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  1. yeah the 4th ep was trippy lol
  2. Anyone watch Mr Robot? The hideout is a defunct Arcade. It's not a bad show about hackers! :cool:
  3. If you have to open the door to add credits you may just want to add the keyboard to the game board and press 5 or 6 on the keyboard for credits ...same same really
  4. check the Black wire to the harness as all the switches can't be faulty that could be the culprit .
  5. have you any pics of the coin door/ credit button. I'd be looking at the coin switch first to see if you have a loose wire or faulty button. then check if the credit wires register a credit by touching together. then work backwards to the harness for dodgy wiring and then the dip switches.
  6. the game box has a usb or ps/2 keyboard port you can - 1.turn off machine then plug in a keyboard . 2.turn on machine and go through usual steps to select a game you want to play. 3.when your in the game and its showing the demo/ insert coin screen. press 5 or 6 on your keyboard as they are the keys assign to the credits. Getting the machine credit button fixed in the long run would be far better that the method above. hope that helps as a temporary measure.
  7. pic please of cabinet and the inside door area and the game box. we'll help you if we can see the problem.
  8. Hi Command, I've been chasing the 3side cocktail image any chance you have that available. glad your back on :) cheers Rocco
  9. Here is a vid of my Future Pinball with PS3 Cam for head tracking.. hand to play with 1 hand and its shaky soz I also have Visual Pinball on this cab I'm not to sure if anyone built a Cab with a 3D tv playfield?? yet to see one anyway
  10. You can't beat the real deal For the price of a Virtual Pin you can buy a real Pin and maybe trade it every so often for variety. But i gotta say building a VPin is a fantastic,fun and rewarding experience.. Do It!! Mine doesn't have what BananaBoats has and it cost me over $3k
  11. It's pretty easy if you have IT knowledge... you'll breeze it :cool: here is the Bam site http://www.ravarcade.pl/?en_movies,33 just download future pinball and future DMD and pinballX as your front end :)from http://www.vpforums.org/ and the tables from http://www.pinsimdb.org/pinball/index-10-future_pinball P.s you can also have Visual Pinball as well, so the best of both worlds !
  12. You can check out BAM + future Pinball that what i have on my cab. Its a little deceiving as it doesn't look as it does on the video unless you close 1 eye then the view is like the video lol it uses head tracking and it's very impressive. Also BAM has a Anaglyph Stereo 3D mode To use Stereo 3D, you only need glasses with red / cyan filter, The feel of 3D is great but you lose alot of the bright colours looking through the red and cyan glasses.
  13. When i saw the price i automatically thought it had a Raspberry Pi / game Pi inside as well. That might be something your box controller can evolve to then that price range would be reasonable.
  14. As you see, I researched too and these are over priced and that is my belief. Box controllers with art and two players are still way cheaper. An improvement to your box in my opinion is the price.
  15. it strangely looks like these selling on Ebay & gumtree for $300 (cough, cough..ripoff) http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/auburn/console-accessories/arcade-joystick-pc-usb-acrylic-black-gloss-with-8-buttons/1083019037 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Brand-New-Arcade-Joystick-PC-USB-PS2-PS3-Acrylic-Black-Gloss-With-8-Buttons-/221816928882?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item33a551ba72
  16. yep it is. but you seem to go from left to right like a drunk driver swerving swordfight
  17. Hey Phil if your not to fussy and want a cheap Mame cab this might be up your ally... I wouldn't go passed $300ish you could prob get better. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Mame-arcade-hyperspin-machine-cabinet-/301674092863?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item463d2d593f
  18. A few Machines in Ebay Vic area at the moment under $500 worth a check. project/ Mame working
  19. I just saw an advert for Tuesday's A Current Affairs about Claw Redemption machines ... Are they Rigged!! was the description. hahaha...gonna watch that tomorrow.
  20. LOL so do what the old biddies do at the club... wait till someone loses heaps then jump on the machine
  21. This guy states that he thinks it's Due... ? So skill has nothing to do with it until it's ready to pay? Is that how it really works? :x
  22. Played one of these on the P&O cruise ship that had $1000, $500 and IPads as prizes and i swear the tolerances were 1mm. also this one at the local club was difficult but not as impossible. What's your thoughts on these Games? :unsure here is a youtube of someone winning
  23. that size LCD is great for a Digital Pin DMD
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