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  1. Good times! We're getting old man @RedneckV2 .
  2. I'm happy if they go to somewhere that helps keep the hobby alive and these boards working, espcially for arcades. Maybe pay it forward to others.:)
  3. I'll post some pics up later but Trav is right. Wow, it looks brilliant! Great job and much thanks.
  4. Thanks for posting this. Going to give it a go.
  5. Hey mate. Can you add some photos? Keen on this.
  6. You can buy them here ( https://www.escapepodonline.com/products/tmnt-bartop-kit ) but they're expensive. I can photoshop you some.
  7. Hi all, I have two Lenovo 220 Tablet laptops for sale for $450 each with the following features :- Lenovo X220T Tablet Laptop in near new condition (excellent condition, some very minor marks, no damage). The computer specs: Intel Core i7-2620m 12.5? High Definition Multi-touch Screen 8GB DDR3 Memory (2 DIMM) 128GB Solid State Drive Inbuilt 720p HD Camera Inbuilt WWAN 3G Windows 7 (reinstalled fresh, as new out of box) Stylus Charger Any questions please PM.
  8. The US side art was smaller than the whole side of a LAI cab and the CPO was slightly larger than LAI.
  9. Hi, I have found some arcade artwork while unpacking that I collected years back. Could be of use to someone restoring/making a cab. Items are: Control Panels with CPOs: TMNT control panel. Steel (I got it cut new) and a cut down US overlay. $80 SOLD US Mortal Kombat 2 Kit control panel. As new CPO graphics. $70 [ATTACH=CONFIG]69508[/ATTACH] Bezel Taito Space Invaders Part II (excellent condition, came off a SI2 cab I stripped for parts) $150 SOLD CPOs (I bought these from the states a fair few years back) Shinobi - $50 SOLD Sky Wolf - $50 Street Fighter 2 - $50 Double Dragon - $50 Mortal Kombat 2 - $50 Side Art Mortal Kombat 2 x 2 (Midway US) - $50 set Shinobi x 2 - $50 set SOLD Final Fight x 1 - $25 TMNT Credit Artwork - $50 Message me with any questions.:)
  10. Hi mate, Sent you a PM with the tracking number. It is still saying in transit even though lodged on the 01/05. - - - Updated - - - Sorry, inbox cleared.
  11. Hi guys, Apologies, I have been away for work and was slack with checking messages. PMs all replied to and some space made in the inbox. Cheers, Anthony.
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