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  1. As often as they win during the season they can never take away 2008.[ATTACH=CONFIG]52736[/ATTACH]
  2. I spoke to this guy (Jim) and he seems genuine. I am pretty sure he is only selling these as he has a lot of projects on the go and I know for a fact he bought the 8 of these as a bulk deal. If you are starting out it sounds as though he is pretty knowledgeable for a young guy so meeting him could be worthwhile.
  3. Thanks Andy. All plugged in and Missus happy so might be able to negotiate a little more cash for my first pinball. Thanks for all of your advice. Make sure you put pics up when you finish that Aladdins Castle.
  4. I could put this on a pallet and send if you like.;). Freight negotiable of course.
  5. Hi. I am trying to get some money together for my first pinball so the decision has been made to try and sell my IPM Invader. This was working when I purchased but during cleaning it up obviously my inexperience has in some way caused the machine to stop working properly. I guess it is the gameboard but I dont the skill set to be able to find that out. It is in excellent condition as can be seen in the pics and all original (from what I can tell) with only the speaker replaced (I have the original and the new one also didnt work). The biggest issue the cab has is a hole behind the "registration" sticker about the size of a 50c piece and the damaged vents. The glass is also pretty scratched but you can see that in the pics. I am hoping to get $480 for it but I am sure the market will dictate the price. I can send more pics if anyone is interested. Shown as originally working Now
  6. Sorry if this is the wrong section but I am curious to know if was an AA member that got these http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/bedford/other-home-garden/garage-sale/1021745228. I was trying to organize a bloke to have a look for me and missed out on them by about 30min apparently. Hopefully someone can tell me what they were so I can sleep as the seller via text told be they only wanted $50 each but didnt seem too keen to send me photos. Well anyway I hope someone got a bargain.
  7. Thanks it was fun. The monitor is just and old LG one that I had. I purchased a DELL to put in but the buttons were on the front and I couldn't mount it without the buttons getting in the way. It would be nice to be able to find out some more about the cabinet but info seems to be pretty scarce.
  8. Can someone please tell me what board is a direct swap for a IPM Invader game board. I think I have game board issues and figure replacing it with a known working board will be the easiest option for me.
  9. Finally got it just about finished. Still need to paint around the monitor (that was forgot), clean up wiring, make coin box and adjust glass clips. Glass also slightly undersized but fits just and not going to reorder more at $100. It has been lots of fun to do and the 60 in 1 with LCD was basic enough for a beginner and would recommend to anyone. Thinking about an upright cabinet as the next project but see how it goes. Probably should get the IPM invader sorted out if this is the going price though http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/werribee/other-video-games-consoles/collecters-item-original-space-invaders-machine-retro-ex-buy/1021344576
  10. Miles has been trying to start something all game and then someone finally reacts and he gets OWNED.
  11. I know a bloke that is looking for a 60 in 1 cocktail. I asked him what style but he didnt know he just wanted something reliable and doesnt have an issue with LCD. Can someone please suggest something in Brisbane/Ipswich that is under $1000 new would be preferred.
  12. Thanks for the feedback. Got clear 5mm toughened. Cost me $100 hope I didnt get ripped.
  13. The 1 in 12 days story is cr*ap. This stat includes Australians living in Bali and not just tourists kind of like saying 1 Kiwi dies each day in Australia. Probably mostly die of old age as heaps of people retire over there. Totally different story if it was "1 Australian Tourist Dies Every 12 Days". The thing I felt the most unsafe about was p*ssed Aussies. In my opinion Bali feels a lot safer than Thailand.
  14. One of the places I went into had consoles setup at the back and you could "test" the game before you bought it. I only "noticed" WII & PC/Software when I was there but imagine you could get whatever and that was about 3 years ago.
  15. I need to purchase a piece of glass for my cocktail cab restore. I called G James glass at Riverview Qld and got a quote on safety glass with a radius in the corner and edges. Does it need to be tinted or anything else or just safety glass. What thickness is recommended. Also should I paint the top of my table (under the glass) Matt Black or Gloss Black.
  16. I am on the look out for a coin box if someone has one spare. Dimensions of the hole is 90mm x 115mm. I have pictures of my restore here .
  17. Legs back on last night. Now to move it inside for wiring up as getting too cold in the shed. I am also on the look out for a coin box if someone has one spare. Dimensions of the hole is 90mm x 115mm.
  18. I have been meaning to start this tread for a few days but bloody PSU went in PC so been trying to fix. This is my first so please be gentle and no comments about the purple and messy workbench.:o As some of you may have seen I purchased a EIKOKU SPACE-AGENT from Ebay and this is how it looked. First thing was repairing the top as the ply had separated and split and was falling off the hinges. After lots of glue and clamping it is now back solid again. Next was the legs. I thought about sanding and painting myself but I got the sandblasted and powder coated for $40 so I wasnt going to waste my time Now onto the control panel while waiting for the legs. This is how they started. After a lot of thought I decided to keep the original decals and not paint over them even they do look pretty dodgy but I wanted to keep some of he originality about the machine. The decision was based on the fact I can paint them down the track if it annoys me. Also putting round buttons into square hole proved a challenge. After consultation with some guys at work it was decided to modify the holes and again maybe in the future put large washers behind the buttons to try and cover the gaps left from the square holes. I also managed to get the spacing a little better than the pictures show on the red buttons. And here is the final product. The legs have been finished now all nice and shiny. Now onto the cabinet. After some help from Dave to remove the old monitor and reading on one of the thread here I bogged up the holes and missing laminate to make it smooth. There was lots more done but I must of only took one pic. Also on advice from the Aussie Arcade forum I decided to use woodgrain contact from the craft section at Bunnings as laminate was too expensive and this stuff is $3.50 a roll and I only need 2. Also I found more contact called blackboard which I am using for the bottom. Others may disagree but I think it is more than an adequate substitute and you have to look close and have the right light to notice the bubbles. I will be using it again. And this i where I am up to. 1 side completed with all woodgrain contact on and 3 sides to go off the black. Next step will be to put the legs back on. The wire up buttons, joysticks and power. Work out how to/best way to mount the LCD. Then finally buy the glass.
  19. I have taken a few pics as I have gone along just gotta post them. I will probably start a restore thread over the weekend but I have been hesitating a little as I am going to put in an LCD and I guess a lot of you guys will probably be horrified with that. I gave the PCB and monitor away this afternoon so sorry its gone.
  20. [ATTACH=CONFIG]50859[/ATTACH] Sorry started stripping already. Dropped legs off to the powder coaters today.
  21. Thanks for all of the valuable input. Looks like the problem will be solved with the help of daveb. I was actually blown away by the number of people that took the time to answer such a noob question.
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