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  1. if only we knew someone with a printer 😆
  2. its watermarked flippers.com does john have one? -- nm i looked .. hes got repro stickers. buy one and use the art to have it made by your favorite local graphics nerd or sign guy
  3. good luck. not many 50s games around now.
  4. free tip.. they're 99% the same as early tube radios.. go school up about how to recap those and you'll learn more than searching jukebox stuff.
  5. hes as bad with email as i am with phones. ring him up.
  6. LEG-31CA even pbr is out of stock. not sure if they were originally shiny but cleaning up and painting rusty ones the color of the coin door works well
  7. you cant post playfields they're too long for aus post
  8. fun hobby but its not a viable business. mostly because of what would happen when a customer get the labour bill for $3850 to repair a $600 board.
  9. of course its not .. its not a retail item its a commerical spare part.. its always fun finding a better way thats why i showed you mouser.. dont be upset its just how it is.. intl freight cost $$
  10. thats just what commerical freight costs.. conversely tightass's are also always gonna tightass so play nice its just how it is. same people who want it sent in a birthday card will also raise a paypal claim for it and say it wasnt received when its a day late.. its not viable business. just be happy they will ship to us at all ..we're little more than pests to them usually spending less than they tip the door guy.
  11. mouser doesnt have an moq.. he will choke on the freight bill though still so its all academic really
  12. itll be in the service manual. Do you have that?
  13. then after you're done abusing your tools you get to fix the bend in whatever the locks mounted it.. no thanks but good luck if you do it that way.
  14. new locks are a couple dollars just drill it
  15. this happens to us light theme users when people use white instead of auto on the dark theme.
  16. the original switches failed becuase they were under spec and junk anyway .. buy better ones
  17. keep in mind the machine has coil test and switch test modes for a reason. you can diagnose exactly whats registering in there. The manual will tell you have to find them ( push the button inside the coin door several times basically). this bits not accurate to your fault but its an example 0001 is 1 and 0011 is 3 if you have a broken line 00-0 then you get 1 when you send 1 and 1 again when you send 3. causing "this makes that ...when it should make this"
  18. you could take the shotgun approach or just look at the schematics and work out the pin it will be and start there. you stop when you get rid of the alkaline damaged pins ( and the fault) you might well end up changing all the headers on the boards first as well as the pins in the plugs. its several hours work when you do it all day .. big job if its your first time but its a good place to start if you want to learn to work on them.. enjoy
  19. repin it. or take it to someone who can. the data bus is missing a line
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