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  1. I'm after a generic game kiosk or retail store video game display if anyone is selling anything let me know, thanks
  2. G'day guys as the title says I'm after someone in Melbourne who does touch up work on pinball backslash and plastics? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks guys
  3. Hi guys I'm after a puzzle game like super qix, don't mind if it's a bootleg just looking for a fun puzzle game, let me know if you have anything, thanks
  4. Sold thanks for looking For sale Sega Racing Hero, the best way to describe this game is its like a cross between Outrun and Super Hang On, this is a working project, I bought this with the intention of restoring it to its former glory but have too many projects at the moment so would like to see it go to another AA member who could restore the cabinet, The good, the pcb board works I can also send you a video of it working, the monitor is displaying a grey screen so it's not dead yet just beyond my skills, the controls work, new power supply installed, has the original seat and the cabinet is complete The not so good, the cabinet is in need of work around the bottom and could use some new paint, the throttle is sticky and I couldn't get the sound board to output any audio as the speakers were not connected, I did try to connect what I thought was the speakers cable to another speaker I had but still had no luck, no locks for the front doors but does have lock and key for the back door At the moment I would be willing to let it go to another AA member for what its cost me so far, $750, pick-up and inspection is in Rowville 3178, if anyone is interested please PM me, if there is no interest I will post it on eBay or Facebook but if someone is looking for a good project this could be it, thanks for looking.
  5. Hi guys anyone know anybody looking to sell a generic video game kiosk? Pics are for an example, if anyone is please message me, thanks
  6. Bump - still for sale if anyone interested, price is negotiable
  7. Cool pool jamma pcb by Catalina games, comes with control panel (Wico track ball) jamma harness and marquee, the track ball needs a good clean as it's a bit stiff but all works, and you can access the adult pool game in the menu, looking for $230 Ono buyer to pay post
  8. Hi guys I'm after a generic overlay for a control panel something like the wrestlefest cpo with a little bit of colour, pic for example
  9. G'day guys, I'm after an adapter to go to a jamma harness for the pcb in the photo, anyone know if it's like an old style Konami pcb, the pcb is a bootleg, does anyone make them on this site or is ebay my best option? Thanks guys
  10. Does anyone have a Champion Wrestler or The Main Event pcb for sale or similar wrestling game?
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