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  1. All decals are now on and steering wheel is back from being leather covered to match the gear shifter I bought. Also received back the shifter cover from the electroplater today so now just waiting on the PCB repair to be complete and then we are all done.
  2. Welcome Clint. Hope you enjoy your pinball adventures!
  3. Spoke to Bruce at AMD he told me they were only allocated 20 LE's. I'm not sure if this includes those that went to Zax and Kids Just want to Have Fun.
  4. First decal on tonight. Here is a before and after shot Still need to trim it off but really happy with the results.
  5. I sometimes wonder if it is worth buying a used machine these days. Unless you want an 80's SS or EM prices for good DMD titles are only a few grand less than NIB Sterns.
  6. I think he is selling his indy - not pirates
  7. For future reference I have managed to identify 99.9% of the chips on this board. Here it it for anyone who needs it in the future.
  8. Many many happy returns Ali. Can't wait until we can all be together again to celebrate. Axe
  9. Yes - as well as Black Rose and Hook
  10. Hi If anyone knows of a Stern Pirates for sale please PM me. Thanks
  11. Is there a mobile app or is it now compatible with Tapatalk?
  12. Email from Narelle (Pinball Sales) on Monday saying shipment had been delayed in Sydney due to industrial action. Now due 14th Aug. So it def looks as though the container(s) were offloaded in Sydney and will be trucked to Melbourne.
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