of a shortage of insulation at the moment so I went on marketplace and found a whole lot available for really cheap. Seems like a lot of people over order how much they think they need. The R4.0 stuff from Bunnings is $100 a covers only 9m2. We would have needed about 4 bags of that and then another 4 for the walls. I ended up buying 3 bags from a guy for $60 and then another 2 bags from someone else for $80, but when I got out to collect the 2 bags they said that I could take all of the bags they had there for $80 and there turned out to be 6 bags available so ended up with 9 bags of insulation for $140. Definitely worth checking on marketplace. We were also able to move our 5000L water tank from the front garden 30m down to its spot out the back. Luckily we had bought the modwood decking a few weeks ago and we able to use the decking boards to slide the tank across. We only had three people (two pulling and one pushing) and we got it in place in no time. Plumber came out and got half of it installed (we still need to build a car port off the side of the house so the rainwater can go in there) We had a great floor tiler come out and complete our small bathroom job for $2000. He did the waterproofing on Monday morning, screed on Tuesday morning, all tiles (floor and walls) on Wednesday and grout Thursday for an hour in the morning. Pretty happy with the job. Tiling is not something I really wanted to try my amateur hand at. Next step was to build the landing and stairs that will lead into the studio. Got the landing done pretty quickly but the stairs were a bit trickier. Took a couple of goes to get the angles and sizes correct. A lot of sketches and measurements were taken but we got one of the stringers made and it worked out pretty well. We have the sewer access points right between where the stairs will go so we need to use the modwood decking boards over the top of the stairs so that the certifier can still access the pipes. The wodwood decking can just be taken off by hand so hopefully that solves that issue. We also got gifted a pool cover from a friend and my son though he might have a go at trying to walk across it. Obviously didn't work too well 🙂 Can't believe they are still wanting to go in the pool when it is less than 10 degrees. Next thing will be doing the gyprock.
  9. We will have our sparky out on Friday this week so will talk with him about lighting etc. We will have a tv area setup in the main room which will be visible from the pin area too. We have got a bit more work done on the build now. One of the things was patching up the hole that the father-in-law made when he fell off the ladder. So thats all sorted now. We also put in a drop ceiling in the bathroom so the sparky will be able to put our lighting and exhaust fanout somewhere. We also finished off the loft storage area above the pool filter room. The kids have been calling it their cubby and it is actually a pretty cool little hiding spot for them. The next thing was putting up the gutter and flashing. We thought we would be able to get it all done in a day but with just the two of us (and little building experience) it took 2 days instead 🙂 But we got it done and it turned out ok for a couple of amateurs. There were too many times where we would both be up on the roof and ask where the tin snips were, or we would leave something down on the ground (or up on the roof) so there was a lot of climbing up and down. We had one of the pieces of flashing fall down from the pool side and created a few dents in the colorbond which was a bit annoying, but there was nothing we could do about it. Just one of those things I guess. So we just tried to even it out as best we could and the result wasn't too bad. You can see some of the dints from this angle on the left side. Unfortunately we couldn't get a single length that went the whole way across the top so needed to get two 4.2m pieces. We also finally got our window fixed after a month of calling, emailing and texting Trend windows. We finally found someone who worked there who was actually able to do their job. Every time I called the local number nobody would answer and then someone from head office in Sydney would answer and they would say "i'll see if they are available" but then just transfer my call to someones mobile who would never answer. We had one contact person (who was the salesperson who sold us the windows) who would continually tell us that "ill find out whats going on and get back to you" but would NEVER get back to us. We had delivery scheduled for Wednesday last week and then midway through the day were told it would be Friday because the drivers were all sick. Then on Friday when nobody had shown up by 1pm my wife called and actually got through to someone. They said that our delivery wasn't meant to arrive until this Wednesday but after explaining the situation she got the delivery drivers to make another trip and got the window to us Friday afternoon about 4pm. We are still waiting for them to send someone out to fix the bi-fold door... So my wife finished cladding around the window yesterday and so we are pretty much water tight now (apart from the door) 😞 The next thing we want to get sorted is the landing and stairs up to the studio and some screening around the bottom 600mm of the studio. Went on marketplace and found a guy selling about 60m2 of Modwood decking for $500 but we just needed to go and remove it ourselves. I say "we" but I cant do any heavy lifting for another month, so again it was up to my wife to go out and dismantle the deck. 