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  1. That's the classic 'go to' line from the anti-5g brigade. F****g build it next to my house cos I live rural and my reception is shit. I'll even give you my address.
  2. Funny I was thinking Australia would struggle with a complete lockdown because of your Bogan subculture. :lol
  3. The idea of the 30 day lockdown was to get people back home to NZ home, flush out the symptoms and cases (incubation period), recovery and then talk about level 3. That would still have a ban on mass gatherings, some public venues stay closed etc. The level drop will only happen if people follow the rules and we're doing a pretty good job. Lots of respect and kindness shown to others. Another week and we'll definitely be on the downward.
  4. Anyway, apparently we've reached a plateau in cases. Two more weeks of lockdown yet :o
  5. And also...the virus was created so we'd all have to be locked up and then they quickly go out and erect 5g towers without obstruction. F***king idiots. :lol
  6. I'd like to know if there is a switch in your head that when you turn 50, a man becomes a conspiracy theorist. I'm approaching 50 and I am curious. 5g, 1080 poison, virus and 5g, 911, Governments, Big brother, cashless society so they can where I am buying pies, implant a microchip when they 'say' it's a vaccine. So...is it true?
  7. spacies


    You can buy buttons with it screen printed on. Forget decals. https://www.ozstick.com.au/product/c...layer-legends/
  8. Or until there is a vaccine. We can wait. The borders are going to be shut for a long time yet. We had 63 cases today, 20 less than yesterday.
  9. Today we had two less than yesterday. However the tests are 5 days behind so we expect an increase. No doubt about it. So give us another week I reckon. As you all know, tourism and farming are the top earners for us in NZ. We're going to take a hit until the tourism borders are open but plans are in action to get through that.
  10. Why? We're going to beat this faster than most countries because of the shutdown.
  11. At this stage I'd rather be here in NZ with our PM than in Straya with yours. I am a tradie and the government paid me my normal monthly income yesterday while the country is shut down for the next four weeks. We're a pretty clever bunch over here so we'll pull through no probs. We also produce enough food to feed 55 miliion people each week so there will be no shortage. All the best over there in "the lucky country'.
  12. I saw the owner of a hair salon on TV this morning. Dam. Sorry Straya, you gonna be riddled in no time without the enforced lockdown. Schools still open!? WTF. All the best friends.
  13. So what's happening in Straya as far as lockdown is concerned? Are you being asked nicely to stay home or you must stay home? Here in NZ, we're on complete shut down for four weeks. National State of Emergency has been declared and new laws passed to keep people home. Unless you are an essential worker, you're going to get food(one person per household), vet/doctor/pharmacy or a walk around the block, you aren't allowed to leave your property.
  14. Happy Birthday Trav. Have a mint day!
  15. Oh mate, that sucks! I don't have words but all the best :(
  16. :D Watch Line of Duty mate. It's real good.
  17. Don't know if it has been mentioned already, but NO-ONE does a good ole police drama like the poms. Check out Line of Duty. Each series is 6 episodes. It follows an anti corruption unit within the police to find 'bent coppers'. Great show. Love it!
  18. Confirmed case. He flew in to NZ and got the phone call saying he was positive while he was at a cafe in Wellington. The cafe has no choice but to close its doors. What a plonker.
  19. Well that's another Pincade done! Even though I only made one venue, big ups to all the hosts. We all appreciate the effort you all go to to make this happen for others to enjoy. Thank you. Thank you. Special shout out to Yee. Well done again mate. You're a legend! To the Saturday night crew who kept it alive till 4:15am, you are my favourite mother *^&%^$. Love you all. Spacies.
  20. Shit mate. How did I not see this originally! What a crazy ride. Good to see you're on the mend though mate. All the best!
  21. I used to love Psychic 5! What a great game. Good luck with your hunt.
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