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  1. What a bargain.score to whoever was lucky enough
  2. Selling my fathom mermaid edition spot for the original price and will donate $50 to AA from the sale
  3. completely understand your reason for selling your spot im thinking of doing the same so if anyone is interested in another one pm me
  4. Hey Johnny I missed your message sorry.Sammy atomiswave sold time crisis's 2 boards and gun cases still available at the minute if interested pm me.
  5. Looking to get 2/3 meters of 15 or 16mm T-moulding in any colour TIA
  6. Time for a garage cleanout so im selling all boards as untested Mca joysticks blue purple & yellow and half a black for $160-SOLD Time crisis 2 boards X2 $160 from memory where working but been sitting for years so selling as untested nonworking Time crisis 3 board marked nonworking $60 Sammy atomiswave extreme hunting $70 from memory was working but been sitting for years so selling as untested nonworking-SOLD Daytona 4 stack $140 from memory has graphics issues-SOLD 2 x sammy gun cases 1 $50 and 1 for $35 has a lot of scratches happy to post all items at buyer's expense
  7. Wanted to buy gottlieb system 3 auxiliary power supply board
  8. WTB Austin Powers Drive Belt - 120 Pin for the time machine part number 545-5967-01 IN AUS IF SOMEONE HAS ONE PLEASE
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