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  1. Happy Birthday Peter...like KJS and others have said...you do so much for the community...cheers
  2. Anyone near Portland VIC that could pick up a table -800x600 (no legs) and then I can organise courier? No time limit and after covid restrictions. I will look at the above courier/services and also see if Bill goes that far, but it maybe hard cos he doesnt want to package up. Cheers
  3. Great use of the palle tracking. Maximises the height, love the wheels too...in the process of making all my storage on wheels so stuff can be moved around.
  4. I swear Im playing in the next round! Well done peeps. @kane you are always up there and someone to beat - its a pain cos I always want to beat you lol
  5. One of the reasons of weirdness is that the brain (logic) sees a wall going up and down in a wave fashion (rolling earthquake) where its not possible to comprehend, 3 seconds later (if new to the experience) you realise thats an earthquake. In NZ, they have fire and earthquake drills. 8.9 is the worst Ive been through - I hate them and dont miss them one bit! When I moved to Aussie, I gained another fear - lightning bolt strikes and storms. (we never got them back then, just like cockroaches - they got em both in NZ now LOL)
  6. Wow what a build.Well done. Question on your lock mitre - were you happy with the join? - router table? From your photo, is it a pic of of 2 examples? Id love a closeup of that join. Definitely a hard join to achieve. Again, well done and thanks for the detail
  7. I know its a cliche...he wasnt...such a genuine, kind, generous and down to earth bloke...still think about him lots
  8. I always forget about this thread! Some more to watch. Started wathcing the spin off of Sons of Anarchy...Mayans...meh...same ol shite...watched 2 episodes, couldnt be bothered. Being a proud kiwi (lol) I watched Vegas - probably only appreciate if a Kiwi cos of the lingo and mannerisms. I swear they took their intro song from the Vikings. They even refer them to "Norseman" LOL. I enjoyed it though I enjoyed Narcos too I'll look up Dark Materials and Jupiters Legacy
  9. Hutchies have them at all their Offices. Hutch Senior loves his Gottliebs. Jack formed the Brisbane home comp.
  10. Being hardwood you wouldnt need any sealant . "Sealant" is used for holes, gaps, joins etc. ie, silocone (ie product - no more gaps or polyurethane product - Sika FC11). The best coating is paint! Coatings to protect hardwood (& softwood) for decking, furniture from UV and rotting allow the timber to breathe. Some people for go that and end up painting becuase that is the strogest. In your situation you could leave bare or paint. Just make sure its dry and nice to have it sanded. Ive got untreated hardwood timber with no coatings that is like iron after 40 years old. Make sure you always predrill any timber (especially hardwood) and countersink. HTH
  11. Oh I like the different emojis...I havent looked but can admin add more? ...just in case some useless bugger (me) cant find them or if there is a setting
  12. Thanks Trav...all done. I really appreciate the work youve done...I know its a mammoth task. Im one of those people that doesnt really care fhow forum pages operate - which doesnt mean I dont appreciate. Having said that...new site looks awesome!
  13. Hey Danny If you can hold it for me - ill take it please. what suburb are you in?
  14. Hey Trav, having trouble logging on (99% sure its on my end - turned off pi-hole, lastpass, DNS etc, tried different browsers). If i change my password on this side, do you need to do anything on your end to reflect changes? Cheers
  15. Using USB2 from back of motherboard? Cant remember off the top of my head but there were some issues - MB chipset, cable issues WIn10 issues - run as admin when testing? What version of Win and edition?
  16. so you have the update working I take it? BUT not working in Win10? I have mine working in 10
  17. Just saw this...great choice at a decent price. Nice CPU to handle alot of devices. Waat a lot peole dont realise that the "Free" or paid modems by ISP's are low end and dont cater for normal households of today. Its amazing when people dont realise how many wifi devices they have. "I only use mobile phone and 2 of the kids tablets" is a typical answer when asked and then yo find out they have over 20 (phones,tv's, CCTV, tablets, smart lights/switches). Not only weak wifi signals but lack of CPU's
  18. Im going to take me comment to the whinge thread...not derailing here...apologies
  19. My $100 worth...I'm glad it's that much...will sort out who really wants to come, appreciate the time, cost and effort of Leigh. Lets not forget about the guys who help make it happen (Dan, Edy, Furball and a few others). This is a meet to celebrate Rocky (and Toads for me) where we can talk about all the times together. All hosts know what its like to organise - $20 for the night doesnt cover anything - too cheap for the usual night meets. Anyway, like the snake above, I don't usually bite (when sober LOL) , but not this time - didnt take long. If you don't like it don't comment.
  20. Far out devestated. Bloody top bloke. Condolences to family and Ali. Rest in Peace brother
  21. Happy Birthday Bro...have a great one!
  22. Happy Birthday Bro Solidarity LOL...Im sure youll have a great one!
  23. Happy Birthday Bro! Solidarity
  24. What Bossninjas said but to add. I did alot of the manual work for all my electrical, comms & plumbing...saved a packet. Dug all the trenches to requirements and laid it all out. Electrician & plumber came out and connected. Dial before you dig and they send you a diagram. Not always accurate but I knew all my pipes, comms & electrical were all on one side of the property and I had original plans from council. You can also hire a "gadget" to detect underground objects - I didnt need too. I hired a digger for the weekend and worth every cent (I had to remove lawn, plantations and get a skip bin.) Personally after my experiences, I'd keep away from handyman and hire a professional. Tell them that you want to do the labour (if thats what you want to do), if they hum and ha and give you every excuse why you cant do the labour ...dont hire them - they want more cream. Just a thought if you want to go that way.
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