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  1. If you do get your hands on some wire, I would be so interested to see the process of making the wireforms. I imagine you're bending to an existing template wireform and TIG welding over the joins? If you could do a sneaky video that would be sweet! 😄 Max
  2. Woah nice! Hope you're well Scott. GLWS Max
  3. I think 20k+ is achievable for a full restore CV
  4. Are you just talking about people who aim to solely make a profit from poor quality restoration? Is this extremely common? Plenty of people restore their own machines because they enjoy it, and naturally the average buyer will pay more for a machine that looks good. I don't really see this as manifestly dishonest, unless there is some sort of claim that the 'garage restoration' is showroom quality and 'as new'. The high quality restorations will still command a higher premium which discerning buyers may be willing to pay. Doesn't mean the 'garage' resto is worth nothing.
  5. IJ Restoration Progress Apologies for adding to this monstrous thread, I'll probably split off future restores to separate threads as this one will soon get too big. Anyway, made some more good progress on the IJ playfield. I took a punt and ordered an overlay from PinballCenter as I would need to use a decal to fix Dr. Jones' shirt, which had suffered some flipper drag and a nasty touch-up. I was very reluctant to use the overlay, so my plan was in fact to cut out what I needed and ditch the rest, for fear of an imprecise fit on the playfield. The following issues presented themselves: 1. I'm not as good with a scalpel knife as I thought - there's no way I'll get accurate cuts if I try to salvage bits and pieces 2. These insert decals had white outlines, so replacing one meant replacing all for continuity's sake 3. The colour accuracy (especially the skin colour) on the decal was suboptimal, so I couldn't use bits and pieces of the decal without a distracting colour difference. 4. The decal was thicker than I thought. I'm hoping the clear coat will level it out, however I wasn't planning for as thick of a coat as I will end up needing. All of this considered, I decided to take a punt and apply the decal whole, after sealing the playfield underneath with one coat of clear. Application was sweet and the fit was fine. I then used the Darksoul KBS Diamond Clear method to roll on 2 coats over the decal (I will likely apply two more coats), thinned to 20% with solvent thinner. I won't go on about method since it has been documented elsewhere but am happy to elaborate if anyone is interested. A couple of things that I found: - I had read that the clear coat can affect the decal, so I did a sample on a bit of decal off-cut before proceeding and didn't have any issues. - The coating didn't go on as evenly or as thick as I had expected, it even looked like it left gaps where it went on too thin, but I figure better to go slow. - I used a high density foam roller (100 or 160mm) - I thinned to 20% to avoid solvent boil/bubbles during curing - I applied hardly any pressure during rolling and tried not to over-roll And.... we are at a point where the playfield is starting to look more 'alive'. It's a hundred times better than what I began with so I've got to be happy with that. Two more coats of clear before playfield reassembly. Hopefully the next update will be a finished machine. Also picked up a Pin2DMD from @Wiseold which will hopefully make this pop! Never had one before so looking forward to it. Decal applied on top of clear coat: After 2 coats of KBS (still wet):
  6. Machine is now sold. Thanks everyone for your messages. Max
  7. Great looking result on the playfield. I take it your clear coated yourself? Did you roll it or spray? Looks super smooth.
  8. Thanks Luke Will have a look at that today. Much appreciated!
  9. Got a PM saying link for pics wasn't working. Should be able to see pics below. Thanks for the PMs so far :)
  10. Hi AA Selling my Stern Family Guy because it doesn't get much use anymore. $5700 I imported this machine from Italy some years ago. Playfield: - Has been stripped, cleaned and decal repair was made on the "PINBALL" inserts. You can see this is slightly mis-sized but looks much better than before. - Has Makrolon playfield protector fitted - Around half of the playfield plastics replaced with new ones - Pinball Life Stewie Pinball decal mod added - Newton Ball assembly replaced - Beer can decal replaced - LEDs installed throughout - LED DMD missing approximately 10 dots, however no full lines so it isn't too distracting. Cabinet: - Some nicks and scratches, you can see these in the photos. Faults: - Occasionally, a switch fires when it isn't supposed to. I haven't checked which one it is and what's causing it. I've adjusted price to allow for this. - There are a couple of LEDs out - Slightly sticky flipper on upper playfield that needs some fine tuning. So not a perfect machine but it's cleaned up very nicely and the price is lower than usual for this title I think. Located in Eastern suburbs of Sydney. Photos: https://s989.photobucket.com/user/ma...?sort=3&page=1 Cheers, Max
  11. Hi all Need to get rid of an old Jackpot led box. Doesn't come with the original link as it isn't legal to keep those - but all electronics still inside otherwise. Sold as is :) $30 Pickup Darlinghurst Sydney Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Do you know how old it is? Nightlife usually use a media player (might be built-in on this one) that is controlled remotely by them. However not sure if their fees are for licencing of music or the actual software. Chances are, the older it is, the better chance you have of having no software issues. I would say pre-2010 you won't have any problems. Max EDIT: you obviously won't be able to update it with new music from them, unless there is a way to manually load files (I don't know about them)
  13. No innuendo intended in title 😂. I remember when Whoa Nellie got made by stern a few years back and had a hard time selling. I seem to remember resale market not being strong, but haven't seen one for sale in ages. Does anyone know how many of these came into Aus?
