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  1. I used to use the electric kettle to cook the surprise peas. Kind of like a self cleaning pot.
  2. It was part of an ongoing claim that the insurer wanted to close, like from before Xmas. It involved a pinball machine right from the start. They had been very patient and understanding that pinball repairs are a specilised area, and that it can take a while to get the right tech onto the job.
  3. Same for me. $25.00 in the post. I'll give that a go.
  4. It lives. Got the boards back off Andrew, what a super job he did. Even made sure the spare power board I had was good. All the new bits and pieces, less than 3200 all up, total cost. Rubber kit, posts, balls, a couple of switches and 50 bucks worth of LED's Actually snuck Andrew's repair bill in on an insurance claim we had going which saved about 400. A fair assortment of lights not working, but shouldn't be much to sort from here. I was a bit late getting home today. Cheers K
  5. Had a real good look under the playfield, and found a wire broken, resoldered it, and all the lights are back on. So simple but there is so much under there I didn't know where to start. Ended up tracking it all the way from what I thought was a light with totally nothing to do with the others, but they all work now. Now if I can just keep the multi ball going. Cheers K
  6. I'm still trying to get those pesky lights to work, but haven't progressed that far, mainly due to having other stuff to do. But, while just looking at the boards in the backbox it would seem like the LED 3 on the power driver board flashes. The manual says normally off. It seems to have a break, flashes 4 times slowly, then 7 flashes at a faster rate. Is it trying to tell me something, or should I call the other AA group?? Cheers K
  7. Salary sacrifice? Put it into Super. I'm allowed 25k per year voluntary employer contribution. Buy the car. What car do you want,(50K?) vs 5 years contributions into your super fund (125K) Consider all options above, and do what will work for you. There is some good advice in the previous posts. What works for one, will not always work for another.
  8. The original query was about the lease of a car for work. That's all I know about. I have never considered that anyone would lease a private vehicle. Cheers K
  9. I'm not right up with it all, but this is my take on it . We have no cash flow problems, You probably don't either. We have always purchased outright, because we can afford it. You own the vehicle, but can only claim a set depreciation amount each year, and takes 5 years or so to "write" it off, and you still have the vehicle at whatever cost it is worth. If I then sell, and make a profit, I pay capital gains tax on the profit. My accountant somehow rolls this profit into the next purchase, so we don't really pay the capital gain. It works for us, but we have a lot of money invested in vehicles. With a lease what you pay in the lease instalments are 100% tax deductable, as you don't actually own the car, and when your lease finishes, you can give the car back, get into anther lease, or buy the car at a residual price. I think the lease payments might be a bit dearer somehow, but the full deduction makes it attractive to some businesses. If you need a lot of vehicles, it probably makes sense to lease them, because of the lesser outlay, and the business retains it's cash and it can be used elswhere. We did a little exersize on the pro's and con's of HP vs Lease vs Outright purchase of an excavator years ago at Uni. Over a 3 year contract you ended up way ahead with the puchase, but you have to have the readie's to buy in the first place. For just one vehicle, if I could afford it, I'd just buy it. Cheers K
  10. I'm well on the way. Though not straight from the computer. I've always had a couple of 200 disc CD Players, and when one started playing up(like they are 15 years old) found that no one makes them anymore. I Pod through the Stereo now works pretty well. I've got a decent Denon dock and four IPods. Now there is one in my ute, one in the golf cart, one in the stereo and gave the cook one with some different stuff on it. I just swap them around now and then as they all have different libraries. Might give it a go straight from the laptop through the stereo as it's the only way to access my whole ITunes at once. I generally just let it run on random at work all day, and when something that sounds OK, but, I don't know plays, I just have a look and make a little (mental) note for later. Kids have it very easy with all the downloads they can get. They (those I know) don't pay for anything. And have plenty. Cheers K
  11. Kenny

    Ij poa

    The opto switch you bought probably doesn’t have enough output current to drive the I.C.s on the cpu board. I found this out during my search for replacements for these opto switches. I would be happy to take a look at the board and prove that it works or fix it if is not right Above is Andrew's reply as to the replacement I tried. The Jaycar one. Was it worth a go? I suppose I'll find out soon enough.
  12. Kenny

    Ij poa

    I'm sending both the POA opto board and the other POA board under the playfield to Andrew at Beakies for a check up. Hopfully the problem is with one of them. Otherwise??
  13. Kenny

    Ij poa

    I've tried all suggested, but just the same still. I think now that the guy I bought it off may be my best chance, even if I have to take it to him. Thanks for the ideas/tips. Cheers K
  14. Kenny

    Ij poa

    The board looks Ok after a quick visual inspection. Of course it's 20 years old, as is everything else. The problem was kind of intermittent. If I manipulated the POA test several times, now and then it would come good.
  15. Kenny

    Ij poa

    Thanks. Now I have an Idea where to look. Cheap replacement option, also. I just put the whole thing back together, and unplugged the POA motor. Not many will notice for the time being. Cheers K
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