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  1. I don't doubt that a Rock ola is well designed and reliable. I have great respect for the designer and mechanics. From an untrained newcomer the mechanism is quite daunting. I'm fortunate I was able to fine and correct my problem.
  2. Thank you Rock-Ozla. All help apprciated. Gary
  3. Greetings all. I'm looking for some advice. What a mechanical nightmare of gears, relays, switches, levers, etc in the Rockola. I have the instruction manual but have never done anything more than lubricate the mechanism. I am quite handy but I find it difficut to know where to start. Wonder if someone might point me in the right direction? Lately the unit will place a record on the turntable in a normal fashion. The tone arm will move to the record's outside edge and lower as normal but then immediately the arm will pick up and the record is returned to the record holder (magazine) without playing the record. This might not be related but at that point the magazine just continues to rotate. Anyone offer suggestions for a troubled yank?
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