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  1. Same position. I was able to find out where I was in the queue though. Don't send emails. Call and if no answer leave messages then call again.
  2. @Kez I have added you and will send PM shortly. Comp games will be Pinball Champ T2 Metallica LE Seawitch Rocky and Bullwinkle Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stern
  3. Any of this “pooling� that everyone was banging on about?
  4. Comp games to be advised. I just need to wait and see what games are the most "solid".
  5. List should be updated and PMs have gone out. I will be running highest score comp on the non comp machines. $10 for the highest score on each machine. Also I will be putting up $10 for anyone that take one of the Grand Champion on a DMD machine. I (and others) have been working hard to get the machines running as well as possible. Machines break and its unknown how they will hold up under a full day/night of playing. Please keep this in mind. The pressure of Houseball is real.
  6. Found this lot this morning but I would like to know what the little PCBs might be. Thought at $25 the lot it was an ok find.
  7. Still heaps of spots left. I will update the list tonight. Game will be Pinball Champ Terminator 2 Metallica LE Rocky & Bullwinkle Time Warp Galaxy Seawitch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Premium Stern Farfalla No Fear Comp games to be advised. @gapmaster @Replay
  8. Looking for a working Zac Sound Board 1B11136. If you have one for sale please hit me up.
  9. Hi Jimmy I checked this out and was very keen but the salary cap seems very low especially if you want to play with a group of you "Pinmates". With Myself (6), Grant (6), Travis (6) and Nathan (5) we would have 23 points. I had to go down to someone ranked around 200 to get a player with 3 points. Love the idea though and what you are trying to do.
  10. I tried calling for no reply. Also sent a couple of emails and no answer as to my position. Even after saying I am not asking when the machine will arrive I just want to know what position I am in the queue. So just trying to work it out for myself. I will try calling again I guess.
  11. I paid my deposit 10th October along with a couple of other people I know. The only reason I am here trying to work this out is I can’t get an answer from the supplier as to where I am on the list after multiple attempts.
  12. I can’t find anything on the receipt or invoice.
  13. Hi All Apologies again for the shortish notice. Nothing has change much from last year except I don’t mind how many people we have so there will be no cap on numbers. I will be doing a BBQ so if I could get some help with cooking that it would be great. Comp details. 4 hours of qualifying with a 2 p.m start. Finals to be held after dinner which will be at 6pm but if qualifying can be done sooner it will be earlier. Please get your comp games finished ASAP so you have plenty of time to socialise afterwards. Score sheets will be on each machine with attendees names on them. If you name isnt please write it down. Format. There will still be an 'A' and 'B' Division as per 2019 with equal prizes in both. You play 6 games on the nominated machines with your best 5 results going towards your final standing. The top 4 placed players will go through to the 'A' division finals . The highest 4 from the second half of the field will go into the 'B' division finals. Finals will be on 3 randomly chosen machines with the 7,5,3,1 format of awarding points. Single round and the person with the most points wins. Tiebreakers are TBA. House rules. Please remember that Houseball is a social event, we are not playing for sheep stations. Please show the hosts and their machines the utmost respect as without them this event ceases to be a thing. Please remove all rings/bracelets when playing. You will be asked to leave if you are found abusing machines/other players. Smokers please ensure you leave no butts around the place. The host should be able to tell you where it is ok to smoke. And lastly, a bit of friendly banter is encouraged. ** Please note ** People will be asked to maintain social distancing and i will endeavour to provide hand sanitiser. If you have a small personal bottle of hand sanitiser it would be great to bring along with you on the day. ** If you have any cold/flu symptoms , please don't attend ** Food and costs. Dinner will be a BBQ $10 covers food per person. $5 to cover the hosts expenses. $5 into the prize pool. Total $20 for the event. 1 @visualmagic 2 @namastepat 3 @Silver Surfer 4 @JoeSoap 5 @raysco 6 @Andyj965 7 @Cranky Dave 8 @RaoulJuke 9 @AtariTam 10 Elvis 11 @zanderzone 12 @Sandyzone 13 @DAG 14 @Tonjo 15 @madal 16 @Dicky 17 @Saber 18 Sarah 19 @rusty_dagger 20 Cazz 21 Mrs Madal 22 Gordon 23 @ncb74 24 @kez 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35
  14. Yep thanks Ray and Reen for having us. It’s always a good time at Rays. Also thanks to all those that help out. It makes organising so much easier. Even little things like having someone go get the pizzas (it was Nathan this time) makes a massive difference. I will be listing the next one shortly.
  15. How did you find out you are on the second container? I can’t get an answer.
  16. This is what everyone will be wanting to take home today. A trophy for winner of A division and B division. Also there will be bottles of soft drink and some water in one of the eskies that will be marked.
  17. Just a heads up for everyone on qualifying for the comp. Qualifying is from 2pm until 6pm. No qualifying games are to start after 6pm. I will be making sure this is enforced. Call me what you like :p
  18. Ahhhhh. I remember googling who Jessy Jay was. Unfortunately clashes are inevitable.
  19. Correct on all points. Wouldnt classify myself as refusing to adapt just havent allocated the time to learning the new interface. Havent had a need to really in the last 12 months and dont have that FOMO like i used to. @DAG is there something else on this weekend at Johns? Seems to be a different "group" would attend anyway.
  20. Was getting to this. Thanks Ray. Now AA isnt on Tapatalk it just seems like a real effort. Well thats the excuse I am using anyway. Invites coming out via PM shortly @Replay you around? @Pinball Perfection
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