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  1. Off Topic - couldnt resist...not a common spelling unless you live in scandanavia ...anyway , call it a free bump :)
  2. [quote=RMacauley;1226449 Oh who the F..K am I kidding I'd be as miserable as a Wallaby in a room full of All Blacks without a few medicinal ales :40s::40s::40s: Hope we catch up sometime this year ....watching the AB's and Wallabies :)
  3. @nich2pat Does your wife play at all? Serious question...might try and get the wifey to have a bash
  4. The trouble is I want to play but cant help myself to keep going and beat whoevers at the top LOL...Anyway I like the short format. I'm a tentative for now. :)
  5. It really depends what you want to do. Yee & Dave sum it up well. Have a mix. Aitutaki is a dream and very relaxing from all accounts. I plan to visit next year for the first time - my mothers birth place and where half the family are laid to rest (other half in Tahiti). All Pacific Islands do have their individual charm but as always get out of the main cities. All cities are the same - polluted, crowded and dirty (Rarotonga not nearly as bad). Meet the real people. Have a look at other accommodation not limited to resorts ie, Guest houses, beach huts run by families. You'll get the the real feel of the island and stuff you will never learn in the resort. Have a think about how many days in each - I would swap around if you like to chill. No matter what you do you'll enjoy both. You may find 9 nights a bit much as Yee said , but it depends what you're into.
  6. Even though Retrobriting is associated with consoles in general. I thought Id show my success with toolboxes - (mods feel free to move) Tanos make "Systainers" and are part of Festool tools where your tools are stored in these plastic boxes. Grossly overpriced (Systainer 3 is $119 - yes thats just for the box!) but once you have a few it becomes an addiction and the bonus is that everything is sorted. At the end of last year I picked up 5 old style systainers (old type with 4 latches, for $10 each - bargain. They were grubby and faded but put good use to them straight away. Fast forward to this week and the OCD got to me looking at them next to my pristine Festool Systainers, so I got my daughter to pick up some Colour Royale Creme Peroxide 40 1l. Gave them a clean with Daisio Magic eraser & Steel Wool 000 (I use this stuff for cleaning glass).And wrapped it in Gladwrap. The Safety Equipment systainer was the best of the bunch and I was going to leave it but after stacking it with the "new" ones I will do that tomorrow Pretty stoked with the result. Only left them in the sun for 1 hour. Ill redo 1 and 2 more tomorrow> due to the nature of the toolboxes (not like consoles) Im not worries about bits missed etc etc.
  7. Kudos to you for holding such an event. Great format for this type of event as people get to play continuously. I THINK its 2.5 people per machine originally. I helped @chopchop with a couple of FlipFrenzys with his work colleagues. What I did find with social, they needed to play more before they were rested. So, people were catching up and then had to constantly get called. Then there were the super competitive who wanted to win. So you definitely do get a mix. With 8 machines I reckon 22-26. This gives a bit of socialising and the ability for you guys to get organised. It does get frantic. Hope someone else chimes in Cheers
  8. LOL @JAR I agree with Richard...well said on all points. Get more comps running in your state and/or travel. 2017 I went Townsville, Adelaide, Melbourne, Newcastle Brisbane (It's a over an hour drive :P). Loved it, not just for the points and catch up with the regular travellers.
  9. You Wildball guys have an awesome time - comps or no comps..period (IMO). Houseball doesnt have any points because we have so many comps so no need. Houseball still has a comp and prize money so theres still competition. Even when theres a meet people have an impromptu mini comp for winner take all - the competitive nature in some of us still want to win. You'll always get the socialites, the competitors and the ones who want to be social (read have too many beers) and be competitive - LOL. NSW needs comps. What better way under a socialable format. I would love to visit a Wildball meet but the planets/moons/whatever have never aligned and probably wont now since my parents have moved :( Keep up the good work !
