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  1. Hey, I have the same problem with my PC MB with the "No SIgnal" message coming across the screen. BTW I did have issues with my monitor and I had Joe from JOMAC in Perth repair the monitor chassis. It was pretty well FUBAR, and he repaired it $200? ATM I'm looking for a replacement PC MB. Do you have a spare Dell Optiplex 740 ?
  2. Thanks for the add! I'm searching and searching all over the interweb to located a manual for my IGT Players Choice 1994 Blue Moon. The machine lights up but monitor isn't working, tho I did get a white flash turning it off. Is it a monitor issue? if so, it's off to Jomac in Perth. But if it's anything else, please advise. Thanks in advance! Mick
  3. Hey, I'm looking for a manual for the Olympic Amusements Wild Card machine. ATM the machine is squeaking from the backroom alarm and no picture is coming on? I'm a noobie at this. Any help or advice will be appreciated! Thanks in advance
  4. Hi all, I'm new to this forum, I'm a long time collector and player with a house full of my childhood favourites machines. When I found this site, I was very excited by the enthusiasm shown by all keen arcade & pinball collectors around this great country of ours. I have a 1965 Williams Moulin Rogue pinball machine in pretty good condition, considering it's age, but the backglass has seen better days. Is there anyone that can point me in the direction of someone in Oz that can repair and reproduce these backglasses? The only drama is this backglass has a mirror section that lights up to show a picture - pretty advance for 1965 - so plastic repros aren't going to work. I did locate a bloke is the US but he won't post to Oz. Can any one help thanks Regards Mick And let me just say that the video arcade machine will rise again some day very soon my friends! I'm just waiting for the mothership to arrive[/i]
  5. Galaga CP & overlay? Hi mate, I'm new to this forum. Just saw your last post and noted the PCB has been sold, but what about the CP & overlay are they still available. Regards Mick
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