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  1. Thanks guys...was off air in NZ. Had a great day and weekend. Great food and drink but the best was been with family and to finally grieve the loss of my dad back in Nov. It took that long to get back...anyway Cheers
  2. I know youve got someone sorted to purchase but might help others. I helped the kids sell their house. They wanted an agent and I said nah, sell it yourselves. Conservative estimate - they saved $45k comission, 5k Advertising. We went with an online mob (name eludes me atm) but made sure it was one that advertises with the 3 main online property sales (individuals cant advertise on 2 of those sites). Cost was approx $800. I told them to purchase a burner phone and email - they didnt understand and thanked me later when agents were calling them, random calls at night., pain in the arse tyre kickers. Took some nice shots of the house area and a nice blurb. I looked at current prices and sold in the area. Argued with the kids to price 100k higher, they thanked me later. Try and not be emotional in the sale (they were desparte to sell) Organised a local conveyancer. Sold in 3 weeks. Another quick story, my Dad at the time used real estate agents in Sydney 3 years ago and confused the shite out of him. Anyway he succumbed (he was 85 at the time) to an Auction. I wasnt happy about it, so flew down on the day of the auction. My dad gave me permission to represent. Should seen the agent/auctioneers face (my little dad - european looking and me - big brown fella 🙂 When you're talking bigger property prices, I believe the agent would just rather sell and get a good commission. Anyway, stood firm of what we wanted, it didnt sell at auction, 2 months later with myself involved in all conversations, got an extra 40% on sale price compared to the offer at auction!!
  3. Geez, glad you're father in laws OK (reminds me of my Mum at 76 climbing a coco palm, bare foot, no rope, holding a pruning saw to prune and no one at home - no accident but it was the last time. How did we find out? Neigbour was showering in the outdoors and happened to look up LOL). Ahh pinballs for renovations, I know that to well! I really like your pool - did you put a light in there? Love the build post keep it coming!
  4. Hey JAR, Yeah I know Pinball X is the worst but I really wanted to get it back the way it was without causing more headaches...you all know what I mean there. Remoting in is soo much harder but an hour away. Its a bit far and no work (my work) out that way. Had another look on Saturday and do you think I could get joy2key to work? Used the same mappings in X,VP Joy2key config files from the old install. Was gunna pull my hair out but I have none! LOL. I know once leaving PX, keys config changes for VP. Anyway I downloaded xpadder and will see what happens. I also found out the DMD's originally were all over the place including playfield. Ill have a stab with setDMD. I'm lacking the enthusiasm right now becuase its been a looong journey but hey acejas on the case LOL
  5. Wow , just read this thread...bloody nice work!. I too did is much as I could. Hired a Kanga digger, trenched, leveled, 3 skips later. Layed the drainage and cabling. Then garden beds, sleepers. No pool or shed 🙂 Youve used the area spot on. What heating did you get?
  6. Hey Russ I put my hand up and I'm assisting. I have to login to tidy up and fix buttons and DMD.. Basically with JD's new over the old install things were messed up. With the pinball update caused regsvr.dll issues with flash.ocx (still unresolved but not necessary). Ran Windows updates and wasn't able to complete (no updates everdone but at least running SP1.) Created a new profile and ran PinballX and let that create the default folder locations. Original install folders were all over the place in original profile. Had issues running the correct version of VP (had trouble finding comaptible VP 992). As stated the key mapping to buttons I'd never used joy2key.exe and I know now where the ini files are (user\Documents - strange I thought). The DMD I think I know the issue. If the new version of PinballX hadnt been installed it would have been 5 minute fix (Sorry JD LOL). I would of liked to do a fresh (with all updates) install of Win7 and installed MJR's PinballY - easy and less resources. JD is running an i3 and Radeaon HD88?? both 10year old hardware. I'm basically setting it up as before (except updated PinballX) and we all know what its like to get things going right (and the amunt of time involved) and updating anything always causes issues - if aint broke dont change it LOL! Cheers Jas
  7. Thanks mate, I mod I really like. Thanks for ya hard work too keeping the site the best it can. cheers
  8. Not to put off Aussies thinking about visisting Pincade Auckland. Its a tough slog at the moment to get into NZ if youre livining in Aus or Ex-kiwi for that matter Things are changing on a weekly basis (for the better). Been trying to get over to NZ for the last 2 years and only last week, things have got easier. Opinion only - NZ covid cases need to peak before things can get easier to get in. 1 major tip I can give - don't book anything other than AirNZ - period. Ive had 3 cancellations and all credited (you can also get a refund which takes 1-2 weeks). Jetstar - Ive lost 2 fares. Pincade Wellington would be a good chance for aussies to attend. Support Pincade if ya can - its awesome
  9. Bloody good info mate but Im just a pisshead..LOL. I'm gifted all my bourbons and whiskeys for birthdays and duty free (another pandemic black mark) and my stash is almost non existent lol. Im definitely not a conisseur of bourbon or scotch. I do enjoy the different flavours and nice to compare. Ive actually left all my scotch whiskeys becuase I never enjoyed cheap whiskeys - burning. Im guessing the bourbons were smoother for me due to the sweetness. The whiskeys Ive had lately have been quite enjoyable. My fav and most enjoyed was the Glenlivit 21 Archive...I finished it off in November...@ $400 it would wanna be good.