🙂 She did have help from her brother-in-law but it turned out to be quite a mission. Not the dismantling part - the boards popped up quite easily, but getting the boards onto the back of the truck. The house was a waterfront property on Lake Macquarie and had restricted access. There was a 1 metre wide path up the side of the house that was about 60 metres away from the truck. So there were a lot of trips back and forth from the water to the street. My wife said she had done 18,000 steps between 9am and 1pm. We are going to redo our back deck with the same modwood decking so it will hopefully blend in a bit better. We have a 8x3m deck that is blackbutt timber, so will put the modwood on and it wont need so much attention like the timber deck does. I will get around to finishing off the painting (I have about 80% done) and we will also start building the landing and stairs into the studio. Tiler and waterproofing booked in for mid July so we need to get our villaboard and cavity sliding door into the bathroom before he arrives. Once I have the back of the studio painted we can install the 5000L water tank on the slab and put the carport up on the side. So its all coming together pretty well.
  10. Yeah the pool area is all done now and I am really happy with how it tuned out. The landscapers really took their time to map it all out and get the tiles in and symmetrical. It is a good time to get a pool as my boys are 3 and 8, so there will be many more years for them to enjoy it. So I had my back surgery on Thursday this week and am on the mend. It was a microdiscectomy and the surgeon said that the herniated part of the disc was like a rock! It had been herniated for so long that it had begun to calcify, so getting it removed was great. No more pressure on the nerve and instant pain relief. Just recovering from the surgery but should be back to normal in a couple of weeks. I was able to get most of the cladding on last week but we are now waiting for the window company to fix one of the windows they stuffed up. We paid in full for all of our windows in December last year and when we went to install them a few weeks ago we realised that they had put the flashing on the inside and the reveal on the outside... They also stuffed up the bi-fold door. It opens to the wrong side, and there is no way of locking it from the outside... So pretty pointless. Have spent the last two weeks trying to get in contact with someone from Trend windows but of course they are all too busy (now that they have our money) I have since heard horror stories about this company and had another look through their google reviews and have heard a lot of similar stories to ours. The windows are actually good quality, its just the after sales support that is lacking. I also had a bit of an accident when I was installing the cladding. Managed to drill through a bit of my finger when I was putting the cladding on. Turned into a bit of a crime scene 🙂 So it has been all up to my wife to continue on with the work. Everything takes a lot longer than you expect when you are doing it yourself. Finishing touches on the front cladding. Tricky getting the angles all done. Next step is building the landing outside of the bifold doors and some stairs off to the side. The glass pool fence will come out from the studio and follow the edge of the pavers around the pool and join up with the house on the other side. We have our pool filter and equipment in the storage room accessible from the pool area. We are going to put a storage room that is accessible from inside the studio above that room. We did a little bit of a clean up inside and put in some shelves for all of our tools. Will also need to look at buying another driver as our current one dropped off the a-frame and into the pool! Sat it in a container of rice but I don't think it helped. Battery gone 😞 I might start on painting next week if my back allows it. My plumber has marked out where everything is going and will rough in next week. Sparky is also going to come back in a couple of weeks too. So its all moving ahead. Can't wait for it to be done. Hopefully will be ready for summer!
