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  1. point cook? nearly walking distance lol.....want me to come by and do it for you?
  2. most of the covid buyers i know now have since bought a second or third game. I dont see it crashing. At worst they will do what all the small owners do when the novelty wears off, leave them sitting in the corner for years.
  3. is it too late to take it back?
  4. https://www.australamusements.com.au/party-supply-shop/ball-shooter-housing-white-beehive-4a-115-w/
  5. has it got williams code on it? i saw there was this mod out there as well that broke the mini pf lighting -https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/announce-jungle-lord-new-tricks-home-rom#post-4729260
  6. you might get lucky if you swap z2 with z3. only half of z3 is used
  7. never seen this game but its maybe going to behave if you switch back to lamps not LED? (guess)
  8. you might want to post it somewhere more accessible @63wizz - many are banned from that group.
  9. never know, maybe ken still owns it and hes talking about the same one? ( edit - 15 june 2013. i even found the pics on fb. https://www.facebook.com/pinballmachinesaustralia/photos/a.569304886455797/569306229788996 search "gtb striker project" finds it it if the pic link doesnt work
  10. true story. i remember it ..
  11. hardly ever. no ones parting out games now. have a talk to this guy he does a good repro https://www.instagram.com/p/Bi08NyVFQMd/
  12. you could try https://jukeboxrepairsaustralia.com.au/ kenny.
  13. there was kangaroos .. and banjo music.
  14. 99% sure it did. its now in a happy home in outer melbourne if its the one im thinking.
  15. have you asked American Pinball guys? they're good for service once you get their attention
  16. 99% sure i have some. send me a pic yeah. No DE left here so i cant compare them easily
  17. the 28.5 ones with the weird kinda more rounded rib right?
  18. think you will find this is not quake news .. it was the wind the other day that toppled these
  19. i've never seen that thing before ? you probably buy them from where you got the picture from? It looks like 12V auto stuff? Current will be closer to 2A than 15A. Are you sure you know what you're doing enough to do it safely? you dont 'like' screws? ....why?
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