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  1. There's one for $8500 in Melbourne,not cheap though
  2. True to the last comment,I haven't posted much on aa so I just wanted some people's thoughts which have been great. I've got enough great pins now so another pin isn't as exciting anymore plus finding a good price game is long gone. Guess I gotta go see ryza and play some AC DC prem and dialled in to make a decision. Thanks for your comments to all aa members.
  3. Just asking for people s thoughts if AC DC prem or go for a dialled in pin?
  4. Yes will be interesting to see how this auction goes
  5. Hi just asking if there is an eight ball deluxe for sale. Thankyou M
  6. This is a very good post with lots of different input,I haven't posted on as for a long time but still read. If it's just pinball that is stale don't be too hard on yourself ,it's just a hobby but if you aren't getting any enjoyment out of other things in your life that's a more serious situation. Identifying what triggers your emotions etc fun ,enjoyment,boredom will assist with what's going on. Ask your friends and wife to see if they notice any difference in your state of mind or behaviour. If it's just pinball don't stress but if it's loss of interest in all other things It may need a little more investigating. Don't be too hard on yourself though. We all take time to regroup and repair. Medication isn't the be all end all as brains all react differently to the meds, when it becomes serious it's a combination of exercise,healthy eating,mindfulness, medication, counseling,therapy or what you want to call it . Hope your feeling ok today Smithy.
  7. Oh man I need a slayer pinball .
  8. My 2 cents if you like the theme id say walking dead,so hard to master and still has the one more game feel to it. It's been out a while now and still gets thumbs up - - - Updated - - - Walking dead pro,as I'm an average player I don't see a massive difference between pro and prem
  9. Could only see them in Melbourne,wasn't a very loud festival,had to see slayer as I've been listening to them for 30 years.
  10. Music wise I like later Beatles albums when they concentrated in the studio from burning out of touring. This era of the Beatles for the pin is very specific.is the game play good?
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