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  1. The shooter gate fell off a few plays in. Ive just left it off... something for @Pinlinds to have a look at. I have managed to crack 10 songs mate. Got all 10 songs up to platinum and then started playfield multiplier at 5.5x and hit the upper saucer for a 6 billion platinum record bonus to begin wizard mode. I also had a 53x playfield multiplier going and got over 6 billion icarus master and 2.6 billion tour multiball.
  2. There are no games bolted to the floor for me. I have always needed to sell them to fund other arguably more important things (renovating kitchen and bathroom etc) Have been hiring games for a month at a time while in lockdown and that gives a good idea of what games I could continue going back to and would want to have in a collection. So far I have hired ACDC Premium, Jurassic Park Premium, Iron Maiden Premium, Dialed In, Stranger Things Premium and Led Zeppelin Premium. I have also owned White Water, Demo Man, Galaxy, 24 and AIQ Pro. Out of those I think Jurassic Park would be the one that would be most "bolted to the floor" I agree with AIQ though... just not as good as the other Elwin games. I think it would also depend on how many games you actually have. People with a huge collection of games could probably afford to have some bolted to the floor. Others with only a couple of games might not have that luxury. I only have room for one game at the moment so its hiring them for me.
  3. If you go back and look through this thread you will see these kind of stories popping up all the time. I guess some people will see it as an opportunity to buy while the price is down.
  4. I liked that there were three tournament sections. Pinball tournaments were in the pinball tournament section. Arcade tournaments were in the arcade tournament section. Now all tournaments crammed in together. I just said i'm a little lost finding stuff. I'm not on AA heaps so couldn't find some things I could find before. Not very productive or helpful... yeah i guess if you want to take it like that 🙂 As for Godzilla, im excited to see the stream tomorrow. Elwin games have so much depth, they are really good games for home use. Will not often see the final wizard mode on them.
  5. I liked having all of the pinball stuff how it was. New pinball easy to find as was pinball tournaments.
  6. I'm a little lost finding stuff. New pinball and general pinball merged and pinball tournaments moved somewhere else too. As for Godzilla I reckon it will be another Keith Elwin winner. Wonder where it will fit among the other ones he has done. MY rating order. 1- Jurassic Park 2- Iron Maiden 3 - Avengers Infinity Quest
  7. Hey Tez did you have issues with the ball flying off the end of the right ramp return wireform? If I hit that shot too fast the ball comes off the end and into the drain.
  8. Interesting to see posts like this from 4 years ago. This thread really died off for a long time around 2018. Going back to read the posts from the start I wonder how many of the original posters held onto their crypto... Lots of speculation about price of bitcoin possibly reaching $1000 etc.
  9. Swapped out Stranger Thing for Led Zep. Took a few games but managed to knock Tez off GC. I think there are too many multiballs in this game. And the songs need so many shots to complete them. Good flow though.
  10. Since theres no Wildball I hired a game from Wildball legend Lindsay. @Pinlinds Had only played a Stranger Things once before so it is good to have it at home to get into the rules of it. Good theme integration and fun modes. Right orbit shot to nowhere is a bit annoying and I can only hit the demogorgon mouth 1 in a 100 shots but its a fun game. The Upside down mode with the UV lights looks amazing. Playing it in a dark room makes it look even better.
  11. https://www.aussiearcade.com/forum/general-chat/machines-on-site Then just go to the state
  12. Holy thread revival!
  13. NSW - Hunter - Hamilton station Hotel Metallica Pro out ACDC Pro in
  14. I get mine from Pinball Haus - https://pinballhaus.com/product-category/balls/
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