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  1. Does anyone have a set of plastics for Theatre Of Magic they would be willing to sell? Thanks
  2. It’s a different story if you have a CPU capacitor pop. I had to send it to AMD. Apparently there is only one guy in Australia that repairs them.
  3. Thats Kev. Im not sure what his username is here but his business is Ipswich Jukebox Hire.
  4. I have been looking at the Oppo Reno8. No extra memory slot though.
  5. I am considering going from Apple to Android and I am hoping to get recommendations. Ease of data transfer is a high priority. I would also like dual sim and expandable memory. Help please 😁
  6. Just a few photos from yesterday. It was a great day/night. Thanks all for coming and well done to Gordon on the A division win and Jayson on the B division win.
  7. Just so you all know a few of my machines don’t have tilts. If you are seen sliding the machines on the shiny floor it will be an instant disqualification. Forward nudging (note nudge) is fine. I could install the tilts and set them tight but I don’t want to do that as no one enjoys them set this way.
  8. Game will be at this stage : TMNT Premium (Comp) Stranger Things Pro (Comp) Led Zeppelin Premium (Comp) Godzilla Pro (Comp) Star Trek Stern (Comp) Guns N Roses LE JJP (Comp) Avengers IQ Premium Trident Time Warp Rocky and Bullwinkle
  9. Selling on behalf of a mate. This is truly one for the collectors. It is a rare prototype machine with a plastic playfield Bally had plans on making but went back to wood as it was too expensive to make. It is a shame they didnt stay with it as there is no wear and the colours are so bright. It presents so well in beautiful original condition with everything looking like it just came off the production line. If you want any more pictures or want to come and inspect please let me know. Pickup from Bellbird Park Qld or can deliver local for a fee. Happy to work with interstate buyers also $7000
  10. Selling for someone else. No idea on value or if it is working. Can post at buyers expense but would prefer pickup from Bellbird Park Brisbane. How does $100 sound.
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