  10. Im becoming a fan of Scotch...probably cos I had a 21yr old Glenlivet...then 18r old. Got 3 bottles of 12 year old - Ill hav to look em up. I know this is sacrilage...but I gotta have an ice cube or 2 on the first pour (I didnt do this on the 21yr old. On a side note, just recently tidied out the liquor cabinet (well sweet fa left). Found a stash of bourbons (4 bottles) - all corked! Opened first one and cork crumble. I know now to rest bottle on its side for awhile. These bottles are about 5 years old. Im a hori (bogan) and couldnt find a sieve so just plucked the cork bits out - added flavour 🙂
  11. Do you have the version with Photomerge? Does a great job
  12. In WIn10, its the default way which you can change. Win11 doesnt give that option. I use the default way but have come across so many people that went from Win7 who just like it that way. I cant imagine changing it but Im a taskbar hoarder with so many windows open - nothing worse then not seeing all your open programs 🙂
  13. Hey Rob Not sure of your user level but its not hard to change Open regedit Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer Create a DWORD (32-bit) Value called NoTaskGrouping, (check first it doesnt exist) and set it to 1. problem solved 🙂
  14. Depending on your choice of browser, theres a number of common reasons. Check your settings for clearing cookies when you close your browser, if you have save usernames/passwords has an effect. Have you tried "remember me" then closing your browser? Do other sites act this way? What browser do you use? Do you have other devices (PC,s Mobiles, Tablets)? logging into sites. I see ths often (not AA) and its one or all of the above - typically conflicting devices with different options (one device clearing cache/extensions/cookies, using different browsers conflicting with other browsers and the list goes on. If none of the above work, reset your browser/s on all devices - that should fix the problem
  15. I cant find the bloody photos but he was at a Brisbane home show last year (this year?)...totally forgot about this...I did get sent pics but I cant find them ...oops just read pinballers staement. Kiwi Tony had a play and was impressed
  16. @Davefjedi do you need DVI? I have an elo if ya need it...cant imagine youd need it and run vga?
  17. So these dudes turned the tables from studying to music. Band is named after their street number. I was 174...176 was cadbury choclate...thats another story for the inetrested...Castle st...pretty awesome culture until politcians had a say...as long as you didnt harm anyone one or property damage ...sweet as...if u got caught smokin joint//$100 to the red cross...Right or wrong...who cares...after I left they made an example, of the outrage...they took it out on an All Black for using a moped on the ice. Dunedin had 1 or 2 yeras outa 5 that it was dry ice....fark those were that days yeah and to the unnitiated ( pointing at aussies) we sstarted crate days back in teh 80's (long necks)....check out Once wer a warriors....Me? 3 crates (3 doz) on handlebars from pub to home...true story...theres always away
  18. Make sure ya double it ! 🙂 ...bit shifty that bloke
  19. Bro...the GC is hwere its at~~
  20. Happy Birthday Peter...like KJS and others have said...you do so much for the community...cheers
  21. Anyone near Portland VIC that could pick up a table -800x600 (no legs) and then I can organise courier? No time limit and after covid restrictions. I will look at the above courier/services and also see if Bill goes that far, but it maybe hard cos he doesnt want to package up. Cheers
  22. Great use of the palle tracking. Maximises the height, love the wheels too...in the process of making all my storage on wheels so stuff can be moved around.
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