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  1. 55800 Sorry, messed up the initials...I always screw them up on the keyboard...wanted to submit it because I usually mess up the hammer toss
  2. 8190 Let's hope PacWhiz doesn't play...he'll blow us all away
  3. 88440 Had a little better luck getting 5K or 10K bonuses for time left on this one :)
  4. 47580 never really liked this one. Even after watching other people who know how to play, I can't seem to have any luck with it
  5. heh, I have 2 new kittens, both of which were climbing on me while doing the score in my last post...I think they were fascinated by all the moving stuff on the screen.
  6. 69080 Don't remember which level it was (6 or 7?), but got to the level where most of the notes were outside of the maze...that one's a tough one. edit: looks like it was level 9. Didn't realize I'd gotten that far ;)
  7. 109640 Made it to level 10...after level 9, the level counter in the red flag on the main building gets screwed up
  8. 41640 weird game...the creaters must've been some good stuff:lol
  9. it's not too bad until level 6 or 7...if you don't find the jet shoes right away, it's hard to outrun the guards.
  10. 82890 Yes! One of my favorite games. I have a PCB for this, so I've played it quite a bit...I'd have used it for this one, except my vertical cabinet I can play it in, the monitor is down.:realmad:
  11. they had a pretty good version of this one on the Atari 2600. I had this one growing up (and the sad DK port ;) ) I seem to remember it had pretty much the same 1st 2 levels (of 4 rooms each)
  12. heh, that cabinet is running Super Bagman :D (might have a multi kit that plays both)
  13. Was it 70K? You get 70K bonus after collecting a certain amount of gold stars (without dying). Not sure how many you need, never added it up ;)
  14. 301910 finally, after having a bunch of horrible starts (sometimes not even clearing round-01 without dying:rolleyes)...managed 2 70K bonuses.
  15. 83450 screwed up my initials...hit the button instead of using the joystick to advance :rolleyes
  16. 49600 didn't have any time to put in this one either...figured I'd get a few points at least ;)
  17. ok, so just fired this up for the first time. I'm using 106, I assume the screenshot with the settings is from 106 since it mentions 106 in the initial post. If I set it to 3 lives like it shows, I get 4:unsure So should I set it to 2 so I get 3?
  18. 17850 I'd love to find one of these cabs, but they're rarer than hen's teeth. I saw one for sale online not too long ago, but it was converted to something else.:cry
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