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  1. Thanks kids. So far I've got a massage (no happy ending) and about to shout myself a steak. 🙂
  2. Corvette's a great left upper flipper game with more than one shot. 🙂
  3. Please remove: AC/DC LUCI, Aerosmith LE, No Fear: Dangerous Sports, Sinbad, and Total Nuclear Annihilation. Phew! TIA. 🙂
  4. Yep! Have culled from 12 to 3 and the remaing three are Maiden (MDN), Ironman, and TWD LE. I'd say all three are keepers but I'm sure if push came to shove that TWD is the only real keeper.
  5. HB! Allison. Hope you're doing okay. xx
  6. Devastating news. Such a great guy. My heartfelt condolences to Allison. I'm so sad.
  7. I think there is so much difference between models, you could have both. I could have an LE at home and a Pro at the warehouse. Easily.
  8. Dates are looking good..... finally. Would love to get there. Please add me to the list.
  9. I've wished you HB elsewhere...... so Merry Easter bastard. :40s:
  10. HB! Chicken Fingers. :D Have a great day George.
  11. Happy Belated Bloke. Hope you're travelling okay.
  12. Happy Old Hank Day for yesterday. :)
  13. I think it would have to be the 26th/27th weekend or later for me to get there. Earlier is just too busy for me.
  14. Thanks D&L for another awesome night. Amazing collection of pins and just a super cool shed. A great hang with a terrific bunch of people. So worth it. I had a blast. :)
  15. I hope to drop in Crafty. Have a birthday to drop in on same night and also work the next morning. Ugh!
  16. So can you tune the telly in to ABC news and understand it okay? Is it people not understanding you? What are you using for microphones? You might need a desk conference system so that your voices are picked up at close range? They usually have speakers so you can hear others. That room doesn't look so horrible that it's the main issue to me.
  17. Hashman and John Watson had linked NBA FB's. @Hashman @WATSJOHN
  18. Same on my TWD. Every now and again. I actually have a little aftermarket board with a pot on it to dial my shaker back a tad. It sounded horrible flat out.
  19. I'd imagine the theft rate would be up dramatically if they weighed half and had fold up legs. :unsure
  20. Can you please remove Dr Who and Star Trek LE. Please add Sinbad. Thanks. :)
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