  10. Have you changed your DNS settings at Modem or PC level? Seems like Aussie ISP's did a simple DNS server change as it requires the least amount of effort. Use Private DNS or Google or or Quad9. It really depends on your setup. I have PIA only running on NZB & P2P Dockers on file server - everything else running through ABB DNS. PIA only accepts certain servers for P2P - a little trickier with my setup but all accounts using Windows is quite easy with their program YMMV. If youre interested in PIA let me know, referral = extra 2 months for both of us but I'm sure there are better deals around (I paid AU$60 for 2 years)
  11. Nice build Thanks for the power cube tip. Model of Logitech?
  12. Had a blast...especially beating Like and Ho;;lie 3 x times in pool in the 1 game ....yeeeha
  13. Awesome stuff!! Loved it Well done
  14. LTNS dmworking...been along time...hope youre well
  15. Hey guys I would like to put forward to have 2 new sub forums. Here's my proposal :) Lifestyle - this would encompass things like mens & womens issues such as health, financial, spiritual etc. Home - this would include anything around the home (diiir) renovations, gadgets, home automation, gardening, etc etc. There are some real gems among the "general" section and often find I'm looking at various threads that are absolute gold mines. Thoughts? debate?
  16. I have to cancel :( just decided we off to Tamworth to watch the boy hopefully take out the East Coast Sidecar Championship...only 3 points in it...last race for the season ( yeah I know...who cares LOL...I do). Was really looking forward to catching up with everyone and the wifey was keen too
  17. hat djflask said...what an awesome write up...thanks for taking the time to writeup...was almost like being there on your trip!
  18. Hahaha solidarity!! Soooo many times bru!! True story.. @WOKA @ Stuba I remember it like it was yesterday! Us 3 and Leah at the end of 1 of many WOka meets, Stu suggested lets do an awesome meet...far out it was MEGA...the begiing of what it is today...but my first meet went back to some joint orgainised on AA and met.... @ROLLERBALL...and then Furball...mates for life ...just like u Bru (what is it with you aussies saying Bru!!!)
  19. Had a few tonight...and just reflecting on the pinball and arcade scene...It's bloody choice! We all have opinions and thoughts that differ and thats OK...other wise it would be boring...stand up for what you believe in otherwise just let it go.. BUT tonight I just reflected on the weekend thats just happened. Due to RL I havent been active (and thats cool too). My point? Look at the weekend that has just been.( and if you go deeper....the last 3 years) 1. Kong Off - just WOW - watched last night - made a post (no one noticed who I was LOL - beside the point) - what a cool scene - not my scene but cool - still waiting to get my A into G and catch up with the Netherworld crew (with voucher in hand hahaha). We have the Melbourne crew that had an absolute blast hosted by Cruiser & Moira...far out I wish I was there...watching the vids...no pinball but just party time!!! BUT please FFS (and this aint at you Moira - you the bomb!) Shut up and roll up to the plate boys !! LMAO! Houseball last weekend - this time hosted By Anthony (luv ya bro!) Just awesome - hospitality at its best - just like the other hosts! The opening of the Ivory on the Tweed - WOW. Nice to see a new joint which my wife (who had a brilliant time - and spent my $18 pocket money) and I visited and caught up with the bro & sis who I hadnt seen since June AND awesome Rob who took us there! (Got absolutely smashed on $5 stone & Wood). Theres a couple of meets (social & competitive - sorry Hasman - Gotta goto the Wifes xmas party as I missed last years with QLD state) scheduled around Aussie for the month and BIG comps (big comps equals catching up with interstaters (love you guys!). My Point? Think about it? How friggen awesome is this whole scene?? All intertwined of people (Id put it at around 500 people) that is just friggen phenomenal. Respect and homage to organisers, hosts & participants of game playing and partying BUT take a look at what Aussie Arcade has done for us...lot of ewes look and dont post (personally to me thats OK) - I was always shy and in 2006 I joined the forum and went to my first meet in 2007. Even with Social media sites and all...AA is it and a personal. shout out Trav (and mods Furballx - brother from another mother! ) Love him or hate him (Trav not Furball - everyone loves him LOL (I love him - but geez - another topic of discussion LOL) thanks to you bro for your prick of a job that you do for the greater cause) Ending my rant....I have met people that I will be mates for life.. ....love you guys and gals PS...doesnt help after having shitty Citrus cheap voddy LOL - but no regrets telling the aroha (love) & mana (honour, presence) for you all
  20. Looks like a ball...I make a promise I will get to one of your meets :) One day!! When my 16 year old turns 18 :P
  21. A hard day at work...I felt like a drink but didnt know what. Ended up with Coconut Ciroc served with Soda and Mango slice. Wife aint gunna be happy with no mango and the Ciroc just about finished. I dont drink Vodka cos its just so damn nice....this beats 42 below. So damn smooth...pics to follow if I can find my phone :)
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