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  1. Pissed.... I was just on here 3 hours ago looking for a O.G Cocktail... Been looking on here for years and always miss out!!! 🤣...
  2. Updated to For sale as it looks like I will have to buy a t2 Pinball
  3. Hi everyone, I have had this Dedicated beauty for a little while, purchased from a fellow AA'er This unit is a rarity in Australia and hard to find and was a holy grail for me for a very long time to have the U.S version. Once I got it, I completely gutted the whole machine because it wasn't to my standard, If people who have purchased my pinnies in the past they know I love to rebuild. The Cab has the original side decals from when it was made by Midway and are still in awesome condition for its age. U.S to Au Transformer included and installed properly Topper included The console has new overlay and a protective perpex over the top. All buttons and controllers are new Happ and are very nice and smooth to use. All new decals under console. I sent off the chassis to Jomac as it was supposedly just serviced but clearly not, so that has come back spanky new. CRT was pulled out and completely cleaned and reinstalled. The CRT has no screen burn! Lots of inside of the cabinet was restored and resprayed. All the PCB's were cleaned and inspected PROPERLY. Both NBA Jam T.E and Maximum Hangtime rom sets were updated by me, T.E has the Mortal Kombat roms, and MHT were updated to the last update in the series Both games work easliy swapping over the jamma, controllers and buttons Coin doors were wrinkle finished and new locks installed. If I have missed anything I will update page! Now onto some cons! The unit is obviously old, and the bottom of the machine has some chips from being moved around during its life which is half expected. It has 4 wheels on it now and easy to move or use the original tip wheels on the back. There is absolutely no rot in the whole cab I seriously have not had the time to fix these little things (I may still), but will be super easy to do Also it is missing some t-molding due to being trashed, I have been looking everywhere in Australia for the particular size Midway use with no luck Asking $5500 Please remember Dedicated O.G Midway cabs are asking very high prices so please don't scoff at the Trade idea please. Thank you for looking and please don't hesitate to ask any questions.
  4. Hi all just putting it out there if anyone in Vic has a CBW laying around, I sold mine a few years back and have regretted it ever since. PM me if you are willing to sell. Regards, Darren
  5. Still on facebook in marketplace..... dodgy AF
  6. Was only a suggestion, as I have done 30 odd h/w-coils and never ever had a problem in the process doing it this way, only because I found it hard to find the tool in the first place and did some major thread searching for an alternative. :)
  7. Hey Dan, For your horizontal width coil, just use a allen key to suit....... But I suggest to use one of these instead for shorter length and safety https://www.bunnings.com.au/craftright-2-piece-metric-and-imperial-hex-key-set_p5810063?gclid=CjwKCAjw-5v7BRAmEiwAJ3DpuOcKfPBQtnth4ssug8VUkJOI7jjvaQXJc032uf8aPhHbZVkAr34cbBoCMOcQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  8. UPDATE: It is indeed exactly like swapping the NBA JAM T.E rom chips, all I had to do is find the 1.03 ver and update the X2 Eproms. Works like a charm :cool:
  9. Thank you very much ozfalcon, I have narrowed the chips down to just updating the U54 & the U63, romident says that all other 18 chips are the same between 1.0 and 1.03. So this is very similar to the NBA JAM T.E x2 chips that you change as well as mine where 3.0 and needed to be 2.0 for MK Characters. Futher erasing and burning these chips over the weekend will concur if I am right :cool:
  10. Hi all, I have an NBA MH and the revision is 1.0 and I would like to update to 1.03 which had updated rosters between 96 to 97. I have eprom eraser and programmer to do it, but I'm not sure which eproms I update on the board to get to 1.03. Is it like the nba jam T.e which you only swap out or burn the 2 eprom chips?. Hope someone can chime in and help UPDATE: It is indeed exactly like swapping the NBA JAM T.E rom chips, all I had to do is find the 1.03 ver and update the X2 Eproms. Works like a charm :cool:
  11. Hi All, just checking to see if anyone has scanned or found the eprom stickers on the net for T.E Mine are either going yellow or missing from my PCB. I found a really good set by someone put up of all the MK series, open Ice, and RWT for the wolf boards, but cannot find any nba jam Cheers in advance!
  12. Hi everyone, looking to buy my 4th RFM :lol I buy, restore, and then move them on and get upset and want another one.... I must stop!!!! Needs to be a good playfield and playfield parts and running if possible, but the cab doesn't need to be up to scratch as I will restore it. Hit me up if you have one floating around. Thanks heaps :D
  13. Arcade King yes you are correct, but as this AA member said traffic is slow on the forums compared to FB market, he definatley sold it in no time for the price he wanted AFAIK... I'd rather be on the AA forum than the FB AA as I find that alot of people on there flip flop on prices because someone offered more with no decorum of who was in first... Happened to me just this week :realmad:
  14. Hi Arcade King what do you mean? Did I say something wrong?
  15. Mr W yes that guy has had that machine on ebay and gumtree for over a year, no one is biting on it but I don't ever remember an NBA cab looking like that but always as a TMNT or simpsons cab. gt-ray yes that one sold within a few ours of being on FB, the seller is on AA but chose to sell it on FB for more traffic
  16. Would be great if it was still available :lol
  17. Bump, edited to include any state as victoria is not working out :lol
  18. Whoops 1973 That's what I ment to say :lol They are these days between 2-3K
  19. Hey @1973 prices vary depending on condition, I have seen a few sold on here sell these days $2000 + easy in good condition
  20. Hi Everyone, Looking for a Lai 4p NBA Jam cab, T.E would be preferable but not essential as I am also interested in the O.G NBA Jam as well BUT must be in a running condition. Price is negotionalble as I know the going rate of these cabs. Anybody in any state that has one please hit me up Thank you for reading :cool: Darren
  21. Hi All, Up for sale is my Gigantic 33" Viper cab with point blank 2 installed. The cab is in great condition for it's age, the crt is in fantastic working order, but has slight screen burn which is only noticable on a black screen. Point Blank 2 PCB has just had a Jomac going over & repair Both Guns have been restored and had all new casing and triggers installed (Pictures do not do it justice) along with new wiring throughout the gun mech. Both guns are in perfect working order on the screen during game play. The good: Plug in and play, New 24v PSU included for recoil (but not installed) The Bad: Doesn't have holsters, Missing bottom mdf on back of maching, laminate on lhs of cab has a patch missing, no topper, Heavy unit but splits into 2 parts for moving. If you need more photos I can upload more. PM me Cheers, Darren
  22. Hi all, Up for grabs is my Wonderboy PCB Bootleg and Sega 8 to Jamma adapter. The PCB is in absolute mint condition for its age with no faults (Pictures do not do it justice) Also included is the jamma adapter, I purchased the adapter from O.S as I wasn't happy with the crappy made up ones out there on the market with wires hanging everywhere!! :blink: $200 + Postage PM me with any questions. Regards, Darren
  23. Hi all, I've been converting a viper cab into a PB2, I have everything now minus the gun holsters.. It doesn't have to be specific Namco, but ones that will suit and hold my Namco guns. PM me if you have X2 spare. :) Darren
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