  14. Great looking game for a fair price. Good luck with the sale :)
  15. Another big day in the 'workshop' So.... painting..... I started with the easy stuff. I took light boards out, and shone a light from underneath to see how damaged the inserts were around the edges. I gave the edges of the inserts a slight sand with 1200 dry, and then touched them up with a fine brush and black acrylic paint. After having tried out my airbrush yesterday, I thought I'd just give it a shot today on the playfield. Against popular opinion, I thought $70 for a roll of frisket contact film was a bit rich. It's supposed to be like a really low tack book covering. So, I went out and bought the cheapest contact paper I could find from officeworks. It had terrible reviews for not being sticky enough. Perfect. I went ahead and laid down small sections, then spent an hour or so cutting with a fine blade around the areas to be painted, then removing sections of the contact where I wanted the paint to adhere to the playfield. I focussed on the yellow sun-rays that had the terrible ball-swirls. The yellow I had was a little bit too cool for rays of the sun, so I tried adding a drop of red to 50 drops of yellow, and it came out WAY too dark. I laid down a base of that anyway since I had it, and I could lay lighter paint over it later. I then decided to take @Boof Head 's advice and compare my dried paint to the original colour. I achieved this by adding pure yellow when my dark colour was almost depleted, letting just the residual red colour the sunburnt yellow I was going for. It looked good. I added a drop of white to add some shine. I misjudged how much paint was actually needed, and I had to refill a few times to get a good cover. I then realised I didn't have a heat gun to set it. Dammit. It's going to have to be a hairdryer at point-blank range. I pulled up the masking and frisket VERY carefully, and got a pretty clean edge. I could clean it up with a straight edge and a scalpel blade afterward. NICE! That looks great. Issues: - The paint is a little soft, so I'll let it cure for a while and maybe hit it with a heat gun later. - There is a small raised edge where the paint ends. I'm hoping I wont damage the finish by sanding this before a clear coat? Especially if the paint doesn't feel that hard. On the whole, I'm pretty happy. I've got a few more issues to face: - I'm not sure how to go about the orange rays. They are silk-screened tiny dots forming a gradient. Unless I design a decal and have it made, which could cause issues come clear coat, I won't be able to achieve that effect. So, I can either change the colour of the rays and do a solid gradient, make a decal, or I can leave it alone and be happy with what I've achieved. The latter is looking very attractive at the moment. - Indy's shirt needs help. Same little dots issues. I recall @FLEX did a good job of his with a decal that he cut out, and it didn't react badly with the clear coat either. - Shooter lane will get a coat of paint, I tried using a rotary tool with a sanding bit to try to get the swirls out but they are DEEP. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to getting this playfield finished. This is going to be a repair and protect, not a full restore. A semi-restore if you like 😆 --- Max
  16. Cheers Alex! I'm using the standard opaques kit. I considered wicked colours, however a lot of that range is transparent and I wanted to go for opaques to start with. Adhesion issues are definitely something I'm looking to avoid Max
  17. Thanks Jeff Yep that's my backup. I'm keen to get my hands dirty and give it a go, (especially since it won't require full bottom-side disassembly 😮) but if I've bitten off too much, I can send it somewhere. Might get in touch for some rails for this one if you're doing them. Cheers
  18. Have made some good progress over the past week. Top of playfield stripped and cleaned: Pulled off a huge piece of mylar with the hairdryer. Was sweating blood doing this. Came off clean!! Mid-week, my airbrush arrived. I wasn't too keen for this part as there's limited information out there. Came up with the idea I should practise a little before the real thing. I figured the plane was looking pretty crappy, so discoloured and had been glued up. Why not see if I can clean it up instead of buying new ones (especially with the state of the AUD - ouch!) Turned out pretty well, and learned how to handle the airbrush: steadily! I can always replace the planes later on, but I'm happy with this for now. For those who are curious, I'm using createx airbrush paints - straight in the airbrush with no thinner. They're expensive but they're all I read about on Pinside so that's what we're going with for the first one. I'll experiment with other paints and thinners in the future. I also roughed up that hole and filled it in with some builder's bog. I read about some other putty products however I've got experience with bog so I'll see how it holds. The area behind the drop target bank was pretty chipped up, so I'm rebuilding that too. Next step - paint.
  19. Well, it's been a little while out of the game for me. With the bar I've been working hard at closed thanks to the virus, getting back into a regular sleep schedule has got me right back into this hobby. Hopefully, with that, getting a bit closer to the dream pinball cave. For anyone who still had hope for the Stern Family Guy I was doing, it stayed disassembled for almost 2 years 🤣but it's back together and looking sharp. I'll post an update for it. Next one: Indiana Jones! I'll be honest, this was not the best buying on my part. I'd always wanted one of these so I sort of ignored the condition. Not a brilliant idea since the price wasn't all that great. Oh well. Cabinet could frankly be a lot worse, not sure how much I'll do to it yet. Playfield is where most of the time and energy will go. The following issues are most evident: - It's filthy (obviously) - A big hole (wtf?) next to Marion's head - Really bad ball swirls. Nothing will get them out. - Mild flipper drag over Indy's torso - Big patch of factory mylar - Early-ish signs of planking I deliberated for a couple of days about what to do. Most of my touchups, I do by hand. I usually put playfield protectors over the machines to protect the touch-ups. Unfortunately this wasn't a candidate for either of those. The damage was too widespread. The only option is airbrush the large damage areas and clear coat. Having never done either of those things, I am rather nervous. But hey you have to learn somehow. Before I could talk myself out of it, I went online and bought all of the materials. There's no turning back now I'll keep this updated. - Max
  20. Wow, sounds like you've been in the wars mate. Hope recovery is speedy for ya Rob. Max
  21. Hi folks Looking for an old playfield to practise repairs on. Preferably 90s Bally/Williams. Sydney only for the moment please :) Cheers Max
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