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Community Answers

  1. its probably a knocker replacement ( the bell would make a nicer sound)
  2. it would be cheaper to buy a ZIF socket and put it in the normal rom socket
  3. the "bally" ones look like classic stern glenn ( light grey)? the other two arent a pair.. ones a sys11 one im not sure.
  4. the transformer is a stepdown.. its likely to be an American import with 60hz 110v transformers. it will work reasonably but the proper way is to have the power switch and a fuse at the input side. ( otherwise the stepdown is always energised) the wire will work but its fairly ugly. as others have said it would usually be braid. the seller was too cheap to even give you leg plates.. terrible effort. https://www.pinballspareparts.com.au/01-9296.html <- here they are.
  5. happy birthday to you. hope the birthday fairy brings you a queue of cheap projects
  6. put washers under either the top or the bottom mounts to give the angle a slight change and see what happens
  7. not sure if its an issue with these or not but is it being precious about the exact angle its mounted on?
  8. i have had to pull the switches apart and use the levers off the old switches in this situation before.. i had new chinese ones that were not quite the same angles in the first bit where it leaves the switch body and curves around (thinking about this more.. from memory it didnt work well either. I think i ended up buying better switches (cherry)
  9. ben at rad amusements does these.. be aware its not a free service.
  10. yep same one. it sold for about what it was worth untested. theres about 4 people in the country who would really use it and they're all capable of making one.
  11. and is this the same one kev sold at lloyds last year?
  12. those are cool.. whats the price?
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