  11. Have a few Pure Blondes Jase. Or Wood and Stone 😄
  12. So have had another bit of a setback with this build. A couple of weeks ago my father-in-law fell off a ladder from about 4m high and landed on the yellow-tongue flooring and put a big hole in it. I think the floor was able to break his fall a little bit. If he had fallen straight onto a joist it might have been a lot worse. Also if he had fallen onto his head or landed on something else... So I think he was pretty fortunate to only break 7 RIBS! He was reaching across with an angle grinder to cut a piece of metal and lost his balance. The decision to try and reach out from the ladder instead of getting down and moving it a metre and climbing back up 😞 I think everyone would have a similar story to tell. Falls are the biggest cause of injury on job sites. We are so thankful that it wasn't worse. I was with my sons at their soccer match and so didn't see it happen. My wife was there and saw her 82 year old father falling in slow motion. Said he let out a groan that she had never heard before. He is a very strong man with a very high pain threshold. He kept saying he was fine and she had him doing big deep breaths that he was able to do with no issues. He wanted to drive himself home but she took him straight to the hospital. He had no internal injuries which was great, but a couple of ribs were fractured in multiple positions. Speaking of his high pain threshold, a few years ago he cut the tendons in his forearm with an angle grinder (he really should lay off the angle grinders I think 🙂 ) and when he went to the hospital they said they would need to perform surgery on his arm. He was disappointed that he wasn't able to have a local anaesthetic so that he could watch the surgeon perform the operation. Even with his 7 broken ribs he has not taken any of the pain medication they have given him... ? So our main worker is out of action for a while now, and we are back to working on the studio on weekends, which has slowed down the progress. However, there IS progress happening! You can see the milk crate covering the hole that was made and the height of the ladder that was fallen off. I have been able to do a few of the jobs around the place (no heavy lifting) but as I have been working from home part-time I have been able to do some of the easier things. Adding the bracing to the rafters, installing the roof battens and roof sarking. We got the roof done on Tuesday last week. Its very hard to find people to come and help on work days 🙂 Had my brother come around on his lunch break and my wife's friend is between jobs so she was able to come and help too. Got the roof put on in a couple of hours and then the wall wrap was able to be installed the same week. So we are pretty much water tight now. We have installed 3 of the 5 windows, but will need help with the 2 bigger windows and the double door, which will be happening tomorrow. We have a big L shaped window going on the back wall that is quite heavy and will need some help installing. The wall it is sitting on is quite wobbly so we will need to put some bracing on there I think. We have had the landscapers around Thursday and Friday this week working on the pavers. We have Arctic Grey pavers from Lithic and they are looking really good. The guys have been doing a great job with it. They are almost finished so the pool area will be done on Monday next week and then we will work on putting the cladding on. So we have the 3x3m room that will be set aside for pinball and another 5x4m room that will be the main studio area. I am hoping it will all be a pinball studio at some stage 🙂 haha. I think ill need to get my boys a bit more interested in pinball in order for that to happen. I have sold my Baywatch pinball machine to a nice guy from Perth to help pay for the renovation costs and will be hopefully dropping it off at the depot in Sydney on Monday. It was meant to be dropped off Monday this week but when my wife got to Ken's place they found that the springs under one side of the trailer had come loose from the bracket and it needs to be repaired. This is the 3rd time I have had to sell my pinball machines in order to do renovations for my house. The first time about 5 years ago, I sold Whitewater, Demo Man and Galaxy for $8000! That helped pay for the kitchen in the new house. The Baywatch is going to pay for the plumber this time 🙂 So we are slowly getting there. There is no rush, but its good to have it getting closer to completion. We will get the outside done and then we will need to do a bit more saving to furnish inside... Or we could use the equity to borrow some more money from the bank. I think that's what I will need to do if I ever want to buy any more pinball machines haha.
  13. Not unless the hugs are worth over $100,000
  14. Thanks Duncan. Yeah I remember you having some big issues with your back when we used to play at Coogee Diggers. Did you get some surgery to fix it? I'm trying to stay off the heavy painkillers like Endone for as long as I can, but it is getting harder to do so. I can't even put my shoes on at the moment, any forward bending puts pressure on the S1 nerve root which causes a lot of pain. And yes having the pool is great, especially since it is a heated pool.
