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  1. https://www.thewindowsclub.com/remove-show-more-options-entry-from-windows-11-context-menu OT Love the multi window at the top...beats the old way . I wa typically running Win 10 as my daily driver but in the last 2-3 moths I'm fully on board (YMMV)
  2. Bit late to the party...organising daughters 21st this weekend 🤕 LOL...cheers guys
  3. Looks mint...appreciate the update . Congrats on the QLD trophies, saw a few of your games on twitch - was great watching 🙂
  4. Although bloody expensive I purchased a Victron 12v/15a charger ~ $250. A great charger that has an app ( dont have to use the app and has all teh stat and you can see how it is charging. It checks the state of your battery and charges accordingly in 3 stages. It also has recondition and storgae options. Citek is another popular brand. I did look at the Century chargers but only went to 6amp (wouldn't affect you for just topping up). What I also didnt like is you have to manually choose the correct setting depending on your battery type. - if using for yourself and on 1 car - not a poblem. And for others that read this thread and could be useful is a jump starter power pack (has USB ports for charging phones). So bloody handy - Gooloo - yes, not the best name but has worked a treat. Definitely got my moneys worth with 3 cars and have helped strangers start their car over the last 2 years. I highly recommend
  5. Hey bro, I'm definitely not a Vodka expert but you can't go past Grey Goose / Belvedere/ Ciroc. I always go back to Grey Goose - currently on special at Dan Murphys. Sign up online $57.55 vs $74. Your standard Smirnoffs/Absoluts are quite harsh but as a mixer they are OK. Another tip (IMO) always buy non flavoured vodka and add you own flavours (fruits). It's a smooth drop and I love it on the rocks. You really cant go wrong. If your friend is a Vodka drinker I'm really sure he would appreciate the Grey Goose. Cheers
  6. Unlike Apple there are different versions of Android in what the manufacturers add. I'm an android user but cant stand the Samsung experience. Usually replacing the launcher (changes the way it feels and easier to customise to your liking) Nova and Apex are what I have used previously (Currently using a Pixel ROM with Google launcher). Try this launcher https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.luutinhit.ioslauncher&hl=en&gl=US If you dont like it you can uninstall. If you try it, let us know in the thread, I personally haent used it but would like to kow from an Apple user.
  7. "Few little bits I wasn't too happy with but when you stand back and look at it, you can't see too many of the mistakes. " Just liek when painting rooms where wall meets ceiling LOL - you forget about it after a couple of weeks. No one looks at it unless your like my wife. I like your answer previously and just paint the same colour.
  8. Wow another great post. Love the timber you got - real nice. LOVE the artwork. Aliexpreess for the win (bit late now) for your drill bits. Talked to a tiler a few years ago and made the suggestion. Only done a few holes but still sharp
  9. Hi Acejas.

    Are you trying to activate a function on QNAP?  I keep getting an email from QNAP for the handle thatowensbloke.  Not sure if it is you, or you have onsold the nas.  If it is you, This is what I am getting.




  10. Far out Pinofffski...ya see my belief/perspective in life is "someone is always worse than what you are". That gets me through. Thank you for sharing your story. - I cant imagine your torment. Kudos to you - Im with Tony 100%. What better to share with ya bros! I was 13 in hospital and a 7/8 year old kid came in with 3rd degrres burns to 80% of his body. He came out of his coma and all he was worried about was what he looked like . He came right after I psoke to him. Long story shortr. You reminded me that everyone has untold stories. Totally different but the same. Im in awe (wrong phrase) of people that have been in situations like yours. I never had that, so my angle is different but when you look at other perspectivges - its similar. Whatever hardships we endeavour (I belive), we are actually bettter off (oxymron?) than people that heavent struggled ( yes, we all have struugles). Trying to express what I'm sayjing - hope you get what Im saying Much love to ya brother!
  11. Hey Gav, Are you going to do a run with just front logo?
  12. About your pool fence, we have the same setup. It is wobbly and freaked me out a bit....nek minute a mates kids climbing the bloody thing - hands on top, feet on the pane. I cringed when I came out. Panel survived - I dont know how. Get yourself a professional window cleaner setup. I use Wagtail - dont fall fo the domestic window cleaner setup - been there done that.. Another tip if you go this way, the smaller the blade, the easier it is to clean . Cant wait to see your end result - getting closer by the day.
  13. I can recommend the xiaomi phones. Had a bunch of them. Currently running the Mi11i. "Most" Xiaomi's have dual sim and expandable memory (you cant use 2 sims and mem card at the same time. ) I cant stand there OS MIUI - but I think coming from apple you'll like it. Admittedly I run the phones on Pixel OS (so its like a Google Pixel) There naming conventions and model numbers are a bloody pain to work out ie Redmi, Redmi Note, Mi, Poco, K series, 12 series. Within each series you can have multiple models ie Mi 11, Mi11 Ultra , Mi11 light, Mi11 Pro and then some of these are 4G or 5G Oppos in general I don't like due to their ColorOS - very restricted if you want to do some changes - it's been a couple of years since I tested one but I cant remember the exact problem but it was a simple home scrreen change and I couldnt even change the launcher (allows your phone to adjust the way you want it to look). This may have changed. The other issue is it contains a ton of bloatware. Xiaomi does to but at least youre able to remove it. What ever phone you get you should look at 4gigROM - 6gig recommended for 2nd tier phones - the more apps you install and have running the slower it is. Poco 4 is great for games whereas Mi series has a better camera. Most 2nd tier phones unfortunately have no local support and typicallly buy from Bangood, Aliexpress . I would stretch your dollar further if purchasing in Oz and get the OnePlus HTH
  14. What information have you received or asked? Company name and GST registered? A Tax Invoice = GST . You cant provide a Tax invoice if youre not registered for GST (you can provide an "Invoice"). Windows 10 Licensed (COA sticker?) Is it one of those systems that restarts after every reboot? what brand of joysticks/buttons? PC Specs? Cabinet material? Type of vinyl used for printing? Is the print laminated? Do they have email/website? I think you get the idea of what to ask for. If they cant provide all the answers then I would give it a wide berth. Nothing wrong with asking that kind of money if you know what youre buying. Its very hard to tell of businesses are legit. Check out other threads from vpin and arcade builds for sale....it's not good. HTH
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