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  1. I have converted my3 sided xxxx in one and put in a pc many years ago. As it's at moms for the Kids i don't have full access to it now. I recall from memory it was a lot of work. Made a folder with vertical games and change the settings to display vertical flip via the mame Tab . This is where i also set the vertical buttons and joysticks as new unused keys different to the horizontal buttons. So in the Front End ( Maximus) i could select Horizontal games - and only the horizontal games would appear for the side to side play. If i chose vertical games list they would be vertical opposite flip games. I used the existing jamma harness wiring to the buttons & joysticks and just soldered a finger board wires to the Ipac . I did also add extra 4 small buttons for the the Maximus front end menu and exits and pauses and shutdowns.. etc. Wish i could help more but that's all i can remember as it was 5+ years ago.
  2. mystico


    I think OzStick have them.Croydon South, VIC 3136 He's lucky I don't hold grudges. My shipping sucked!
  3. Awesome project Adam, you do great work! watching this Thread everyday!
  4. Thanks Mattman, I was good to meet you. Thread is Closed
  5. Selling this as it's just been stored and not doing anything with it. it needs new locks, and does turn on and monitor works. comes with a Nichibutsu Moon Base 3 layer board it has a electrical smell coming from inside. pick up Northside Brisbane only https://www.aussiearcade.com/showthread.php/82503-Pick-up-this-clean-Cocktai-with-a-l-Nichibutsu-3-Layer-Board-6
  6. Hi Adam,I had one of those boards but it gave me the shits and i sold it. the closest i found to a manual back then was GameBox 450 Manual
  7. here is one I posted a while back http://www.aussiearcade.com/showthread.php/82503-Pick-up-this-clean-Cocktai-with-a-l-Nichibutsu-3-Layer-Board-6
  8. Nice clean Table not working I'm guessing its a Nichibutsu Moon Base 3 layer Can't find much about it ,,,, thought i'd share
  9. 2 thumbs up on the Cabinet Adam! great work and quickly completed Nice!
  10. Shit you been busy since we last spoke!! going very nicely :) Great work!
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