  15. So just after the pool was installed we had our frames arrive. I have been out of action all year with my back injury, so was unable to help with any of the heavy lifting (or doing anything really) which I am really angry about. I want to do things but I am unable to. Luckily we have a lot of friends and family who pitched in to get everything sorted out. The bearers and joists going in. Floor going down and reo for the bond beam around the pool Had a builder mate come round to help put the frames up (and a lot of extra sets of hands to lift, carry and hold things 🙂 Or stand around which is what I was doing a lot of. Got all the frames up and then the next day we worked on putting on rafters Rafters all done and then concrete around pool put in. We are now waiting for our sarking, roofing and cladding to arrive hopefully this week.
  16. Plumber working on getting all of the pipework installed. We were annoyed that according to our DA, we needed to get all of the rainwater from the studio into a rainwater tank (we got a 5000L one) and then pumped all the way to the street (about 30 metres away) The stormwater drain is over the back fence.. We wanted to just dump the stormwater straight into the stormwater drain but weren't allowed by Hunter Water. Came around to April and it seemed like everything started happening all at once. The pool arrived and the frames arrived all in the same week. Had a friend from work who said he would take all of the soil because he had a retaining wall he needed filled in. They had dug about 1/5th of the pool out and he said he had enough soil now and asked how much more was left to come... 🙂 He has a really big property so we were able to dump the rest of the soil over the edge of a hill he had there, but he has 4 goats that kept trying to escape. Half of the time we were herding goats while the trucks dumped the soil. Then one of the trucks got a flat tyre and so we only had one little tipper doing trips that were 5km away. It ended up taking a lot longer than we had anticipated. Pool got dug out and then it was time for it to get craned in. Really impressive seeing the crane operators getting through such tight gaps and navigating over the top of the neighbours house. Pool all backfilled with sand and a cement mixture and filled up with water. Old mate having a quick drink to 🙂 haha. Then we had our adjustable piers ready for our bearers and joists.
  17. I was putting a few jobs out on hipages for various things including electricians, plumbers, concreters and excavation work. Few things I found out. Almost half of the tradies who contacted me who said they would come out for a site inspection didn't bother to come out at all and were unable to be contacted afterwards. Plumbers were the worst culprits for this. We only had one plumber come and quote for the job and he came back with a quote of $32,000... Luckily our neighbour is a plumber and he had just finished up working at his job in Canberra and could get working on it for us. He quoted $9000 for the same job, so you can see some of the discrepancies here. Had a guy quote for installing 3 downpipes and digging a trench 4 metres to the street for $8000. I ended up digging all of the trenches myself and buying $200 worth of pic pipe and doing it myself.
  18. Moving on to November 2021, and we got the site levelled ready for construction to begin... or so we thought. The excavator that came out to remove the grass almost sank into the dirt. It was really spongey and bouncy soil and even walking on it felt like a trampoline. It remained this way for close to a month as it started to dry out. Then we got heaps of rain and it reverted back to how it was before. We needed to get 450 diameter x 500 deep mass concrete pad footings over proprietary screw piers supporting adjustable steel posts. We had a sewer line running right through the middle of the backyard so we needed to have strip fittings over the top to put the studio on top of. We marked out the areas that needed holes dug and the strip footings and then had the excavator come and dig it all up. I had hired the guy to come and dig it up and take the soil away but when he showed up he asked where all the soil was going to go. He said that he heard I was going to be removing it from the site so he didn't have anything to dump it in to. He ended up dumping it at the back of the property and I had to hire a tip truck to remove it myself (which I was really annoyed about) We got the trenches dug (you can see the tracks from the excavator) The next step was to get the screw piers inserted. That's where we ran into a problem (another one) It was going to take a month for the company to install the screw piers. We thought that would be ok, but the weather decided otherwise. Really wish I had organised both the dig and screw piers be done by the same company. We got the screw piers put in without any fuss but then I didn't line up the concrete to be done ASAP too. If I had to do it again, I would line up my trades to be done straight after each other as much as possible (or get one company to do all of it) We had so much rain that it started caving in all of the holes that had been dug. I ended up buying some metal pier liners at 450mm to put in just so that walls would have some sort of protection from the rain. We had a bit of an archaeological site going on out there for a while, with gazebos over the top letting us work in bad weather. But then the bad weather got too much... 😞 Got that all cleaned up and had concreters out. Few shallow graves put in... 🙂 Pulled down the old fence with our neighbour ready for the new Modular wall to go in. We had ordered modular wall from a company in Sydney and they quoted us $1250 delivery fee, so we just hired a truck and drove down from Newcastle to pick it up ourselves for free. We had ordered the pool and frames for the studio in July 2021 and the pool was originally to be installed in January. The frames were set to arrive in April. So a lot of people doing building projects it seems. 🙂 The pool install date kept getting pushed back due to the weather, and it finally happened in April.
