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  1. Good luck with the sale! I think it is very fair and would buy if I had the cash. Your dedicated Rygar is brilliant! Hope to do one the same one day.
  2. Hey all. As per title what do members think will be the games Haggis remake?
  3. Great games room! I for one still love the LAI cabs. This is what the arcades I played in looked like!...altho these days dedicated USA is DA shiznit.@garuda I spy a young long hair you and me in the back of the 4th photo.
  4. I also really enjoyed this! Keep up the great work patmanqc
  5. I visited his shop back in 2008 and he was a true gentleman. R.I.P Mark
  6. What a generous bloke you are for offering this up! Please don't dump but I understand if you do. Someone local pickup please! Cheers Mick
  7. I would pay 350 for a nice condition nw woodie. I don't rate sf bootlegs as you may as well use a pandoras box. Got any pics?
  8. On hold/ sold pending the logistics.
  9. Hi all! Selling my original USA DK cab. Imported 2 years ago through Jason at pinball classics (highly recommended). Cab is 110v all original except for tmoulding and I suspect the side art has been replaced. Machine works but after 30 mins ish pcb freezes so selling working with issue. Prefer local pickup and cash but I can wrap and palate for interstate if you organise. Bill is picking up the defender I listed 2 days ago in approximately 10 days so that is another option but again you organise. I paid $3500. Asking $2400
  10. On hold/ sold pending the logistics
  11. Hi All looking to sell my dedicated USA Defender cab. Imported 2.5 years ago with the help of Jason from Pinball Classics (highly recommended). So the honest lowdown. It turned up working but I couldn't get it to credit. I honestly didn't try to fix this and cab has sat unused since. Still wired to 110v I use an external stepdown that is not included. I don't have the interest in arcades anymore and am planning to sell off the majority of my stuff. This is the first. I turned it on today and screen works and it makes some sounds but not working. I believe it is a PCB fault. If you can fix PCB's or have a friend that can I believe this is a good deal. $1650 Preference for local pickup but I do have palates and will wrap well for interstate but buyer would have to arrange and pay for all costs and work around my limited availability.
  12. Very impressive! Must be up there with the best in the country.
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