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  1. For me it’s nostalgia which I guess stemmed from a love of the game. I worked at Funland as a youngster and it was my favourite game in the whole 3 levels of games (back when it was actually an arcade). In essence it makes all the right noises, provides instant feedback from the controls and is great fun to watch everyone have a go (people who can play make it look much easier than it actually is). Nowadays it’s been a great education piece for my kids too, it’s a great mix of slight EM and simple SS. It’s one of those games that once you’ve played it, it gets in your head. It’s got to be an on site cash cow in a pub if you could stomach the wear and tear.
  2. I figured it was the right price for AA members. I’m sure it would go for more on the open market but who wants those headaches. Sorry if I’ve under valued other members machines, not cheap but not expensive.
  3. Sold to R3tro381 Thanks all!
  4. Ice Cold Beer (not the drinkable kind). $3500 NSW Illawarra area. Fully working condition - tested. Imported from the states some time ago, brand new isolating step down transformer included. Power supply fully operational and tested, all voltages and currents are tested correct. New bridge rectifiers installed all to original or better spec. Motors are working great, new belts installed. Previous owner had extra pulleys installed (not necessary). New ball on play field. I’ve done some work on the board to bring it back to life including new amp and cap kit for sound. Some new transistors. New errant ball solenoid and plunger kit. New fluro light and starter. All play field lights are working with one new LED on hole 6. The sound is great although has a bit of a hair trigger between good and loud but no functional problem. The errant ball solenoid can take a few times to kick the ball back onto the play field. Cosmetically the cab is almost 40 years old and has its share of scars but is in good condition considering. The left hand side decal has some scratches and is slightly lifting a small section at the bottom. The right side decal is about the same but someone thought it would be a good idea in the past to screw a few holes towards the top (nothing crazy). The control panel overlay is about the same as the sides and is standard for the game, start button replaced for new. The glass has paint missing in the usual places and the play field is as good as it gets living behind glass it’s whole life. Video in action:
  5. Hey all, just a quick share from me. I’ve got a board with a TDA2002 amp. The sound output (volume) was very low. The sound was clear just very quiet, the volume pot worked. I checked all the earths and voltage test points and all ok. I initially changed out the amp but that didn’t fix anything, I then changed all the “big” caps in the amp circuit and that still didn’t change anything. I quickly checked the audio output wave using a mini cheap oscilloscope and it was very low but the form was ok. I checked the volume pot and that was ok, so I started on the smaller caps…. Turns out the 0.1uF and similar caps in the preamp mixer we’re the culprits, I changed two and got immediate results. Now I’ve just got to get a smaller cap kit and change them all out. Bite your tongue on my flux and solder. I tested the caps in circuit using my multimeter on cap test setting. That’s all really, just a lessons learned.
  6. The amp is dead so no way to know what’s happening there without playing with the amp and I don’t know what I’m doing with board amps. I just changed the boards to a untested set and it’s the exact same response although now I get garbage noises. Quick power cycles give me different types of garbage on the screen but nothing even close to normal screen. I remember when this started happening if I flipped the service switch then power cycled it would come good most of the time. All this just opens more inconsistencies in my head. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Anyone seen this type of screen image before and can recall what caused it? I’ve tried earths and edge connectors and I get little flickers of hope so I’m guessing possibly a bad trace. It worked fine then did the arcade special and started doing this. Thanks to anyone willing to suggest ideas. BTW I’m fixing to sell. Jesse Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. “Sold” to the judge pending pick up
  9. Free zippy stick and button console with ultimarc ipac ps2 Built and never used, now taking up space. MDF and pine frame ready for action. I don’t have a ps2 cable so I can’t test if it works but everything is unused. PM me, I’m located in Helensburgh NSW (between Wollongong and Sydney)
  10. Repro for sure at that price but I'd want to see some photos. Then again are your displays going to fit?
  11. Is that an AS3533 amusement specific requirement? Nothing in AS3000 about it.
  12. @mcpit let me know if you need other photos or measurements
  13. Bastardised ribbon cable or off the shelf fit for purpose? I really really like it!
  14. What's your plan for the stretcher bar? When are planning on doing the programming and controls?
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