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  1. Can everyone please be reminded there will be no practise games on the comp machines.
  2. Another couple of machines moved in. Thanks @rayscoand @zanderzone for the loan. Williams Indiana Jones is arriving Friday and then just have to get the other GNR over.
  3. And this is why I asked the thread to be closed. You have had the final say.
  4. @Arcade King now we have found someone are you able to lock this one up?
  5. I was thinking of how to reply to the message above but you have done it perfectly for me. Soooooo as @visualmagichas said.
  6. Thanks @visualmagic for the loan of these two. Comp games will be Elvira Transformers AC/DC Robowars Gnr Iron maiden We have enough games now to have 6 dedicated comp games.
  7. As previously mentioned I will be running some raffles to help raise money for the Xmas Houseball. The prize is 50 of the below LEDs. Choose 50 from the one style. Tickets will be $2 each or 3 for $5. No limit on number of tickets purchased. Depending on number sold (cost needs to be covered) it will be drawn at this Houseball or the next. Tickets can be purchased at the event.
  8. I am looking for someone to take over organising Houseball for 2022. With working full time, my new pinball rental business and life in general its hard to find the time and energy for Houseball. I am still happy to help out with scoring etc and there are others in place that help out already (you would have to ask if they are still keen). It would be sad to see Houseball end so hopefully someone will put their hand up.
  9. Elvira Premium and Transformers LE have been added to the games list. Also if the interest is there we can make some T-shirt’s available. Price to be advised. We will have samples at Houseball.
  10. Its November Rain for me. Mid way through with the blue and the white.
  11. Looks like the problem post areas have been “fixed” on the later machines.
  12. I have managed to find a new host. The collection isnt the largest but we will make this happen. Its more about the social anyway which Jayson is all over. If anyone is able to "donate" a pin for the event that would be appreciated. As can be seen below there will be two JJP Guns n Roses for people to play. Comp details. 4 hours of qualifying with a 2 p.m start. Finals to be held after dinner which will be at 6pm but if qualifying can be done sooner it will be earlier. Please get your comp games finished ASAP so you have plenty of time to socialise afterwards. Score sheets will be on each machine with attendees names on them. If you name isnt please write it down. Format. There will still be an 'A' and 'B' Division with equal prizes in both. You play 6 games (1 on 4 machines and 2 on 2 machines) on the nominated machines with your best 5 results going towards your final standing. The top 4 placed players will go through to the 'A' division finals . The highest 4 from the second half of the field will go into the 'B' division finals. Finals will be on 3 randomly chosen machines with the 7,5,3,1 format of awarding points. Single round and the person with the most points wins. Tiebreakers are TBA. House rules. Please remember that Houseball is a social event, we are not playing for sheep stations. Please show the hosts and their machines the utmost respect as without them this event ceases to be a thing. Please remove all rings/bracelets when playing. You will be asked to leave if you are found abusing machines/other players. Smokers please ensure you leave no butts around the place. The host should be able to tell you where it is ok to smoke. As usual 30 will be the limit but may be extended at the hosts discretion. And lastly, a bit of friendly banter is encouraged. ** Please note ** People will be asked to maintain social distancing and i will endeavour to provide hand sanitiser. If you have a small personal bottle of hand sanitiser it would be great to bring along with you on the day. ** If you have any cold/flu symptoms , please don't attend ** Food and costs. $10 covers food per person. $5 to cover the hosts expenses. $5 into the prize pool. Total $20 for the event. 1 @Jfed 2 @rusty_dagger 3 @RaoulJuke 4 @Tonjo 5 @Cranky Dave 6 @gapmaster 7 @Markc840 8 @Silver Surfer 9 @namastepat 10 @Andyj965 11 @Dicky 12 @FireFly 13 @Saber 14 @visualmagic 15 @DAG 16 @Ryan555 17 @raysco 18 @Kade 19 @roland rat 20 Darrell Mullard (Facebook) +1 21 Rino Boscaino (Facebook) 22 Scott Leaver (Facebook) 23 @SpudJones 24 @Replay 25 John Palk (Facebook) 26 @zanderzone 27 @Sandyzone 28 Scott Stewart (Daves mate) 29 Glenn Elin (Facebook) 30 Ben Piercy 31 32 33 34 35 Games List Iron Maiden LE Metallica Premium AC/DC Pro JJP Guns n Roses CE JJP Guns n Roses LE Deadpool Pro Elvira Premium Transformers LE Indiana Jones Robo Wars
  13. After exactly one year to the day the wait is over.
  14. Houseball coming. 23rd October. Standby for details. Do not reply for attendance in here.
  15. A late model phone. A combination of the options you have listed seem to be what others do. If I can pick up power from the bill acceptor board then to a hub.
  16. OK kind of a random question. I need to charge a mobile from inside a Stern running Spike 2. I would prefer it to be in the backbox but in the lower cabinet will be fine. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can go about doing this? Some quick research tells me its best not to do it from the USB on the board.
  17. Thanks all for the birthday wishes.
  18. I need newer Stern Pro or Premium. Anyone got anything for sale? I know I can buy new but the wait is a killer. Preference would be Stranger Things or Avengers but will consider anything.
  19. I thought I explained things a few weeks ago when you called me? I will try again. With pending lockdowns, other comps, people being generally busy with life and Houseball losing a bit of momentum finding a host is difficult. I have been in contact with multiple people and it just hasn’t been working out. Houseball is for everyone and has never been a dictatorship so if someone wants to take on the organisation they are more then welcome. Finding people that are willing to open their house for what can be a bunch of strangers is a challenge that until you try you can’t understand. On that if someone wants to host (preferably that hasn’t hosted this year) the end of October looks like it may be ok but who knows really.
  20. Thanks for the info. I might just see how mine end up then.
  21. Thanks for the info. From what I have been reading its the PL ones that have given the most issues.
  22. With my GNR almost finally here I am looking at replacement rubbers. Was it ever established who supplied the original ones so I know which ones to avoid. Also has anyone put plain black rubber (yep old school) on?
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