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  1. Hey mate , I have one will pm
  2. Given marks track record it’s probably just water in a tin But seriously if it’s in good nic now that it’s 44 years old I’m sure it will last 20 years plus as is. especially with LEDs behind it now , if it ain’t Broke don’t fix it
  3. If you have had machines for a few years and want buy a new pro it’s Great , can sell a b grade 90s wpc for 7 to 8k and get a new stern for for an extra 2k
  4. A pro just sold at Llyod’s for 7k plus 16.5%
  5. It was in a coffee table for $450 two days ago on gumtree, now it’s $750
  6. Yes is legit . Sells most of his pinballs at Lloyds auctions these days, can be very average in condition
  7. Silly question but have you checked the dmd fuse that is located bottom cabinet , it twists and locks down in a black fuse holder ???
  8. I would like to come please . I didn’t stay long enough last time , cheers
  9. Pretty sure that Michael Shaloub bought a Xeon that had a spare backbox with glass etc , but that was a few years ago now
  10. Got my pro yesterday. I like it . Music turned up and speech turned down
  11. Most ops are at 70 / 30 these days with new equipment, even still takes a long time to get coin back
  12. Taxi pinball wanted. can pay cash or trade for another machine, cheers
  13. To my knowledge there are no more than 5 of them in Australia. I had one a few years back, sold it to someone in Melbourne
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