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  1. you could remap the coin via mame to combo buttons or go to Jaycar and get a momentary button they have heaps of styles
  2. Faark! nice scores! what are your settings ? easy and 3 lives? I struggle for 500k on a great day
  3. I'm sure I read something in the old xxxxin1 forum ages ago about a shadow program ? maybe ??? I had the same problem and found a small paragraph about it. I left it for to long before I got back to try and mod the xxxxin1 and by then the site shutdown. I haven't touch the box since. I'd be interested in this fix too as i have no clue how to make the changes. maybe check the boot ini for clues? just a random thought :unsure
  4. You have to get a Pin straightener.... Ozstick are out of stock/ sold out Hummmm...That looks Sus! :blink: lol
  5. for the 3 sided cocktail you'll need 4x controls and 20 buttons + any frontend command buttons (maybe 3 smaller sized buttons) so from the above link u are up for about $200. An IPAC4 , 4x controls and 20 buttons + any frontend command buttons, would cost close to the same. 1 Ipac4 would be way easier to map than the other option. I would love to hear from anyone who has a 3 sided HDD image with save high score i would grab that in a flash and Build one myself. Good luck on the build Dumpstar, would luv to see the progress pics
  6. I seen this Video and thought it might be good to use the tablets touch screen for the bet and play..etc if you build a pokie or use an existing mame machine the vid shows a way to use the tablet as a second screen... he does fart ass about abit but gets there in the end
  7. Thanks for the great Comp Dave :) Had a real fun night! Transporter didn't like me as you can see in the pic lol
  8. Put me and Robert down please Dave, your shed rocks!! Cheers Rocco
  9. There's so many fun little accident tricks in this game... I've trapped a critter in a apple and clear the screen nearly all black and bounced the ball around for fun. also a letter gets trapped exiting the top or has a apple eating glitch and all the critters freeze and you can do what you want, like make heaps of roses :) Learning to hedge (a term we coined stopping between the cherry's or the end of the hedge) is a huge advantage. Also squatting on apples is a must to learn in higher levels
  10. Yep TAITO version is the one. I knew this trick back in the 80's and we'd play all day.. sometime just get up and walk away and the shop owner would look confused as the machine keep singing the death tune hahaha The funny thing is we have tested 6 lives easy settings and the game seems to start off easy but the diggers are in full force early... the scores seem to average out the same 450k ish So our standard is 3 lives to start.
  11. I'm a Massive Fan of Mr Do too!! Me and a mate do the same thing when ever we catch up My best is 540k an my mate is 500k so we are evenly matched... that makes is fun trying to get the hi score. This game tests your quick thinking that's for sure. There is a Version that has a 255 lives bug , we don't play that one.
  12. Anyone still seeding this? I'm at 90% and its stopped thanks if you can help :)
  13. oh well no one is seeding missed out :( its a nice set! with the mk5 and mk6's
  14. Pixels movie - Pacmans on the attack!! gonna watch it for a laugh :lol
  15. googled this... If you muck up your game keys and want to reset them to default then open the C:\Mame\Cfg folder and delete the relevant .cfg file for the game. If for some insane reason you change the default MAME keys and can't get back into the in-game menu then you will need to delete the default.cfg file from the same folder as before. Ive had to do this before, just delete all game configs except the default one hope that enough to fix it. :) - - - Updated - - - also is it a just a keyboard control he is using? or via i-pac or xarcade stick ... etc
  16. was thinking the same... what are the other 90ish roms? it took me ages to do the shortcuts and sreenshots for the last lot! lol
  17. Thanks for sharing and the experimenting guys :) this is coming along nicely!
  18. Put the Game shortcut in the windows start up folder.. and it will auto start when you start your pc. and an I-pac keyboard encoder to map your joystick and buttons.
  19. Not a standard xxxx in1,, but a imaged and modified Hard drive it would be possible. But i wouldn't go there unless you do a shit load of research and know what your doing. Once was a site called xxxx-in-1.com that would have helped. but it shut down :(
  20. I like the idea a lot!! this guy had a machine for sale on Ebay for $900 I watched his video on how it works and was impressed.
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