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  1. Thanks all for a great arv/evening again. Another successful Houseball. Massive thanks to the hosts Jayson and Danielle for letting us take over your lovely house. Thanks also to @zanderzone @raysco @visualmagicfor the loan of machines. As usual a big thanks goes to the helpers. Without the helpers I would be even greyer (if thats even possible) then I am now. @FireFly Sarah for her scoring expertise. @Saber Travis as the IT / Matchplay master. @DAG Dave for bringing all the scoreboards, pens etc. Angela is playing role of secretary also. Results were A Division 1st Rusty 2nd Cranky Dave 3rd Callum (young guy first ever comp) 4th Replay Rob B Division 1st Anthony 2nd Sarah Equal 3rd and 4th Danielle and Mike We also drew the raffle last night with $60 raised for the end of year party. Cranky Dave took out the raffle. A nice little win of 50 LEDs for a $5 "investment". With everything that is happening at the moment I doubt there will be a Houseball in November unless someone wants to put there hand up and the date suits. With that in mind the last one for the year will be at Travis and Sarahs place. Date to be advised. This is always a popular even so it will be first in first served. It will be listed here first before taking it to Facebook if we need to make up numbers but I doubt we will.
  2. That sucks but thanks for letting me know. There are still spots available if anyone wanted to come along. This is what everyone is playing for.
  3. Can everyone please be reminded there will be no practise games on the comp machines.
  4. Another couple of machines moved in. Thanks @rayscoand @zanderzone for the loan. Williams Indiana Jones is arriving Friday and then just have to get the other GNR over.
  5. And this is why I asked the thread to be closed. You have had the final say.
  6. @Arcade King now we have found someone are you able to lock this one up?
  7. I was thinking of how to reply to the message above but you have done it perfectly for me. Soooooo as @visualmagichas said.
  8. Thanks @visualmagic for the loan of these two. Comp games will be Elvira Transformers AC/DC Robowars Gnr Iron maiden We have enough games now to have 6 dedicated comp games.
  9. As previously mentioned I will be running some raffles to help raise money for the Xmas Houseball. The prize is 50 of the below LEDs. Choose 50 from the one style. Tickets will be $2 each or 3 for $5. No limit on number of tickets purchased. Depending on number sold (cost needs to be covered) it will be drawn at this Houseball or the next. Tickets can be purchased at the event.
  10. I am looking for someone to take over organising Houseball for 2022. With working full time, my new pinball rental business and life in general its hard to find the time and energy for Houseball. I am still happy to help out with scoring etc and there are others in place that help out already (you would have to ask if they are still keen). It would be sad to see Houseball end so hopefully someone will put their hand up.
  11. Elvira Premium and Transformers LE have been added to the games list. Also if the interest is there we can make some T-shirt’s available. Price to be advised. We will have samples at Houseball.
  12. Its November Rain for me. Mid way through with the blue and the white.
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