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Community Answers

  1. you can make them, you just cant sell them. Just pay your preferred signwriter/painter/spraycanattendant to paint it for you and they will be able to make them for the job. Its selling the stencils themselves as a product that causes the issue not making them.
  2. he certainly does... but lilyfield isnt in melbourne. give him a call he might know someone in nsw - https://jukeboxrepairsaustralia.com.au
  3. its nothing special its just toughened glass, polished corners and no bug. type 'glazier stawell' into google and pick one. Tell them you want it for the top of a furniture project
  4. thats about it really.. they're not magic. i havent used my tumbler since i got the ultrasonic and a buffer.
  5. converting it back to an evel k could be a better plan?
  6. try this one @Rich https://mektronics.com.au/products/hakko-fr301-43-portable-desoldering-gun
  7. once you use the good stuff like pace or even weller, hakko etc. its very hard to go back to Chinese toys, but they're certainly overkill for hobby work. anything will work if you keep it clean. even a sucker bulb. my favorite isnt the pace i use.. thats a cranky prick of a thing that eats tips. i really liked this until i destroyed it in an accident.. https://www.tme.com/au/en/details/dn-sc7000/desoldering-stations/denon/dn-sc7000z/ jaycar is a junk shop now . the good stuff is here https://mektronics.com.au/collections/soldering-rework
  8. 5 mins might not be enough lol .. what suburb do you live in
  9. potato potatoe.. it will be missing because a bridge shorted and it melted. its about a $300-400 part now retail if you can find one.. hopefully someone has a head with one in it they dont have a game for
  10. cool itll be 1.6mm. easy to buy sheets of that if you change your mind on the current options
  11. i meant the actual holes. but it doesnt matter now if you're happy with the mesh..
  12. be one of the top two i think ... measure the holes https://www.a1metalmeshscreens.com/product/perforated-steel/
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