  19. So for the last 6 months we have slowly been building a new studio/games room and unground pool in our backyard. We had an old shed that had been there for over 80 years (the lady we bought it off moved in when she was 20 and sold it to us when she turned 100) which needed to come down. We basically just went through with sledgehammers and knocked out the end walls and pushed it over 🙂 We used the shed mainly for storage and putting our bikes in. There was no power going out to it and it was in such poor shape I didn't want to turn it into a games room. The next thing we needed to do was dig up the existing driveway going out to the back shed. That was a pretty intensive process. My wife and I undertook this task ourselves and if I had to do it again... I would use some heavy machinery. I've subsequently got a 2cm disc herniation in the L5 disc in my back that will now require surgery next month 😞 We filled up 2 skip bins with concrete that must have weighed tonnes! The truck that came to pick it up cracked the driveway out the front trying to lift it all up. We did a rough layout of how we envisioned the build to look. The pool s 6x3m and the studio is about 8x6 with a 3x3m space set aside for pinball (3 or possibly 4 in the space) This all took place in October last year. As we were to find out, getting things built is quite a long process (especially when we were doing a lot of it ourselves)
  20. Sorry about hijacking your thread @Jesder Should I do my own thread? Just did my first attempt at putting on new ramp flaps and they turned out pretty good. Check out the state of those old ones! I'm slowly figuring my way around putting this thing back together. I have lost count of the number of times I have put on and removed different ramps and wireforms. I had the Ironman light wire running through the middle of the pop bumper at one stage 🙂 Remove and put back on. Then realise there is a plastic underneath the ironman ramp that I forgot to put on. Undo and put back on again. haha. I couldn't find the plastic next to the ramp ramp I was looking for locally, so had to put an order through planetary pinball. Not sure how long that is going to take.. Ordered a new drop bank plastic from PSPA as the one I have has a couple of chunks out of it.
  21. Yeah at least there are the backup photos on the other site. It is a very informative thread indeed
  22. This thread has been a great help for my Baywatch restore. Amazing the crap that is built up over the years behind some of the ramps. Shame the phots aren't available on AA anymore. Had to go to the source - enteryourinitials 🙂 Cheers @Jesder Its amazing the stuff you come across while you are taking it all apart. Found out that the laser kick mech on the right hand orbit was just sitting there loose. There was nothing holding it in place 🤔 I also noticed a few plastics that were broken or non-existent (the plastic on the lower pop bumper...) All of the wireforms were pretty rusty and the ramp flaps were shocking. The rubbers were disintegrating and a bunch of globes out. I got to the wireforms with some autosol metal polish and they all turned out amazing. I even polished the metal under the lifeguard tower that nobody will ever see 🙂 I ordered some new ramp flaps from Cliffy and the full kit of protectors and am just about to attempt to rivet the ramp flaps on... wish me luck. There are still a few issues with the game that I will need someone with more tech experience to help me out with. Half of the globes in the backbox were out and I thought it might have been a similar story to Jesder, but then I found this burnt connector. When I get it all back together is there anyone around Newcastle that can come and have a check on it for me?
  23. I believe its back at Brew Dog brewery in Murarrie. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
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